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  • TV show. Tiffany restraints the man's ego

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Tiffany is the protagonist of a recent tv show that tries to examinate if, in the modern world, women can compete against the stronger sex in all fields.

Of course, men who think exactly the opposite are still the majority and today's guests are just that type.

The topics of today's show are strength and combat.

The scene begins with the presenter (out of camera, he could also be the cameraman) announcing what we are in train to see.

In our pathway of analysis about the real existence of a stronger sex today we will deal with two topics: the strength and the fighting skills. Can a woman compete with trained men in these two topics??

Out of the camera there is a speaker who announces the challenges and comments some situations.

The two opponents are an armwrestling champion nicknamed "Terminator" and a black belt in karate, V dan, sensei of the best gym in the city nicknamed “the ninja”. 

After some comments the challenges start and Tiffany is more than competitive, she is dominant.

The men are really full of ego and don’t accept the defeats so they try to win in any way.

Will Tiffany be able to confirm that women can compete in every field?

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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TV show. Tiffany restraints the man's ego

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