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The boss (a weak young guy) and his henchman (Edward – wearing jeans and a leather jacket (unbuttoned with nothing under it)) with hleather gloves).

A girl is tied (as in « stefania can win your game »). Boss asks her where she hide the money. She denies to tell him so boss makes a sign to his henchman to hit her. Edward hits her few times. Girl provokes him asking him if it’s the best he can do. Edward is angry and wants to hit her more but boss stops him and asks her again. Edward taps his fist in other hand. She refuses to speak. Edward puts his hands on his hips (showing his abs) and boss friendly put one hand on Edward’s shoulder telling him she has not made the good choice. Men smile together. Edward takes off his jacket and flex his biceps and abs. Boss presents him as his best henchman. Girl means to be impressed and offers him a fight. Men smile mocking her. Edward takes her chin in his hand and gives her few hits to the abs with other fist. She is in pain. Boss accepts the fight so Edward unties her. She falls on her knees weakened by edward’s hits.

Edward takes off his jeans so now he is only wearing a red boxer underwear and his leather gloves, he adjust his gloves and do few moves ready to fight. Girl stays on her knees recovering. Edward goes

near her, puts his hands on his hips and asks her if she is ok, mocking her, he laughs with the boss, exposing his crotch, she finds his weakness (his groin).

They are now face to face ready to fight, Edward flex his biceps to provoke her and invites her to attack him. She tries her best but he blocks all her hits then counter strike with powerful hits. Boss

encourages his henchman and mocks her during the fight. She falls on the ground. Edward is ready to achive her but boss stops him. He wants a little more fun. Edward smiles and flex his biceps. She

flatters him and touch his biceps, flattering him. Edward is proud of his body so he flex his abs (putting his hands behind his head). Boss friendly taps edward’s abs telling they are steel ! Boss offers her to test them. She caress his abs and hits him but low effect. Men laughs. She hits again, low effect. Then Edward hits her she fall on the ground. Edward pulls her by hair and presents her to his boss. Boss asks her a last time where the money is. She hits the boss, surprising them. Edward strongly hold her and he is in her back and whispers her she will regret this but she catch his groin and squeeze it… Edward is in pain and release her, holding his crotch. She takes benefit to uppercut him few times. Boss is surprised and orders his henchman to fight but she chain hits after hits so Edward can’t fight back. Finally he falls on his back on a last uppercut. Girl mocks him. Boss helps him to stand up. Edward is recovering (moving his head and holding his crotch). Then Boss push him a little inviting him to punish her. Edward is angry and attacks, she manages to block few hits but not all. She hits him few times but he is so strong so he takes the upper. She falls on her knees. He flex his biceps near her.

Boss congrats him and puts his hand on Edward’s shoulder. Edward has his hands on his hips. Boss asks her : « You think you can defeat him ? seriously ? » mocking her. (Edward laughs at her) but she takes benefit to hit his crotch… Edward is in pain and slowly fall on his knees hanging his crotch. She stands up and invites him to fight.

Boss orders him to destroy her. Edward stands up always with crotch painful. But he attacks her, she blocks his hits and counter strike with low blow. Edward fights back again but she does the same. Sometimes he hits her but she finally manages to hit his crotch. Bit by bit he is eakened. And she now totally dominates him, punishing him. Boss tries to encourages his henchman but he is less confident.

She hits him with a high kicks ? Edward falls in Boss’s arms. Boss support him with difficulty and push hima gain to fight but she stops him with a powerful hit on his abs, then she uppercut him, hits abs,

uppercut… edward is totally dizzy…

She asks edward to be ready for fight. Edward does his best but sheblocks his hits and counter strike with low blow then, uppercut him. Edward is totally exhausted, puts a knee on the ground, tries to stand but but finally fall on the ground OUT !

She pulls boss’ ears telling him it’s wrong to hit woman, and asks him to say sorry. Boss says it. She orders him to leave with his strong henchman. Boss helps him to stand up and support him to leave the


But she says STOP ! Men look at her (Edward is totally exhausted), his boss hold him preventing him to fall. Girl goes near Edward and tells him to never hits girl again. Edward smiles and says bitch so girl uppercut him, he falls out on his back. Totally out ! She puts her feet on his chest and tells the boss he can leave, she will keep his henchman to teach him more lessons. Boss run to leave the room.

Scene ends showing Edward out on his back.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Edward the henchman

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