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  • Tiffany and Rhea turn Edward from a Master into a slave

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Edward is wearing the black short and shirt (the same he wears in few of your videos) and sunglasses.

A slave-girl is on her knees on the ground. Edward is laying on the sofa with feet on her back.

Supergirl comes in and tells him « It’s the last time you hit a girl ! ».

Edward laughs, mocking her, he gets up and stand up the slave-girl pulling her hair. Then he hits her, always holding her hair, provocking supergirl. Supergirl orders him to stop or she will kick his ass. Edward smiles, takes off his sunglasses and shirt and flex.

Slave-girl caress him when he flex. Edward loves that and is a little distracted.

Supergirl comes really near him, challenging him. Edward push the slave-girl and face in front supergirl. He flex is biceps and then prepare to fight. He invites supergirl to attack him. She does but he dodges her hits (he is really fast) or blocks them then counter strike. Supergirl finally goes on the ground and Edward poses for victory over her.

The slave-girl congrats the champ and says supergirl shouldn’t have challenged him. He smiles, arrogant. Slave-girl caress him and flatters him. Supergirl awakes. Edward pull her by the hair then ask her who is the champ (threatening). She tells it’s him. Edward, satisfied, put his arm on the girl’s shoulders and tells them they are his slaves now !

Girl caress him. They pull down his short, he is only wearing his underwear, the same kind of underwear in « Rob in The mount punching competition (Mabel vs Rob) » but not Black (light color). Edward is

amused by this.

Supergirl does little taps to his abs and flatters him. He flex. Supergirl whispers to slave girl, they have to weaken him. So she ask him to show her few training moves. Edward is proud and does few push-up, supergirl invites slave-girl to sit on his back during push ups. It’s more difficult but he manages to do push ups, then supergirl goes on his back too. It’s really difficult but he doesn’t want to loose the face so he manages. Girls applause him. Supergirl ask him for one more…. He does then fall on the ground exhausted, girls are always on his back, they high five and supergirl slaps his ass. Supergirl whispers slave girl : « i think he will be not so quick now » Girls help him to stand up (he puts his arms on their shoulder, tired). Girl caress him and flatters him. Supergirl caress his abs. Edward smiles and flex. Slavegirl offers him a rematch against supergirl to show how strong he is. Edward is tired but confident, he mocks supergirl and accepts.

He is ready to fight and invites her to hit him. She tries to hit him, he dodges it but she chain few hits and he can’t dodge them all so she hits him few times (head and abs) but he is resistant and shake his head to recover then fight back. He takes the upper with a huge hit. He hits her few times. Slave-girl tries to attack edward to help supergirl but Edward easily get rid of her. Edward laughs with hands on his hips mocking her.

Supergirl discreatly goes behind him and hits his balls from behind.

Edward puts a knee on the ground in pain, supergirl hits his head but he manages to block her second attack and fight back. He hits her and takes her throat with one hand and blocks her against the wall. He flex with other hand asking her what she can do now ? she squeeze his balls making him to release her, then she helps slave-girl. Edward recovers and is ready to fight against both girls. Girls manage to hit him few times but he dodge or blocks many hits and he hits them many times even if they manage to block or dodge hits. Slave-girl fall on the floor. Edward put his foot on her abs and blocks her he wants to strongly hit her with his fist but has to block supergirl who come to rescue her. He is always blocking slave-girl under his foot so slave girl hit his crotch to get free and supergirl chains hits on his head, champ finally fall on his back. Girls highfive and congrats together but they don’t see the champ getting up, shaking his head and comes behind them. He pulls their hair and hit their head together few times… when they are weakened, he tell them fight is over (always holding their hair). Girls caress his abs and supergirl goes down (he loves that and is distracted) and when she reach his crotch she squeeze it. They hit him but he manages to fight back. He blocks their head against his hips and squeeze them, he is happy and insults them…

girls are in pain but supergirl manage to hit his crotch between his legs (from behind), girls are free… they join their fist and hits his head with a huge hit to the head… he falls on his back.

But he is really resistant and stands up again. He is tired but fights back. Fight is balanced now… he manage to catch both supergirl’s fist in his hands and squeeze them making supergirl to put knees on the ground… he exposes his crotch trying to punish supergirl. But supergirl does a headshot to his crotch. He is in pain but manage to fight back. he is upset and hits girls with highkicks… but supergirl manage to catch his leg and hold it. Slave girl comes near him so edward protect his crotch and provokes her. She hits his abs with low effect, edward mocks her.

She hits his head from both side with her hands… Edward needs a little time to recover so she does it again… edward is now a little dizzy and one of his hand is no more protecting his crotch… Last same hits over his head and now crotch has no protection and the champ is dizzy so slave-girl takes his chin and asks him how does he feel, does little taps to his crotch, mocking him. He tries not to loose the face and push her.

Supergirl release his legs and offers slave-girl to finish him. Edward smiles (always tired) and taps his fist in his hand sure to punish her. She invites him to attack, he tries but she blocks and counter strike with a lowblow. He recovers and offers her to attack, she tries a kick to the groin but he blocks it, confident but he doesn’t imagine she chains with few hits to the head… he stagger and can’t block next kick to his crotch. He slowly fall on his knees massaging his crotch. She finish him with a huge uppercut. He is out on the ground (on his back). Girls highfive and slave girl does little taps to his face to be sure he is out.

Scene ends showing girls on the sofa with feet on the champ’s back (who is on the ground, on his knees).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany and Rhea turn Edward from a Master into a slave

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