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  • Agent Tiffany vs stomach punching Cyborg

Custom clip request 

Outline: Tiffany is a loyal and selfless young spy that decided to go in the rescue of Mabel. She was prohibited to do that by her bosses, but she decided to go anyway. As she is blinded by the desire of helping her friend, she doesn’t follow the headquarters calls, and she falls prey of the Cyborg enemy guard as well. The Cyborg guard (Rob) neutralizes Tiffany the same way he neutralized Mabel, by relentlessly punching her in the stomach. Tiffany is highly trained and she is very proud of her strength, so she withstands the punishment courageously, but her body resistance is overpowered by the Cyborg.

Clothing: Tiffany is wearing a black leather (or synthetic material) jacket, jeans and a small sport bra, no heels. She is not wearing make-up, going as naturally as possible.

Cyborg-Rob can be dressed in the way he wants.

Tiffany’s acting: As usually in my customs, please no loud moans, shouting or crying. Tiffany contains her reactions, she “eats them”, trying not to show her pain. She mostly gasps, groans, and/or lets out short sounds, “oh”, “ah”, never too loud, like herself or Valerie in the “test of abdominal resistance” series against Rob. When she is exhausted it would great, as a reaction, if the stomach punches make her freeze for an instant, then slowly sigh out. Details for different reactions are in the scenes script.

Rob’s acting: The Cyborg moves like a normal human, but his movements are perfect, and he is always silent and emotionless. His punches make contact with his victim’s stomach, “penetrating” her midsection a couple of centimetres, and “staying” a few fractions of a second before bouncing (but no “twisting”). Most punches go to her upper stomach: above the navel and below the top of her ribcage triangle. Rob is great doing that.

Camera: The camera is always close to the action, no more than 1-2 meters away from Tiffany and the Cyborg, frequently making close-ups if possible. Please mostly no far away room views. The camera always takes Tiffany’s torso and face, occasionally closing up on her face and stomach. Other suggestions are made in the scenes script.

Dialogues: Russian, with English subtitles. If there are special sound effects, they shouldn’t be too loud (if that is the case, please keep a no-sounds-effect version, just in case).


Part 1 (about 3 minutes)

The camera fades in Tiffany carefully walking down a hallway or stairway, with her jacket and her hands-free cell phone on. A voice from the phone says “Agent Tiffany, you were told not to approach the Cyborg Gang quarters yet. You received a direct order!”. Tiffany replies “Oh come on, don’t exaggerate, this should be an easy job for me”. The voice on the phone continues “Agent Tiffany, leave the place immediately, previous intelligence shows the place is heavily guarded”. Tiffany replies “No worries, I am better trained that Mabel, I can take the guards”.

Tiffany hears a noise and goes flat against the wall, not to be seen. The camera makes a close up of her, resting a few seconds on her stomach and face. The voice on the phone insists “Agent Tiffany, intel shows the place is guarded by Cyborgs, programmed for body blows no human can withstand. They especially attack human stomachs, neutralizing their capacity to breathe”. Tiffany flexes her stomach and places her palm on her it, replying “No worries, no machine will break these abs” and she starts for the door.

A Cyborg (Rob) appears, blocking Tiffany’s way. Tiffany grabs her shooter, pointing it at Rob’s forehead. “Tell your boss I come for my friend Mabel. No one needs to get hurt”. The voice on the phone goes “Agent Tiffany, this is a last warning, don’t underestimate the Cyborgs”. Tiffany starts to say “Don’t worry, he will do what I… OH”. The Cyborg grabbed the arm where she held her weapon, and with his free arm he delivered a strong blow into Tiffany’s stomach. Tiffany doubled forward, stunned, unable to regain her breath. The voice in the phone goes “Agent Tiffany, are you OK?”.

But the Cyborg has pushed Tiffany against the wall, pinned her two arms above her head, and started to drive his fist deep into her stomach, over and over. The impacts make Tiffany to go “OOF!”, as all of her air is blown away. Rob lets Tiffany breathe in and then strikes again. After 4-6 deep punches, Tiffany is unable to breathe anymore, and the Cyborg lets her slide to the floor, eyes shut and mouth wide open, grabbing her stomach. The camera makes a close-up of her frozen face. The voice on the phone says “Agent Tiffany, agent Tiffany, please respond”. But Tiffany is unable to speak.

