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  • Policeman Edward vs Ninja in fight competition

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The tough, manly policeman enters the room, with the tonfas in one hand. His gloves are inside his pants, he lays the tonfa down somewhere and puts the gloves on.  He has nothing under his jacket, he is shirtless, The jacket is half closed and you can see his chest and pecshis. The sleeves are rolled up to show his forearms. Once he wears the gloves he simulates karate blows to train but The ninja will make an appearance, thanking edward for accepting this duel, and tell him what it means to fight a ninja cop. 

During the fight the policeman will use karate blows against the ninja who will respond likewise.

It is a tough fight where the policeman seems to be struggling and worried about losing, although he fights without ever stopping against the ninja using his karate skills, so he will use karate blows and high and medium kicks( in this fight then I would like two minutes shirtless).

In the fight I would also like one minute of ground submission of the policeman by the ninja doing a wrestling move on him and standing over him and crushing him with his whole body. ( 1 1/2 minutes of submission)

Once the ninja gets up they resume the stand up fighting with kicks and karate chops. 

In the last 4 minutes, the policeman puts his jacket back on and buttons it in the middle showing his pecs , and the sleeves he arches up to show his forearms. 

The ninja tells him he has a surprise for him, pulls out the nunchaku and holds it on two open hands to use against him.

The concerned but defiant policeman replies that he will not get off easy. He resumes the 2 tonfa to defeat the ninja who uses the nunchaku to put him on the spot. During this phase he will give many medium and high kicks shouting as if he is doing karate and will use the tonfas to defeat him, the ninja will respond with nunchaku and kicks trying to subdue him with the nunchaku. 

Eventually he defeats the ninja and unmasks him by saying that he will be waiting for him for the next duel.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Policeman Edward vs Ninja in fight competition

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