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  • Rob dominates Mabel's stomach

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The video involves Rob unilaterally dominating the girl's stomach. It is essentially a sadistic video of the girl's intense suffering. In short would like a video similar in terms of reaction to punches and kicks to the stomach, to the movie Hard punishment of Lillian's stomach and others in the series.

Rob will test police officer Mabel's stomach with superpowered punches for strength with a fatal punch at the end. Mabel is a talented cop who investigates the multiple crimes of Rob, and who was able to figure out Rob. Eager to catch him, she decided to fish him out as a live wire. But something went wrong, Rob figured her out and caught her. Next is the complete destruction of Mabel's stomach (mostly in the stomach area, under her rib cage), she has never experienced such a thing. Mabel suffers a lot of pain, making heavy sounds, reacts hards to the blows, does not fall asleep during the blows (example samples are attached, only request to strengthen the reaction, in general the reaction should be similar to from this video Mabel endures a Cyborg ordeal of stomach resistance (heels4kicks.com) only much stronger, there are no restrictions on emotionality and moderation of the reaction as in that order).

Plot Basis.

Rob approaches Mabel, she looks at him fearfully and says, "Don't, I beg you, let me go." No one answers her. Rob drinks the serum and walks over to Mabel, in a quick movement pulls her arms strongly up, stretching her stomach, looks menacingly into her eyes, leaning close to her and says, " thought you caught me? I'm going to crush your stomach".

Rob then clenches his fist hard with his other hand and delivers a super strong punch to her distended belly, Mabel reacts strongly, makes a heavy hard sound, opens her mouth and greedily gulps air (her head is not thrown back much), Rob leaves his fist in her belly for a while, looks at Mabel and her suffering and says "now deeper" and with a sharp thrust pushes his fist into her belly from bottom to top, Mabel also reacts strongly, Rob enjoys it. Then, without letting Mabel rest, he gives Mabel a series of similar blows.

Next, after another blow, Mabel slides down the wall into a squat and holds onto her stomach. Rob does not let her rest and takes her by the throat, lifts her to her feet again, squeezes her, chokes her, Mabel wheezes, Rob, without removing his hand from her throat, pushes Mabel against the wall, lifts her up a little, and gives the same kind of super strong and sharp blows, Mabel sometimes holds on to his hand during the blow, trying to pull it away, Rob often raises his hands up or she does it herself, opening her belly (as if putting it under the blow).

Rob then says, "let's intensify the suffering", picks up the baseball bat, Mabel's arms are up in the air before the hit, her stomach is distended. Superstrikes with the baseball bat are made mostly with the thin end, the bat is left in the abdomen after the blow, the subsequent movements are pushed deep into the abdomen from bottom to top, sometimes moving in the abdomen in different directions with the girl's reaction to each movement. The strokes are not fast Rob enjoys Mabel's suffering.

Then the punches using suspensions like here Gerda and Rhea suspend each other (heels4kicks.com) At first Mabel stands with her arms raised just on the ground until like here Gerda Gerda and Rhea suspend each other (heels4kicks. com) then Rob lifts her up a little bit at a time so that she's up a little bit on her toes at first, then Rob comes up, enjoys her body and delivers a series of punches to her stomach, holding her from behind with his other hand, back, waist, so that she doesn't sway too much, fixes her position, then lifts her up again a little bit higher and so on until she's completely in the air (but not high, barely off the ground), Rob delivers punches with his fist and the thin end of the bat.

Description of blows: It would be good (here if possible), if it is possible to lift the girl a little on the fist or bat (as for example, in the video with Tiffany). All blows I ask you to make deep, strong and medium duration with leaving the fist and bat in a slightly retracted abdomen (the stomach can be retracted after the blow during the fist punching the stomach (ribs are visible, the stomach is as relaxed as possible, it is not punching the press) and punching the stomach or a series of strong blows (Rob already knows which ones from other videos), the girl's stomach as if put on the fist, bat with great power. The blows are mostly to the stomach, upper abdomen.

Side blows with a leg, bat, etc. please remove, only direct blows!

Further in the process of beating rarely can be any phrases, but not necessarily: "well, how do you feel", "breathe deeply", she sometimes says that it hurts, asks to let go.

It is important very please take into account)! Reaction and sounds at blows to the stomach are strong and emotional, but the girl does not scream and does not moan just, but makes heavy throaty and lurching sounds (groans), maybe even blushing from the power of the blow and pressure on the stomach. The most important thing is the sounds, respectively, if the retracted abdomen strongly interferes with making sounds, then retract it not strongly or not at all.

Opens his mouth, does not close his eyes (if only briefly to express himself)

She opens her mouth, does not close her eyes (if only briefly to express pain), sometimes throws her head back a little (but not strongly), reacts emotionally and strongly, her neck, neck veins and collarbones are tense, she is almost blushing, she is short of air, her body is not immobile at all, she may react painfully to blows, shudder, etc.

She makes heavy throaty sounds when she is hit, as if she is being crushed and run over by a car on her stomach, but she is conscious (not moaning and just screaming), sounds as if she is on a held breath.

VIDEO STRUCTURE. BASIC POSES before a punch, a series of punches. The stomach is slightly retracted and stretched (half-vacuum), the girl's arms are scooted upwards as much as possible to stretch her stomach, the girl is often taken by the throat or hair.

Sometimes during the hit, she lowers her arms and holds on to the pancher's hand, the bat, but does not lower her body much forward. Sometimes during the bat at the end of the hit, Rob plays the bat in the stomach, lifts the bat down so the hit comes from the bottom up deeper and more towards the stomach, lifting the girl up a bit.

Approximate timings:

1) 7 minutes - Rob's fist punches first to the stomach, often with hands overhead

2) 7 minutes - Rob hitting with a bat, often with his hands up.

3) 7 minutes - Rob superkicks Mabel tied on a rope to the ceiling, hitting her with a fist and then a bat (50/50).

Appearance of Mabel: Hair tied up in a ponytail to keep it out of the way as in Mabel endures a Cyborg ordeal of stomach resistance (heels4kicks.com), dressed and wearing makeup as in Mabel Blade vs Kano (heels4kicks.com), bare feet.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob dominates Mabel's stomach

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