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  • Ronda Beaten & Humiliated In Different Ways

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Ronda wears a black sleeveless top (similar to the one she wore in “Mabel Kicks the Buffs’ Asses”), fingerless leather gloves, black shorts like the ones below or jean shorts (similar to the ones she wore in “The Bandit Encounters with Ronda’s Feet in Mules”), black high heel leather boots, hair tied back in a ponytail, light makeup/natural look, and no nail polish unless it’s black, grey, white, clear, or french.

Rob wears a dark tank top, dark pants, and dark shoes.

SCENE 1 (roughly 3 minutes)

Ronda lies on the floor, defeated. Rob grabs her by the throat and pushes her to her feet. As he holds her, he punches her several times in the face.

He lets her drop to her knees and her face lands against him.

He grabs her and sits her in a nearby chair and punches her several more times in the face (rights, lefts, and straight punches to the face). With every punch, Ronda’s eyes become more dazed. (Possible Rob POV)

Desiring a different angle, he moves behind her and cups his hand under her chin or holds her head back by her hair, and then hits her with more punches to the face. Ronda becomes increasingly dazed until she is knocked out. Despite being knocked out, he continues to punch her in the face several more times, her weak body jerking from the impact. He then grabs her head and snaps her neck. Her eyes are a cold stare and drool/water spills from her mouth as her body twitches (body pans).

He then kicks her out of the chair and she ends up on her back (body pans).

SCENE 2 (roughly 2:00 minutes)

Ronda stands dazed against the wall, dazed. Rob grabs a baseball bat. Ronda tries to keep a brave face, but there is fear in her eyes. He swings the bat and hits her abdomen many times. Every time he hits her during this sequence, it knocks the wind out of her and makes her groan/moan in pain, and every so often water/drool spills from her mouth as she becomes increasingly dazed.

Eventually, she drops to her knees and collapses to the floor groaning/moaning in pain as she clutches her belly. Rob rolls her onto her back and hits her in the belly with the bat more times in a downward strike. Even after she loses consciousness he does not stop. With nearly every hit, water/drool spills from her mouth.

The camera pans Ronda’s weak body and gives a close up of her face as Rob continues to strike her with the bat (similar to ending of “Mabel endures a Cyborg ordeal of Stomach Resistance”).

SCENE 3 (roughly 5 minutes)

Ronda lies on the floor completely dazed. Rob straddles her and punches her in the face over and over with ground and pound rights and lefts. Sometimes he hits her with hammer fists. Sometimes he holds her head with one hand while punching her with the other. But, he always goes back to ground and pound. After about 1-1:30 minutes, Ronda is finished, her eyes a blank stare. But, he is having too much fun and continues the onslaught, punching her lifeless body for roughly another 3-4 minutes.

Similar angles as the ground and pound in the previous customs: “Rhea and Mabel Beat Each Other to a Pulp,” “Sven Takes the Arrogance out of Gerda 3,” and “Rob beats and humiliates Tiffany in different ways.”

The camera pans Ronda’s twitching body.

He then stomps on the side of her head roughly 15 times (roughly 30 seconds).

Final body pans, ending with a close-up of Ronda’s face.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda Beaten & Humiliated In Different Ways

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