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  • Mortal Kombat. Naomi vs Edward

Custom clip request 

Script: Mortal Kombat - Naomi Vs Edward

Naomi - 10 minutes tournament fight 

Naomi is in this outfit -https://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1512

Edward is shirtless in fight shorts

Fight starts with Edward flexing at Naomi. Naomi shows Edward "you are finished sign". Both Fighter square off equally with Edward leading the fight beating Naomi down. Both Fighter fight aggressively and land some blows onto each other into the first half od the duration of the fight.

*Feel free to improvise and show explosiveness of fight scene choreography*

Edward gains the upper hand and does a flying kick and Elbow onto Naomi, eventually beating Naomi down and holding Naomi in a headlock. Edward flexes and does a victory pose on one arm and eventually snaps Naomi neck. 

Edward satisfied with his victory does multiple victory pose.

Naomi however is not done, she recovers, getting up and readjust her neck. She then challenges Edward to a kick off like below clip. 

Both Fighter gets into a kick off and after several bouts, Naomi grabs Edwards leg in a kick and brutally breaks it, causing Edward to fall down holding his broken leg and screaming in pain.

Edward pulls himself together he is weak to fight and throw punches at Naomi, Naomi however gains the upper hand and lands upper cuts and brutal elbow onto Edward head causing Edward to be bruise.

Edward staggers to fight on throwing punches.  Naomi approaches and grabs Edward balls squeezing it hard, Edward screams in pain trying to pry open Naomi's grip while using his other arm to punch Naomi hard. Naomi is not affected and grabs Edward balls until it burst, causing Edward to fall into a kneeling position grabbing his balls in pain.

*At this point show Edward in a daze while trying to defend himself

Naomi then caresses Edward chest admiring the Fighter and then upper cuts Edward in the head into a standing position. Edward stands in a daze as a result of the punch throwing punches randomly missing Naomi. Naomi grabs one of Edward's punches and breaks his arms. Edward screams in pain in a daze grabbing his other arm.  Naomi grabs the dazed fighter and brutally beats Edward head multiple times.

*Show Edward now almost knocked out as Naomi grabs his head beating him.

Naomi then grabs Edward other thumb, holds him in a thumb lock and parading Edward around

*Have the finish him sound effect

While holding Edward in a thumb lock, Naomi then breaks Edward other leg and then she breaks Edward arm, holding the thumb lock causing Edward to fall onto the ground.

She then pulls the lifeless fighter up into a kneeling position, caresses Edward lifeless body and snaps his neck like below clip 

(Show front view of this) 

Naomi then goes over to fallen fighter, rolls him over and stands over him and takes a selfie with the fallen fighter posing a victory pose. Show photo she takes.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mortal Kombat. Naomi vs Edward

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