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  • Edward is unable to defeat Cindy

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Edward and Cindy are facing each other

Cindy: "I'm going to enjoy humiliating you again."

Edward: "This time I will have no mercy on you."

The fight begins and Edward fiercely attacks Cindy with punches and Cindy falls to the ground. Edward picks her up and puts her against the wall to continue punching her until he pushes her and she falls to the floor again. Edward puts her on her knees and knees her in the face until she falls flat on her back. Edward mounts on top of her and punches her in the face.(30 sec)

Cindy: "Please stop."

Edward: "I told you I wasn't going to show mercy."

Edward continues punching her in the face, while Cindy moans in pain and comments on her pleading for him to stop hitting her.(30 sec)

Edward gets up and circles around Cindy waiting for her to get off of her.

Edward: "Come on up, let's take a break."

But when Cindy is ready to get up, Edward kicks her in the face and Cindy falls flat on her back.

Edward: "You're not fooling me this time, bitch."

Edward checks that Cindy is KO and puts his foot on top of Cindy doing a victory pose flexing his muscles.

Edward: "The champion is back."

Edward turns his back on Cindy to call the gym's fight organizer and tell him that he has won. While this is happening, Cindy is waking up, slowly getting up. She sees that Edward is distracted and sneaks up on him.

Cindy: "Hey champ" as she taps him on the back.

Edward turns around and Cindy surprises him with an uppercut, causing Edward to fall on his back in a daze. Cindy mounts on top of him.

Cindy: "This isn't over."

Cindy punches Edward in the face, as she moans with satisfaction from each blow and Edward groans in pain(1 min). Cindy stands up and rests her foot on Edward's chest.

Cindy: "Come on, get up."

Every time Edward tries to get up, Cindy pushes Edward with her foot resting on Edward's chest.(15 sec)

Cindy: "Don't you want to get up?"

Cind sensually mounts on top of Edward to punch him in the face again until Cindy rests her hands on Edward's chest.(30 sec)

Cindy: "Do you like it when I'm on top of you?"

Cindy jumps with her ass on top of Edward while she moans with pleasure and Edward moans with pain (30 sec).

Cindy stands up and puts her foot on Edward's balls while she presses hard.(15 sec)

Cindy: "Do you like this?"

Helping Edward off the floor, Cindy sensually places Edward on the wall and knees him in the gut until Edward falls to the floor on his knees(20 sec). Cindy knees him in the face(20 sec) until Edward crawls to get up in a safe place but Cindy follows him and kicks him causing Edward to fall flat on his back. Cindy mounts on top of him.

Cindy: "I love dominating you."

Cindy slaps Edward's face sensually (1 min) until Cindy gets up and grabs Edward's legs to drag him to the ropes. Cindy places Edward sitting with his back on the ropes and with his arms behind the ropes and straddles him.

Cindy: "Didn't you say you weren't going to have mercy?"

Edward: "You are very lucky"

Cindy: "Oh, you think?"

Cindy punches her in the face(30 sec) until Cindy gets off of her to kick her in the face(20 sec).

Cindy takes Edward's hands off the ropes and drags him to the floor, laying him face down. She mounts on top of him and slams his head into the ground until he bleeds(20 sec). Then she puts Edward on his back and knees him in the balls while she asks him if he likes this(20 sec). She then mounts on top of him and punches him in the gut.(20 sec)

Cindy: "Do you like my punches?"

Edward: “Fuck you.”

Cindy punches Edward in the face(15 seconds), and then each punch she lands counts: 1, 2, 3... until she reaches 10. Cindy celebrates and stands up to strike a victory pose while putting her foot on the Edward's chest, but sees that Edward is not KO and mounts on top of Edward.

Cindy: "Sweet dreams, champ."

Cindy chokes Edward with her breasts(20 sec) until Edward is on the floor. Cindy strikes a victory pose while she is mounting on top of him.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Edward is unable to defeat Cindy

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