Tiffany makes signs of trying to escape, but Rob straightens her up, pinning her against the wall again. The voice on the phone goes again “Agent Tiffany, agent Tiffany, don’t confront the Cyborgs and escape as soon as you can”. But Tiffany is determined to fight. Speaking to Rob: “You got me by surprise, you stupid machine, let’s see if I flex my abs”. Rob starts to pump punches into her stomach with his free arm, with practically no pause between them. Tiffany tries to contain her reaction, but her groaning shows the punches are working over her defences. After a dozen punches, Tiffany loses her capacity to breathe, her eyes close and her mouth open forming an o”. She soon becomes hard weight on Rob. Rob holds her arms behind her back with one of his hands, while with the other he starts to deliver critical uppercuts, going deep into Tiffany’s stomach and making her double forward. Tiffany can only produce short “oh” sounds, as all of her oxygen is already out. After 5-6 critical punches she finally falls to the floor, grabbing her attacked midsection, eyes closed, unable to breathe. The voice on the phone says “Agent Tiffany, agent Tiffany, please respond” to no avail. Camera fades out in Tiffany’s winded face.

Part 2 (about 3 minutes)

Camera fades in Tiffany, back against the wall, arms secured and tied in crucified position (as you can do, in the central column of your hall, but please tie her up in such a way that she doesn’t have to hold her own hands up). The voice on the phone wakes her up “Agent Tiffany, agent Tiffany, please respond”. Rob-Cyborg approaches and raises Tiffany’s face by grabbing her hair. Tiffany shows difficulty to speak, but is still defiant. “Stupid machine…”.

The Cyborg starts a new full minute attack on Tiffany’s stomach, placing himself close to her body and pumping punches into her upper stomach again, one per 2-3 seconds. Tiffany produces short, contained reactions, as if she was trying to swallow her own grunts. She hunches first, as if she was trying to absorb the punches. But then she loses strength, and her head slumps forward. As the punching continued her head falls back, eyes rolling back, as the lack of oxygen starts to take toll.

The camera follows this pattern:

First plan of Tiffany’s stomach being punched over and over, from above her bust (as if it was the punching Cyborg’s eyes).

First plan of Tiffany’s exhaustion face.

First plan of Tiffany’s stomach being punched over and over, from the side (but very close).

Tiffany being punched, seen from about 1 meter above her head.

Tiffany being punched, seen from below, camera at about knee height.

Back to Tiffany’s exhaustion face.

Rob stops. Tiffany coughs once, softly. Amazingly, she is still awake. She manages to say “Ti…red…---stupid… machine…?”. Rob resumes the punching, this time with uppercuts aimed right below Tiffany’s breasts, inside the arch formed by her ribcage, at a faster speed. This destroys her resistance. She first gasps (breathing-in in short rasps), and then she can only produce shorter and shorter “oh” sounds, showing she is increasingly unable to breathe. When her legs start to give, Tiffany slumps forward, looking down, hanging from the ropes. After another full minute or more, she can only make instinctive sounds, a trickle of water slowly falling towards the floor. Rob keeps punching until she seems to be out.

The camera follows more or less the same pattern as above, and then fades out on Tiffany’s face.

Part 3 (about 3 minutes)

The camera fades in the sounds of Tiffany’s weak groaning. The camera is coming from somewhere else, then enters a room where Tiffany is sitting on a couch, her arms spread sideways over the back of the couch’s top, and tied somewhere behind the couch. Her jacket is gone, but not her earphones. Rob is sitting on the couch by (or standing near) her, punching her in the stomach, with only 2-3 seconds of separation between punches. The punches seem to enter deep into her. Tiffany looks exhausted, weakly groaning after each punch, then softly sighing as Rob’s fists leave her body.

A “digital connection” sound comes up (as in a Whatsapp or text message), and the voice on the phone says: "Agent Tiffany, we have lost contact for almost 30 minutes, where are you?". Tiffany replies (the punching continues when she speaks) "The machine… got me… it is hitting… my stomach… non-stop…". The voice on the phone continuers "Agent Tiffany, please resist, we will organize your extraction as soon as possible". Tiffany tries to continue “I am sorry, I… (cough)”. But 

Rob raises the rhythm of the punching in Tiffany’s stomach, and she loses capacity to speak. With each punch a wave of oxygen comes out if her system, causing her cheeks to fill up and her mouth to go “ooofffhh”.

