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  • Super Mabel is being hurt hard by Super Villain

Custom clip request 

Character: 1 female (Super girl) 1 male (Villain from Evil company)

Location: In-door

Actor: Mabel


Pretty much the same as last time (blue long sleeve leotard, whitepantyhose, and blue boots) But I’d like to add a belt to her and alsoamask, link attached)


Part 1. The super girl comes in, trying to steal the intel (a document, or

anything fits) from the Evil company. She found it on the desk andstashit in her boots (put it between her boot and her leg). But when shetriesto leave, the villain walks in from the only entrance and stoppedher

escape. The super girl had to fight, she first try to punch the villain but it

doesn’t work at all. And the villain punches her and knocked her away. Then she tries to kick the villain and it still doesn’t do anything, andthen the villain kicked her away again. She tries to use her super kick (spin kick), but the bad guy grabs her feet, and kick on her guard less lower body.

After a few kicks, she managed to get her feet out and fall to theground. Holding her lower in pain and roll on the floor groaning. Thevillain come closer, kicks her around until she can’t move anymore, search her body for the intel she stolen. But he didn’t expect her tohideit in her boot so he found nothing. Then the villain grab her up, hold her throat and push her against wall asking her where is the intel. (I don’t have a long leotard model here, so I use a swimsuit instead, please use the long leotard)

The super girl doesn’t want to tell him, so the villain punches her stomach, and hold her neck up against the wall. Thepunch make her vomit water out of her mouth. And she finally giveupand told the villain the intel is in her boots. So the villain release her, let her fall to the ground, grab her feet and pull her boot off and get theintel. But before the super girl can recover, he grab her again andstart a new beating asking who send she there. She was sent here by her sister so she doesn’t comply this time. And after punched for awhile, she is out with white eyes and tongue out, ideally somewhite bubbles from her mouth as well.

The bad guy pulls off her mask for a better view, then after the close look at her face, she already changed back to her daily clothing(black suit with tan pantyhose, and high heels). And after a short twitchshe kicks her heels off. Then screen dims after few seconds and that’s the end of part 1.

Part 2. The super girl wake up in a small room (jail) in her daily clothes. Thevillain comes in and kick her to wake her up. She stare at the villain, says“My sister will come to rescue me!”. But the villain doesn’t fear at all and laugh at her. “I’m here to tell you that, do you recognize this?” andthrow a high heel stuffed with a dirty, torn white stocking at her ( thestocking were inside the high heel).

She pick up the high heel in surprise, had a closer look and start tocrybecause it is her sister’s shoes. (Which indicates her sister is finished by this villain). And she opens the dirty stocking in the shoes, it is torn (withabunch of holes all over it) and very dirty, filled with red liquid, dirt (dropit onthe ground outside and rub it a lot), and some green liquid (like thepoison we used in mad scientist clip)

This amount is already morethan enough, the major part is red liquid and dirt like we had below.

The villain think that should be enough to break her mind andleavethe room. And the super girl held all the shoes and stockings in front of her, cry sadly. But in a sudden, she hear a voice from now here. “Sister, if you hear this, I should be already destroyed. I’m sorry I can’t staywith you anymore. But I stored all my energy in this shoes, I hope that can save you for the last time. Good…luck…” (The voice feels weak, and gets weaker at the end.)

The super girl cries harder after hearing this. But then she decidetoget up and don’t waste the effort of her sister. She put on the stockingleft by her sister, and the high heel from her. This gives her the energyshe need to transform to her super girl clothing. She make the transform, as her energy is fromthe heel, she changeto her own mask, leotard, and belt. But the stocking (note the stocking hereshould be torn and dirty) and the highheel were from her sister. And she keepsher pantyhose from her daily clothing)

With double the power, she break out the jail and find the villain in the room. This time she is much stronger thanthevillain, she punches, kicks, revenge for her sister. The villain is no match to her doubled super power and almost get defeated. However, just before shecanmake the final blow, her leg suddenlyparalyzed and she felt to the ground. Shelook at her leg in fear, try to get up but failed time to time. The villain gets back up, walk to her side andkickher. “You thought I don’t know your sister did that? See those green poisonon your stocking and shoes?” The super girl claw toward the wall (her leg can’t move so she is clawing with her arms).

The villain comes after her, stomp on her feet, hold her ankle andstretch her legs. She kick off her heel and escaped, that make her lost the power from her sister (which is stored in the heel) but also reducedthe poison effect from her leg so she can fight again. But the villain is much stronger thanher now, and he is very angry. (as hehas taken a lot of hits earlier) Heknock the super girl to ground, kickher before she can get up. Grabher leg and break it. (do some wrestlemovement). And do a lot of lowblow(kick and fist), make a lot of red liquid between her legs. (like you did in the Super Gerda one before). As the super girl no longer resisting, the villain start to humiliate her. Tornher stocking even more (rip it, makelarge holes or break it ), makes her to smell her own shoes (the heel shejust kicked off), and in the end cover both her mouth and nose with her heel until she is out. Part 3. The super girl wake up in the jail again. Her leotard is badly torn, red liquid all over her body, and almost every part of her body is in pain. Sheslowly get up, open the door and luckily the villain is not here. Whilesheescaping, she found another small room with a dirty white leotard, which is the leotard of her sisters. As her own leotard is ruined, shechange to her sisters leotard and continue her escape through the corridor. (She move slowly as both of her leg is injured, and pleasegivesome close look at her feet and sole). Unfortunately, the villain heardher noise and come out, knock her out and carried her back.

The super girl were tied and hanged. Her feet barely touches the ground. And the villain punish this “escaping prisoner” brutally. Punch in her face, stomach, and lower body. And stomp on her toes

multiple times until her feet is full of red liquid. Thesuper girl screams for help but no one couldsaveher. Then he bring in a bucket of snow(Alargebucket I hope it is plenty at your location?) anddrop super girl's injured feet in it.

After some more beating (any thing you can think of, as cruel as youcan imagine), the villain finally decide the end this. He holds the supergirl from behind with the belt used last part. The super girl kicksand twists, trying to escape, but still finished at the end. After confirming she is really finished, the villain release her from the rope, let her fall totheground, play her hand and feet to make sure she won’t survive, andthenkicked her to turn aside. The camera goes around her body andthat’s the end of the video.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Mabel is being hurt hard by Super Villain

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