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Title: One revenge to many

Actors and costumes:

Edward (only shorts) Tom

1) Sweatpants (as in picture)

+ t-shirt

2) Shorts (as in picture)

Alex (skinny

jeans with belt

+ t-shirt)

Clark (as in

picture, with or

without belt)

Estimated duration: 20 minutes

General aspects:

- Reactions to lowblows are caught by the camera and should be life-like

- Lowblows can be kicks, knees, elbows, punches, slaps, uppercuts, grabs, squeezes etc.

- Please add taunts/mocks as you see fit

- Add clips from different angles for the lowblows in key moments or interesting lowblows

REPLAYS as POV filming, from the point of view of the attacker. I’ve put *** for the actions that would be

interesting to also filming them in POV.


After their last encounter, Edward and Clark humiliated guards Alex and Tom. Both Tom and Alex want to get



Scene 1 (0.5 - 1 minute) – Alex is hiding and watches as Edward and Clark are planning a new heist; they have

some maps on a wall and they are talking about it

Alex gets his phone out and calls Tom.

“Found them. Sent you the location.” whispers Alex into the phone.

“But I can take them both…” Alex continues after a small pause.

“I ’ll have them under my control ‘til you get here.” Alex continues after another small pause, looking a bit frustrated, and

ends the call.

He then gets from his pocket a knuckleduster ( ) and puts it on.

“Let’s see how tough your balls are…” Alex whispers to himself.

Scene 2 (6 minutes) – Alex fights Edward and Clark

Edward and Clark are talking and looking over the plans on the wall. They are both turned with their backs to the

entrance. Alex approaches silently. When he is behind them, he lowblows Edward (maybe a kick ***). Edward

immediately grabs his groin and falls to the floor. Clark turns around and he also gets lowblowed by Alex (punch

with the knuckleduster ***). Clark’s face is contorted by the pain, grabs his groin, and falls slowly to the floor.

Alex taunts them a bit and then kicks Clark twice in the middle section and once over the head (Clark is still on

the ground). This almost knocks out Clark.

Edward gets up slowly, but Alex attacks him immediately with a lowblow with the knuckleduster. Edward grabs

his groin and backs away but doesn’t fall. Alex puts the knuckleduster back into his pocket and attacks Edward.

He kicks/punches him a few times. Seeing that Edward is still standing, Alex applies another lowblow. Edward

falls to the floor holding his groin. Alex puts the knuckleduster back on an gets Edward up and slams him into a

wall (so Alex is with his back turned to Clark) and presses his chest with one forearm and punches him in the abs

with the knuckleduster. Edward groans and tries to protect his middle section with one hand.

“Let me return the favour and crush your balls” Alex tells Edward and lowblows him with the knuckleduster.

Edward groans and tries to swivel his thighs inward to protect his groin and to cover it with his hands. But Alex

punches him in the abs again, which drains his strength and exposes again his groin. Alex lowblows him again

with the knuckleduster.

“Please… stop!” Edward mumbles.

“What? Your balls can’t take it?” Alex gloats and lowblows him again, hard. Edward is out. Alex lets him

slide to the floor.

Alex taunts and mocks Edward. He fails to notice Clark who gets slowly up and comes silently from behind him

and kicks him between the legs***.

Alex grabs his groin, bends over and backs away. Clark attacks Alex and a fight ensues. During the fight Alex tries

to lowblow Clark with the knuckleduster, but Clark parries and gets the knuckleduster from Alex and throws it

near where Edward is located. Clark punches and kicks Alex until he is dizzy. Clark takes a few moments to taunt

and flex. Finally, he sets up Alex and lowblows him. Alex falls to his knees holding his groin, completely dazed

(they are positioned so Clark is facing the entrance).

Scene 3 (13-13.5 minutes) – Main fight

Tom enters (he wears fitted sweatpants and t-shirt) and is preparing to attack Clark (Edward is on Tom’s left, a

bit behind, so Tom doesn’t see him from his position). Clark immediately applies a chokehold from behind to


“Stop, or I’ll snap his neck!” Clark threatens.

Tom stops.

“Let him go!” he tells Clark.

“Let’s see what you will do for your friend here.” Clark continues. “Take your clothes off!” Clark orders.

“Come on, man! Just let him go and let’s settle this like men!” Tom negotiates.

Clark doesn’t respond and tightens the chokehold. Alex starts to choke.

“Fine!” Tom responds and starts taking of his clothes. When he reaches the shorts, he stops.

“Go on! Take it off!” Clark orders.

“Come on, man! I let your friend keep his shorts!” Tom argues.

“Fine!” Clark responds and pushes Alex out of the way (towards the pole area). Alex falls to the floor, barely


Clark takes a fighting stance and so does Tom (he has his legs a bit apart). Tom fails to notice that Edward came

around and he got slowly and silently up. Edward kicks Tom between the legs ***. Tom bends over holding his


Both Clark and Edward laugh and mock at Tom’s surprise. Tom attacks quickly and lowblows Clark and then

attacks Edward. Clark backs away in pain. A short fight takes place between Tom and Edward. Tom has the edge,

and he soon takes control. After he recovers, Clark joins in. The fight balances out and goes back and forth for a

while. All fighters get their time on top. However, Tom’s stamina begins to decrease, and Clark speculates a

mistake and locks him in a full nelson from behind.

