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  • Super strong Tiffany demonstrates her power

Custom clip request 

The idea: Tiffany against two thugs, many fights, some quite tough, but she dominates and wins all the time.  Make it look as real as possible.  She is cocky throughout.  About 20 minutes in length.  Lots of trash talk back and forth.  A rope, a blindfold, two bats, a simple wooden chair with a lean (ideally one that is just a frame, so that one see through it).

So let her show off her abs quite a bit and show them up close with some frequency. As for her outfit, I would prefer the outfit she wears in


except being barefoot throughout.  She initially also wears a sweater or so, taking it off at the beginning.  The guys wear a GI and a black belt, or, alternatively, some gym clothing.

Outline of the story (use as inspiration — have lots of fights, with variations):

2 guys training martial arts in a gym. 

Tiffany enters (in her sweater).

Tiffany: “I rented this space now.  The two of you have to leave.”

Guy 1: “Yeah, but we want to train here a bit more.”

Guy 2: “What are you going to do about it?  Cry?”

Tiffany: “I can see you need more training.  You look weak and pathetic.”

Guys laugh.

Guy 1: “Such a tiny girl and she calls us weak?”  He chuckles.

Tiffany: “I am stronger than both of you combined.”

Guys laugh.

Guy 2: “Really?  In what?  Knitting?”

Guy 1: “Yeah, such empty talk.”

Tiffany: “I have spent a lot more time in the gym than you pathetic idiots.  I can beat you anytime.”

Guy 2: “Listen, you are getting on our nerves.  Just disappear.”

Guy 1, imitating her: “I am stronger than both of you combined”.  Chuckles: “Well, prove it, girl!”

Tiffany takes off her sweater.  To the surprise of the men, she walks up to them, nearly chest to chest. 

Tiffany: “I will beat you in any category you choose.  I will humiliate you and you will beg for forgiveness.”

The guys laugh.

Guy 1, sarcastically: “Well, how about some armwrestling.  You against the two of us.” The guys are amused.

Tiffany, unflappable: “Easy.”

Walks to a table.  They armwrestle: both of them at the same time against her.  First, each taking one arm.  Next her right arm against both of them.  She wins each time.  Make it look reasonably real: show, that all three are putting effort into this.

Guy 1: “I guess she works out.”

Tiffany: “Told you.”

Guy 2: “Yeah, but you are no fighter.”

Tiffany: “I watched some videos.  Doesn’t seem to be hard.”

Guys laugh.

Guy 1: “We have been training martial arts for years.  We are masters!”

Guy 2: “Seriously?  You think you can beat us?”

Tiffany gets up, cocky smile.  She motions them with her hand to come fight her.

Tiffany: “Come and show me what you got!”

They fight.  She wins.  The guys get increasingly frustrated.

Tiffany: “Two big guys against a tiny girl.  That’s not fair at all!”

The guys smirk and agree.

Tiffany: “I mean, this is too easy for me.  Here, let me give you a handicap.  You choke me, and you beat my abs.  Let’s see whether you can defeat me.”

Guy 1: “Let’s clobber this arrogant bitch.”

They proceed.  The hand of the first guy starts hurting from the punches, so they take turns.  The hands of the second guy hurt too.  She wins again.

Tiffany, mockingly: “Aww, two big guys beaten again by a tiny girl!”

Guy 2: “You were just lucky!”

Tiffany: “Hey, I let you tie me up to that pole over there.  That should give you a huge advantage”.

Guys chuckle. 

Guy 1: “Yeah, and how will you get out of that one then, hmmh?”

Tiffany: “I will make you to untie me.”

Guys laugh.

Guy 2: “Big mistake, girlie.”

 They proceed, tying her up as in the beginning of the movie https://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1513   

Tiffany: “You know what, why not blindfold me too, so that I can’t see what’s coming.”

Guys blindfold her.  They wink at each other and chuckle.  They grab the two bats.  They proceed hitting her abs with the bats, one from the left, one from the right, taking turns.  She reacts a bit, but she is tough!  She mocks them, encouraging them to go harder!  They do not succeed making her quit.  

One guy then stands in front of her, punching her in the face.  She jumps up, choking him with her legs.  She makes the guys to untie her.  She takes off her blindfold.

Tiffany: “See?  I told you!”

Guy 1: “Time to get tough, baby”

Tiffany: “I wonder when you would get started.”

Guy 2: “No more mercy!”

Tiffany: “I can beat the two of you being blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back.”

Guys stare at her in disbelief.

Guy 1: “Oh yeah?”

Tiffany: “Ah, and you can use all the tools you like.  I don’t care.  I will beat you up, regardless.”

They proceed.  They fight.  She wins.


Eventually, the guys are thoroughly defeated and on the ground.  Tiffany pulls up the chair, with the lean towards the guys.  She sits on the chair backwards, straddling the lean with her legs.  She puts her arms on the lean and her head on her arms.

Tiffany: “You are done?  Two tough guys?  Beaten by a girl?”

Tiffany raises her head, mocks them some more, gets up.

Some nice victory poses.

Tiffany: “Next time, leave the gym, when I tell you.”

Grabs her sweater.

Tiffany: “Thanks for the workout, guys!”

Walks off.

The end

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super strong Tiffany demonstrates her power

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