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  • Catwoman Ronda keeps the claws out

Custom clip request 

She would have the Catwoman that Sasha wore along with the high heel boots and black gloves.the claws will start hidden. The guard will have a mask and be incredibly strong

It would start with her opening the door into the room seeing the lasers. She would use her stealth skills and agility to crawl like a stealthy kat to the other side of the room to a computer sitting in the other end. She will try to power it on but all of a sudden an alarm will be triggered. At the other end of the room a guard will appear in full gear and yell at her that she isn’t supposed to be there. He will then enter and whip out his weapon and tell her he can’t allow her to leave alive. She will then hiss at him and whip out her claws ready for a fight. They will engage in a battle where she has to keep wearing him down with her claw attacks, punches and scratches while trying to deal with his attacks. Eventually she will get him against a wall and hold her heel against his throat and try to figure out who pulled the alarm but he will knock her leg off him leading him to fall on the ground. She will then choke him out with her legs while using her claws to hold his arms and place so he can’t defend himself. After she will retract her claws when he is knocked out and will climb off him and quickly run towards the computer and quickly download a file with her flash drive that she pulls out. She will then flee out a window or back threw the door. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Catwoman Ronda keeps the claws out

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Catwoman keeps the claws out

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