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Scene 1

The scene begins with a door opening into a room. Straight afterwards Naomi appears through the door as if she has been pushed from behind. As Naomi slightly stubbles forward a large man appears behind her. Naomi stops and stands straight as the man comes up behind her and pushes her forward again towards the centre of the room. This opening scene is similar to my previous custom “Ivy Unchained” (http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1064&search=ivy&page=2) except that Naomi does NOT have her hands tied.
Naomi, now standing still, silently snarls as she momentarily turns her head back towards the man in disapproval before again facing forwards two more men.
The man standing behind Naomi now speaks, “Boss, look who I found outside sitting on her motorcycle watching our hideaway.”
The boss (one of the two men standing in front of Naomi) now slowly moves towards Naomi before standing in front of her. He now grabs Naomi by the chin before speaking, “Ah….Naomi, your reputation precedes you. Why do you cause me so much trouble?”
Naomi, unimpressed by being touched, pulls her head back breaking the boss’s grip.
The man behind Naomi now runs his hand across Naomi’s right shoulder as he speaks, “Well I’ve never heard of her before….she’s just a fragile girl, and now our new toy to play with!”
Naomi’s facial expression now changes from a stern upset look to a confident smile before she launches a forward kick into the boss’s groin causing him to bend forward in pain before thrusting her same leg backwards into the groin of the man standing behind her. Naomi now grabs the boss man’s head with both her hands and launches her knee into his face sending him flying backwards. With the man behind her still incapacitated by her kick to his groin, Naomi now launches her elbow straight backwards into his stomach before swinging her fist upwards and backwards into his face. With the man bending forward in pain Naomi puts her arm around his head, pulls him forward and launches her knee up into his face several times (see Naomi Custom 02 - Video - Fight 01 - Combination Backwards Kicks And Punches).
Finally, Naomi releases her hold as the man falls forward onto his face, Naomi speaks, “I guess you have heard of me now….arsehole!”

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Naomi and the three men (see Naomi Custom - Videos - Fight 1-14). With Naomi finally defeating all the men and knocking them out (see Naomi Custom - Videos - Finish 1-4). The scene finishes with Naomi assuming a victory pose over her beaten opponents (see Naomi Custom 02 - Picture 07 - Victory Pose).

Scene 2

Scene 2 begins with the three men lying on the floor slowly recovering from the beating Naomi has just given them. As the men slowly rise the camera switches to show Naomi sitting on the edge of a table with her legs crossed.
Naomi pulls up the top of her boots before she speaks, “Boys, it’s good to see you are finally awake. I think it’s time you should now leave.”

The men, now on their feet, are incensed that a fragile girl has beaten them so thoroughly and are determined to exact revenge.
One man walks across to stand in front of Naomi before speaking, “You silly little bitch…. You were just lucky before. Nothing will save your pretty little body now.”
Naomi now playfully smiles before responding, “Oh…. That’s such a pity……Hey, do you like my boots?”
Slightly bewildered the man looks down towards Naomi’s boots just as she launches one of her boots upwards and into the man’s face sending him flying backwards. With the man still standing but dazed, Naomi pushes herself off the table’s edge to now stand upright in front of the man.
Naomi firstly reaches down and pulls up the top of each of her boots before pulling the top of each glove so they fully extended. Naomi, then with a dismissive look clenches her right fist before speaking, “Kiss my gloves arsehole.” Naomi now unleashes a rapid series of punches to the man’s face. As the man begins to drop to the ground Naomi uses one hand to hold him up by the neck while she continues to punch him in the face with the other hand. Eventually Naomi releases the man as he collapses to the ground at her feet.
Naomi now looks across at the other two men. Naomi now crosses her arms and leans back on the heel of her boot before smiles confidently and speaking, “I think your friend needs to see a dentist!”

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Naomi and the three men with Naomi (see Naomi Custom - Videos - Fight 1-14). About halfway through the fight can Naomi please pull out the nunchucks from behind her black belt and perform a brief fighting scene with them. I appreciate that Naomi isn’t too familiar with swing nunchucks but even if she could attempt a brief period with them, I would really appreciate this. Naomi then finally defeats all the men and knocking them out (see Naomi Custom - Videos - Finish 1-4). Naomi leaves the biggest man to last as she delivers a severe one-sided beating from before she finishes him with her mocking him as she continually punches and kicks him in the head (see Naomi Custom 02 - Video - Special 04 - Prolonged Punch Kick Combination). The scene finishes with Naomi assuming a victory pose while sitting on one of her beaten opponents (see Naomi Custom 02 – Picture 08 – Meditation Pose).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi - Mistress of Fatality

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