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  • Naomi and Mabel punish a debtor by breaking his fingers

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First scene:

The employee enters in a room and threatens the guy: "We are going to finish you off and your brother for not having paid your debts". A fight starts and quickly the guy hits the girl, and she falls. In this moment the chief approaches from behind and hits the boy, causing him to fall to the ground. The camera turns off.

When the camera turns on, he appears tied to a chair like in my last clip. He awakes and the chief says that she has to punish him for having hurt her partner, and she approaches one of his hands, and bending down, she plays with it for a few seconds and begins to break his fingers. She tells him to pray that her friend is alive, otherwise she will cut out her guts with a blade.

After a pair of fingers the employee awakes. The chief says "Welcome! I was playing with our friend. Do you want to join? I have an advantage of 2-0". The employee, very angry, goes to his another hand and starts breaking fingers. When she has broken 2 of them, both girls continue until the last finger, that both girls break together (as in the last clip). All time they mock the boy while he begs to stop punishing him and finish him.

After this punishment, the employee breaks his neck.

Second scene:

The girls arrive to the brother home and say that his brother is finished, and now it's his turn. A fight starts and after a while, the girls take advantage and manage to throw him to the ground. The chief says having a little fun, so they take off his shoes and start breaking his toes (one on each foot). He begs and cries desperately. He says that he has in a suitcase double the money he owed, and tells them to please take the money and let him live. The girls go to the suitcase and there is the money. The employee wants having fun, so she bets part of the money that she is able to make him scream before the other, by breaking his fingers. The chief accepts, and says the boy that if he can support the pain without screaming they will let him live.

After this, with the boy facedown, they taking turns to break his fingers.

While he moans they laugh and joke about his suffering. After the penultimate finger he can't support and screams very loud. The "loser" girl gets angry and breaks his last finger very viciously, twisting it after breaking to increase the pain. The boy screams desperately. After that one of them breaks his neck and the loser congratulate the winner by shaking her hands.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi and Mabel punish a debtor by breaking his fingers

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