The camera follows this pattern:

Full scene, taken from Tiffany's front, no more than 1 meter away from her.

Close plan of Tiffany's stomach, seen from her side.

First plan of Tiffany's face.

Full scene, taken from the back of the couch, no more than 1 meter away from her head.

After a dozen punches like these, Tiffany is groggy, at vanishing point, no more oxygen and no longer in control of her body. Rob pushes Tiffany making her to stretch up and lean against the back of the couch. Tiffany’s eyes are only semi-open, softly sighing. She says “my… stomach…”. Rob continues to pump punches right in the pit of Tiffany’s stomach, in the hollow point formed by the top of her stretched ribcage. Tiffany is breathless, only wincing and opening her mouth to an “o”, her head thrown back on the back of the couch, her eyes slowly shutting down.

The camera follows this pattern:

Full scene, taken from Tiffany's front, no more than 1 meter away from her.

Close plan of Tiffany's stomach, seen from the above her head.

First plan of Tiffany's face, wincing, then winded.

Full scene, taken from the back of the couch, no more than 1 meter away from her head.

Close plan of Tiffany's stomach, seen from the front, camera situated close to her knees.

First plan of Tiffany's face, seen from above, as she slowly loses conscience.

After a dozen punches, a line of water starts to drip from Tiffany’s mouth. Then she slowly becomes unresponsive. Rob continues the punching and the camera fades out in Tiffany’s face, glassy eyes, being punched, drool falling from the side of her mouth.

Part 4 (about 3 minutes)

The camera fades again in the sounds of Tiffany’s weak groaning. Now Tiffany is lying down flat on a mat, or on the floor. Rob is sitting or kneeling by her side, holding Tiffany’s arms above her head with one hand, and punching her stomach with the other, once every 4-5 seconds. Tiffany seems to be barely conscious, and unable to physically resist. The punches seem to encounter no resistance, digging way in her stomach. Every punch produces in Tiffany a short voice reaction and a long sighing.

The camera goes around the scene, taking Tiffany’s continuous punching from different perspectives, until Rob stops and lets Tiffany go, for no apparent reason. Tiffany slowly rolls on her side, covering her stomach with both arms, wincing but not complaining. The camera makes a close-up of her face and her arms covering her stomach.

After a break of no more than 10 seconds Rob makes Tiffany to stretch flat again. Tiffany goes “stop… punching… my stomach…”. But he viciously resumes the punching in her upper stomach, aiming with hard precision right below the arch formed by her ribcage, at a perfect timing, one punch every 3-4 seconds. Tiffany slowly loses control of her body, her head thrown back, her reactions showing she is getting weaker and weaker with each punch. The punches encounter no abdominal resistance, digging way in her stomach, but she is still awake, producing weak groans and sighs.

The camera takes this part of the scene toggling from different angles again, always close to Tiffany:

From behind Tiffany’s head towards the rest of her torso.

Close-up of her stomach being punched.

Close-ups of her winded face.

From close to Tiffany’s legs towards the rest of her torso.

From above the scene, picturing her body getting punched.

Close-ups of her face drooling.

At a certain breaking point for Tiffany’s body, she says “S-top… my stomach…”. Rob pauses, Tiffany breathes in and says defiantly. “Fuck you…”. With no emotions shown, Rob resumes the punches at greatest speed, about 1 per second. Thes punches totally freeze Tiffany’s capacity to breathe. Her eyes shut down and her mouth opens up, instinctive sounds coming from within her, a line of water coming off the side of her mouth. As the final phase of the punching continues, Tiffany can only receive the hits with minimum reaction (but still with reactions that she can figure herself). I would like this process to be as long as possible. The camera fades off with a few final seconds of perspectives on her defeated body flat on the floor.

The camera takes for the last phase, always close to Tiffany:

From beside Tiffany (camera at floor level), a long take.

From behind Tiffany’s head towards the rest of her torso, a long take.

Short final take of her defeated body.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Tiffany vs stomach punching Cyborg

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