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  • The Avengers in tights gain the upper hand

Custom clip request 

Girl 1 dress pants, shirt , dark brown pantyhose (reinforced toes) and no shoes- pantyhose feet only. So no shoes - just feet.

Girl 2 has no shoes- only pantyhose feet. She wears a skirt, black pantyhose (reinforced toes) and black or brown stocking mask. A long shiny silk like scarf. 


Girl faces man with her hands on her hips. 

The man is slender build . He wears a shirt, shorts or pants and socks.

Man says . You come into my home uninvited. Do you know who I am ?

Girl 1 says - I know who you are. Ms. Dumont sent me to punish you badly. She wants you out of commission for good. 

Man laughs - So she  sent you. A mistake on her part.

Girl 1 says - you wrecked her shop and hurt one of her employees when you destroyed her shop. That is why I’m here.

Man laughs says - You will regret coming here. 

He swings at her trying to punch her,  but she is fast and catches his wrist. She follows with two swift kicks  to his groin while holding his wrist/arm firmly. The third kick connects to his face  dropping  him to the floor. 

Man says while on floor - Wait -wait ..we can do a deal. I don’t want anymore trouble.

She says -Too late . Get on your knees .and crawl slowly.

He crawls and the girl walks to his side and kicks him viciously 4 times in the rib / groin area while he is on all fours. She then stomps his back with her pantyhose foot while he crawls which flattens him to the floor.

Girl 1 says-  Stand up

The man stands up and says - Ok ok you are a professional. I want no trouble.

Girl 1 says - Already said its too late. 

The man slowly backs away from her as Girl 1 slowly walks toward him and he stops. He stops and says - Can we do a deal.

Girl 2 wears a brown or black stocking mask and is wearing black pantyhose with a skirt and shirt. She sneaks in the room in pantyhose feet-wearing a long shiny silk like scarf.

Girl 2 takes the scarf from her neck walks behind the man and quickly wraps the scarf around the man’s necks three times tightening it from behind using both hands to press his neck. 

Man fights to break the scarf hold as he thrashes around. She yanks him to the floor and she stands behind him on the floor still holdling him as he gasps.

Girl 1 pulls out a stocking mask and places it on her head as the man is hold from behind with scarf by Girl 2.

Girl 1 says get him up. 

Girl 2 stands him up still holdling from behind.

Girl 1 approaches and does frontal high kick to the man’s face connecting with her pantyhose foot. She does a second frontal high kick to his face and a 3rd kick.

Girl 2 releases the hold of the man after the 2”3rd high kick from Girl 1 and the man drops to the floor.

He attempts to crawl away on his hands and knees.

Girl 1 says-  That’s right crawl so we can kick you some more. ***Note on all groin/ ribs kicks while he crawls - all kicks should come from the side and not from the rear or behind please****

Girl 1 and Girl 2 circle him once as he crawls.

Girl 1 stands to his side and kicks  him hard 3 times to the rib/ groin area. Then Girl 2 walks to his side and also kicks him hard 3 times in the rib groin area.

Girl 1  removes her pants and Girls 2 removes her skirt.

From this point forward you can get creative and do all kinds of kicks to the face , chest and groin for the time left. You set everything up from here with the time left.

Please - Include 1 more scene where he crawls and is kicked in rib/ groin area.

Final scene - one of the girls pulls out a pair of pantyhose dark brown. The pantyhose are shoved on the man’s head like he has a mask on and the legs ends are wound around his neck and the girl holds him as he struggles to break it up till he lost his feelings.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The Avengers in tights gain the upper hand

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