“You’re toast!” Clark gloats. “Grill him!” continues towards Edward. Edward begins to punch Tom’s middle


Alex wakes up and gets up, still a bit dazed. He launches an attack on Edward, but Edward avoids it and slams

him into a wall. Alex bounces from the wall and falls to the floor. Edward returns to punching Tom’s abs.

Alex finds the knuckleduster, puts it on and comes quickly behind Edward.

Clark warns Edward: “Behind you!”, while Alex puts his hand on Edward’s shoulder and turns him around.

“Eat this!” Alex taunts and prepares a punch with the knuckleduster to Edward’s groin. But Edward catches

Alex’s fist and punches Alex in the groin with his own fist (with the knuckleduster). Alex drops to his knees,

holding his groin with his free hand (Edward still holds his fist with the knuckleduster). Edward removes the

knuckleduster from Alex’s hand and then knees Alex over the head. Alex is thrown to one side, on the floor,

knocked out. Edward flexes to taunt (camera catches this).

“Level up!” Edward taunts and puts on the knuckleduster and starts to punch Tom’s abs.

After a few punches, Tom’s seems to be incapacitated.

“Switch?” proposes Clark.

“Yep!” responds Edward and gets off the knuckleduster.

Clark releases Tom, who falls tohis knees. Clark comes in front of him and takes the knuckleduster from Edward.

In that moment Tom grabs the exchange hands of both opponent and pulls sharply down, with all his strength.

This makes Edward and Clark bend forward and bump their heads together. They both back away, holding their


Tom doesn’t waste time and attacks Edward. He punches and kicks him several times and finally slams him into

a wall. Edward is knocked out and falls near the wall.

Clark comes around and puts on the knuckleduster. Tom attacks him, but Clark evades it and lowblows him with

a punch with the knuckleduster. Tom bends over holding his groin and backs away, barely standing. Clark pushes

Tom into a wall and immobilizes his hands with his own, by raising them over his head. Then, with the free hand

(with the knuckleduster) punches Tom’s abs a few times.

Tom struggles to free himself. Clark finds it difficult to keep Tom in check, so he lowblows him with the

knuckleduster and reposition his own legs, so they are more spread apart. For a short time, Tom stops

struggling, trying to cope with the pain, so Clark punches his abs a few times. Tom starts again to struggle. Clark

decides is time to knock him out, so he lowblows him again. This doesn’t do it; Tom is still not out. Clark

prepares another lowblow, but Alex comes from behind and lowblows Clark hard from behind (punch with both

hands***). Clark releases Tom, backs away and falls to the floor, holding his groin. Tom falls to his knees. Alex

comes to him.

“Are you ok?” Alex asks.

“I’ve told you to wait for me!” Tom responds angrily and pushes Alex away, so hard that Alex trips and falls on

his back.

Tom gets up, goes to Clark and takes the knuckleduster from his hand.

“I don’t need this (showing the knuckleduster) to smoke you!” Tom boasts. Tom throws the knuckleduster

towards Edward, who is still knocked out. The knuckleduster hits Edward, waking him up, but he remains still.

Tom kicks Clark over the head. Clark is knocked out.

Tom turns to Alex, who just got up.

“You must do what I tell you! And you are stupid enough to bring a knuckleduster… I can take lowblows, but one

more with that damn thing would have smoked me.” Tom says.

“You’re welcome!” Alex responds, irritated. “I saved your ass!”

“< I > saved you!” Tom retorts.

“I had them! I didn’t need saving.” Alex responds.

“Didn’t seem that to me…” Tom responds.

Edward, hidden from Tom and Alex, puts on the knuckleduster. Clark starts moving slowly.

Tom orders “Get him up!” pointing to Clark.

Tom goes and gets Edward up.

“Time to give them a taste of their own medicine” Tom taunts.

Edward and Clark are arranged one besides the other. They are looking dizzy.

“So, which one you think it will take more lowblows?” Tom asks, taunting.

Alex chooses Edward and Tom – Clark.

Tom lowblows (kick) Edward. Edward grabs his groin and falls to his knees.

Alex lowblows Clark. Clark falls immediately to the floor, knocked out.

“Fuck that!” Tom exclaims.

“So the loser must take a lowblow from the one still standing, right?” Alex gloats.

“A bet is a bet…” Tom responds.

Tom arranges himself, so he is in front of Edward and brings his hands to his back.

“Ready when you are!” Tom announces.

Edward appears to be dizzy, and he is still on his knees.

“Come on!” Alex presses.

Suddenly, Edward punches Tom with the knuckleduster in the groin (shown from one more angle + POV*** to

catch also his expression).

Tom groans, falls to his knees and then on his back, knocked out.

Alex goes to him immediately, but he is also lowblowed by Edward. Alex backs away, but Edward lowblows him

again. This time, Alex falls to the floor, knocked out.

Edward gets slowly up and goes and wakes up Clark.

They pose with Tom and Alex like in the picture*, then turn them on their back, so they are spread out on the floor.

Camera pans over the two fallen opponents and fade to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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One revenge to many

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