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  • The pantyhose dependence led the debtor to his end

Custom clip request 

Man wears: A  short sleeved shirt, pants and shoes.

Lady A wears: black pantyhose (reinforced toes), heels, a shirt, a (black stocking mask and not pantyhose mask). The heels will be removed early see script below.

Lady B wears dark brown pantyhose, a shirt, dress slacks, a faux silk scarf or fake silk scarf. Please don't use the scarf from the last shoots. Lady B also wears a dark brown stocking mask - not a pantyhose mask and heels. The heels come off early see script below.

The script:

A man who stole large funds from the woman's company sits in a chair sleeping or taking a nap.

He wears a short sleeved shirt, pants and shoes.

Lady A in black pantyhose (reinforced toes), heels, a shirt, a black stocking mask walks in the room as the man naps in the chair. Lady A sits in the other chair facing the man who is napping.

Lady A crosses her leg and dangles one one of her heels. Lady A says "Hey! you wake up."

The man wakes from his slumber startled and says "Who are you? How did you get into my apartment?"

Lady A says "It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that you listen and answer my question?"

Man says "I say again who are you and why are you dressed so differently?"

He looks down at Lady A's heel that she dangles to see the partially exposed panyhose foot.

The heel she dangles drops to the floor. She extends her pantyhosed foot gently landing it on the man's crouch gently pressing against his crotch.

Lady A says " I know your weakness but you must answer the truth if you want more. She rubs his crotch once more with her foot before removing her foot placing it back into her heel.

The man says "Yes I want more."

Lady A says "You stole funds from your boss and we have recovered the funds . We need your confession."

The man says "I don't know what you are talking about."

Lady A says " You obviously haven't checked but we returned the funds this morning. So don't pretend you don't know. Just confess and it will be easier." She stands up from the chair and removes both heels from her feet. She says " Follow me over to the wall and bring your chair with you."

The man says "If you say so."

Lady A picks up her chair and carries it to the wall - setting it against the wall and places her heels under the chair. The man follows her with his chair and sets his chair against the wall.

Lady A then pulls out a pair of dark brown pantyhose and hangs them on the chair and the man looks at them with surprise.

The man says " I like this"

Lady A says "Did you take the funds? Tell the truth and it might be easier and you can enjoy it a little."

Man says "Yes it was me. How did you get the funds back?"

Lady A says "That is a secret."

As Lady A talks to the man with her back facing the wall and standing a few feet in front of one of the chairs, Lady B sneaks in.

Lady B wears a shirt, a silk like scarf around her neck, dress pants, dark brown pantyhose and has a dark brown stocking mask on her face. She slides off her heels and proceeds toward the man in her pantyhose feet and creeps up behind him as the man talks to Lady A.

When Lady B reaches the man from behind with his back to her, she removes the silk like scarf from her neck. With both hands she twists the scarf and opens and closes both hands with the scarf two times. She pulls the scarf over the man's neck and yanks the man back. She tightens the scarf around his neck using both hands to tighten it as the man flails his arms hopelessly around in the air trying to break the hold accompanied by gurgling sounds.  

Lady B tightens the scarf and yanks the man's head back as she stands behind him continuing to press. She kicks his calf leg from behind while continuing to press. The kick to his calf leg from behind collapses both of his legs and he drops to his knees. Lady B drops to her knees still holdling him from behind w/ the scarf.

Lady A with her pantyhossed feet viciously kicks the man in the groin 4 times while he is on his knees.

Lady A then follows up with another 2 kicks to the groin and a karate chop to the man's neck.

Lady A walks away and walks back to the man and says "Who do you think you are taking funds from your boss?" She plants 3 more kicks to the groin and a karate cop to the neck.

Lady B releases the scarf after the last karate chop by Lady A and the man collapses to the floor

Lady A and B circle the collapsed man two times and he slowly gets up and proceeds to crawl on his fours. 

Lady A walks to his side as he crawls and viciously kicks him 4 times in the groin.

Lady B then walks up and kicks him 4 times from the side in the groin as he continues to crawl.

Lady B stands the man up and holds him from behind as Lady A does a high arching frontal  kick to the man's face. Laby B backs up and does another frontal high kick to the man's face followed by a kick to his chest and then groin which knocks him to the floor.

While he is on the floor in a daze both Lady A and B and stomp and kick all over him very briefly before standing him up.

Lady A knees him in the head and then Lady B knees him in the head knocking him senseless.

Lady A karate chops him twice to the neck.

The man walks in a daze. Lady B does a running - flying kick that lands on the man's chest which pushes him back due to the power of the flying kick.

Lady A follows with a running flying kick connecting to the man's head or face which knocks him to the floor.

The man tries to crawl again to escape and is met by 4 vicious kicks to the groin by Lady A then followed with 4 kicks to the groin by Lady B as he crawls.

Lady A walks over to the chair and grabs the dark brown pantyhose and Lady B sits the man on the floor sitting behind him on the floor. Lady A hands the pantyhose to Lady B. Lady B shoves the pantyhose on the man's head wrapping the pantyhose leg ends around his neck - wrapping and tightening toa tighter the pantyhose with both hands pressing his neck from behind as he struggles helplessly to break the hold only to go weak.

The End

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The pantyhose dependence led the debtor to his end

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