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  • The Funny Drama in the SPA

Custom clip request 

I have another custom video request but it’s a little bit weird. It’s more of a comedy. It has less emphasis on the fighting compared to my two previous requests. It’s more focused on the comedy rather that the fight. It should have a lot of slap sticks. Mabel's and Naomi will be wearing bath towels with towel head wraps. This isn’t confirmed yet, I want to know the price first. Please give details on the price. If it’s too expensive, I’ll try cutting certain things off. Thank you.


⦁ Mabel

⦁ In this video, Mabel is a bit goofy and clumsy. There should be a lot of comedic moments with her.

⦁ Naomi

⦁ Naomi is more serious one but there are comedic moments with her as well when she’s frustrated trying to apprehend Mabel.


⦁ Bath Towel with Towel Head Wrap (through out the entire video)


⦁ Naomi

⦁ 1st situation: Hands ZIP-TIED behind her back

⦁ 2nd situation: BLINDFOLDED

⦁ Mable

⦁ 1st situation: Hands ZIP-TIED behind her back

⦁ 2nd situation: Feet ZIP-TIED together 


⦁ 15 minutes


⦁ Comedy


⦁ Make sure that the towel head wrap stays on their head.

⦁ Make the video comedic.

⦁ Have Mabel do comedic gestures such as nervous smile, nervous shrugs and scared face.

⦁ Have Naomi be frustrated at the situation. Make her groan a lot.


Naomi wants to catch Mabel and follows her to a spa. They both go in wearing bath towels and towel head wraps. Inside, Mabel starts to relax, but suddenly, a bright light flashes and both of her hands are ZIP-TIED behind her back. Naomi tells her to put her hands up or she will use her taser. Mabel tries to say her hands are tied, but Naomi doesn't listen and tases her, creating a funny scene.

Then, in a twist, another bright light flashes, and Naomi's hands get ZIP-TIED too. While she struggles to free herself, Mabel makes a run for it. What follows is a wildly comical chase. Mabel and Naomi, with her their hands ZIP-TIED behind their backs, clumsily stumble and fumble through the spa, knocking over towels and slipping on wet floors. Naomi comically yells and grunts, trying to catch Mabel, who is gleefully dodging and weaving through the chaos. The scene is full of slapstick humor, with both of them creating a hilarious spectacle for anyone watching.

Naomi finally catches up to Mabel. Mabel looks nervous and tries to strike a deal, but Naomi, still strong despite the comedy, doesn't budge. Suddenly, a bright light flashes and Naomi becomes BLINDFOLDED, making her unable to see. Mabel laughs and kicks her. Naomi, now blind and confused, swings wildly, adding to the humor as she tries to defend herself. Then, another bright light flashes and Mabel's ankles get ZIP-TIED, stopping her from kicking. She nervously hops away, with Naomi blindly staggering after her, leading to more comedic moments. They play a sort of funny hide and seek, with Mabel pushing Naomi and Naomi trying to kick back but always missing.

Another light flash frees Naomi's hands, while Mabel remains tied up. Mabel tries to negotiate again with a worried smile, but Naomi, unfazed by the earlier comedy, grabs Mabel's ears and leads her to the police station, making Mabel to hop along.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The Funny Drama in the SPA

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