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  • Sven Tortures Tiffany's Belly

Custom clip request 

Sven's demeanor is the same as Rob's, very dominant and bullying, while Tiffany is trying to be tough at first but is already exhausted and becomes more submissive as the video goes on. 

Sven wearing regular clothes and a mask.

The lighting will be normal lighting this time. 

Tiffany is wearing a very similar outfit to the last video. short athletic shorts that are low enough to expose her entire belly, and a well-fitting colored bra or swimsuit top, and a small, tight tank top on to start the video.  She has her hair in a ponytail again and is barefoot. Each scene her tank top is on and Sven will eventually lift it up to just under or even with her bra line 

The video starts with Tiffany standing with her back to the pole. Her hands are above her head but tied together behind the pole. Her feet are tied together. She has a blindfold on to start so she can't see where Sven is. 

Sven enters the room. 

Tiffany asks "who's there" 

and Sven tells her 

"I heard there was a present for me in this room." as he circles around her. 

"who are you" she asks, 

he laughs and tells her 

"were going to have some fun."

Tiffany threatens him, "if you touch me, I will finish you and your friend" 

Sven tell her " I heard your tummy might be a bit sore" 

He stands next to her and lifts a side of her tank top up a little bit and tickles her side. She tries to lean away as he laughs. 

She says "don't touch me you creep"

Sven continues to tease her by poking her sides, and reaching under her tank top to lightly tickle her bare sides and belly. He uncovers her face so she can see him.  

He moves behind her, grabs her wrists and pulls her arms up higher against the pole and talks to her. He reaches under her tank top and starts massaging her sides. 

He tells her "my friend was right; you are very sensitive on your belly. You see, my associate and I made a bet. He thinks he broke you by tormenting your belly so well. But I think I can torment your belly better. You will have to decide." He gropes and rubs her belly from behind, using two hands then switching to one hand while the other grabs her wrists and raises her arms to stretch her out.

"I'm not playing your stupid game" Tiffany tells him "I am not your toy and my belly isn't yours to play with." 

Sven rubs her stretched and vulnerable belly. "I can do whatever I want to you, but once you admit I tormentd your belly better, maybe I'll stop."

"I'm not saying anything" Tiffany replied

Sven laughs and holds her chin back to keep her spine straight so she can't relieve the pain. He starts slapping her belly like the drums. Tiffany tries to turn away but Sven overpowers her and keeps her still. He starts tormenting her belly by slapping, rubbing , tickling, poking and punching her belly, just as Rob did. 

His attacks are the same as Rob, not overdramatic, but quick and precise. He switches from behind to in front of her and continues playfully tormenting her belly, she is already weakened from Rob so it doesn't take much for her to start begging him to stop. Sven ignores her and continues tormenting her belly, holding her up when she tries to bend over or turn away to protect herself. He tells her to say he's better at tormenting her belly. 

She says "you're better at tormenting my belly just stop"

Sven laughs and says "this is too much fun"

Tiffany looks defeated now

The next scene Sven gets the small wooden table and positions it so Tiffany is laying across it with a pillow under her in a backbend position. Her feet are on the ground and her arms are over the other side, her hands still tied around the pole so she's in a slight backbend. Sven pulls her away from the pole, pulling her as tight as possible as she asks him to stop. Sven teases her "I like this position, your trapped and your belly is completely stretched and I can do what I want to it." as he kneels next her, lifts her shirt and rubs her belly. He teases her and asks "who's the best at tormenting your belly?"

Tiffany says "go to hell"

Sven slaps her belly a few times, unsatisfied with her answer. He asks her again, with his finger digging into her belly button. She finally gives in and says "ok, ok "

Sven asks "ok what"

Tiffany replies, "you're the best"

Sven slaps her belly again "best at what"

tiffany says "tormenting my belly" 

Sven slaps her again "say it again."

Tiffany says "you're the best at tormenting my belly." 

Sven says "good"

He pretends to ease up and even pretends to walk away, as Tiffany relaxes a little bit. 

Sven quickly comes back with a bottle of oil and straddles her legs. He intensely begins rubbing oil onto her belly and tormenting her belly again, ignoring her cries and begging for him to stop. He methodically torments her abs and belly button, switching between lightly teasing it with his finger and aggressively jamming his finger inside. He plays with her belly like drums. trying to slap her belly when she is relaxed and not tensed. 

The last third of the video, she is just lying on the ground like the end of the video with Rob. Tiffany looks exhausted and completely broken. Sven comes in and sits next to her. He rolls up her tank top to expose her entire belly as she closes her eyes, in dismay.  He roughly turns her body sideways so she's laying on her side but still stretched. He bends her back and reaches around her and rubs her belly, slapping it and tormenting her abs and belly button. He turns her back on her back and aggressively pulls her legs so she is completely stretched out. She weakly tries fighting back but is mostly submissive to her fate. He sits on her legs and rubs more oil on her belly. 

Once its completely covered he tells her to say "tickle my belly button" 

she weakly shakes her head and Sven slaps her belly until she agrees. 

Once she says "tickle my belly button" he begins poking her belly button, starting off slow then pressing his finger harder. He keeps his finger resting in her belly button and says "say tickle my sides" she is hesitant at first until he presses his finger into her belly button harder and harder until she says "tickle my sides" He lightly tickles her sides and pokes and squeezes her before digging his fingers into her sides and pressing his fingers into her obliques. "flex your abs" he tells her as he starts rubbing her stomach. she begs him to stop and he starts slapping her belly until she keeps her abs flexed. He begins poking her abs with his fingers, drawing out the defined ab muscles and pressing into each one until she cant take it and has to relax. Right when she relaxes he pokes and slaps her harder. Making her to flex to protect herself. 

He says "ill make your abs to come out." He places two pillows under her back. She begs him not to but he ignores her and pulls her legs as tight as possible. The last few minutes he aggressively tormentes her belly, teasing her and tormenting her at the same time. laying on her legs and sticking his face into her belly and belly button, biting and burying his face right into her. Once she's completely defeated he starts rubbing her belly while she tries to catch he breath. He slaps her belly a few times, sticks his finger in her belly button and leaves her tied up. he he tells her "it will only get worse from here".

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven Tortures Tiffany's Belly

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