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  • The lethal karate ballet. Cindy and Melanie

Custom clip request 

Here is the next custom Cindy and Melanie vs. Sven (or Josh). They both wear the new black pantyhose and the turtle neck leotard, no panty and bra if possible. If you can make both Cindy and Melanie hair like pics below (Melanie hair style, or just do your best). Sven in judo uniform, wears cap or wrap, see script for more details in every scene.     

scene. 1   he wears nothing on the head. 

Melanie and Cindy walk into the room like pic.2, Sven has the blade, they pose for him like previous customs (focus on him). one of them tells him “drop the blade or you will end up with broken bones, just look at our outfit, we are fully ready for karate, you are a nasty beard gang” show this pose from different angle (will be like previous 3 actor custom). One of them now kicks very hi front of his eye. Melanie says “I will take care of him” and Cindy just watch the fight in karate pose. Finally, Just like previous custom Melanie breaks his arm on the blade attack (different views). 

He is in lots of pain and Melanie does the hi kick demo just like Josh custom pic.6,7, Sven looking at it from start to the end (love that kick he is looking at it). Cindy does her own hi kicks, he is watching that too. She says we warned you about karate broken bones

Scene.2  Sven has cap or wrap on his head. “Lethal playing card game”

3 of them walk to the scene with their back to camera to play a lethal card game. Cindy turns her face looks straight at him says “whoever lose the game will go to jail, any resistance will face karate power, they all agree. Now Melanie sits on a very small chair and Sven sits on the floor with cards in front of them, for example 10 cards on her side and another 10 on Sven side or whatever, your ideas too, any games ok. Cindy standing, has her hands over the waist watching the whole thing, so she can accompany the loser to the jail. As they focus hard on the cards, Melanie crosses her legs on the chair so her toes comes in the air in the middle of them, up over the playing cards, so when he turns the card around can’t avoid her toes and has to look at it too, when he focusses on the card he sees her toes in the air all the time too. They turn each card one by one then focus hard for next move. As the game goes on, Cindy sees he is losing the game, looks at him, he looks up at her, she has a little very mean smile, he knows he is losing, gets super angry keeps on looking at Cindy then Melanie back and forth, Cindy start some very hi kicks as warming up for him, he looks at her hi kicks, she throws some very hi kicks above his head too, says “jail or karate, your choice”. Melanie now turns the winner card around then very mean smile, Sven looks at her and her toes, she tells him “the game is over”. They both give him a very mean smile then serious karate look. Sven now is super angry does a foolish thing and right from where he is sitting throws a big punch or karate chop at Cindy but before his punch reaches her, she just stretches her hand straight to his neck karate chop his neck, he falls on the floor hard, looking at both of them, she still has legs crossed on the chair and Cindy hands over waist looking at him (toes doesn’t have to be front of his eye). Melanie says I turned the winner ace on him. Cindy says “jail was better than karate chop, foolish karate man”

Scene.3   Sven, wears cap or wrap on his head

Scene starts with a close up, Cindy’s hand chopped very hard (like a blade) goes full power into his stomach hold inside his stomach (he is sitting on the floor), he screams hard and in severe pain, show the impact very hard, if enough time from different view too, then take out her hand from his stomach. He holds his wounded stomach, looks at her they stare at each other, Melanie can be seen in the background looking too in karate pose. Now cut the scene and on the resume scene, both of them looking straight at him hands over waist for 5 sec then look at each other, they both facing the camera and Sven’s back to camera (he is still sitting on the floor in pain). They now turn their back to him and punch their hand way out legs spread apart like pic10,11 says “haaaa, karate” (say it together or after each other, doesn’t matter). Then walk away from him leaving the scene.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The lethal karate ballet. Cindy and Melanie

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