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  • Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls.Part II

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OUTFIT: Tiffany is wearing tan/nude stockings with black high heel pumps (same heels used in that video in the video “Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls”) in mini skirt that shows off her nice legs. The stockings that show off her lace stockings was amazing! Please have Tiffany dress in a mini skirt and business outfit. 


Tiffany is sitting with her legs crossed and high heels on showing off her nice legs, and just finished checking her boyfriend’s (slave) phone. She realize he’s cheating on her, so she calls her boyfriend over, the boyfriend doesn’t know anything. He sees Tiffany gorgeous legs and he kneels in front of her with his balls resting gently or resting on her crossed heels, and he gets excited and kisses her top of the legs so gently and working down to her foot. She lets him kiss her legs gently and slowly from top of her legs to her feet,  he caress her legs to let him have fun, and even lets him worship her feet by taking her heels off. 

Her legs are crossed and she gently kicks him in the groin 10-15 times as it makes him excited with him kneeling with his balls softly resting on her crossed foot. He seems to get excited, and realizes she put something in her stockings to make him weak and under her control. Now the boyfriend gets weak hutches over her leg with his chin resting on top of her crossed leg, and he slowly gets weaker and leans on her legs asking what did you do to me, she gives an evil grin. He gets weaker and dropes lower and lower on her crossed legs (tiffany is still crossed leg with the slaves balls resting on her heel). This is done sensually and slowly as Tiffany has gain the upper hand. Now, his chin rest on her heels as she angry and sad for her boyfriend betraying her. He begs her for forgiveness, but she says no. All this happening while tiffany is crossed with her legs and his chin is laying on top of her crossed heel looking defeated, he trys to kiss her feet which she lets him, and orders him to take off her heels, he weakly kisses her feet gently. She responds I am going to punish you for breaking my heart. 

She tells him to stand up which she uses her finger to pull him up gently by the chin, she knees softly  in the groin, then slowly kicks in the groin with her heels and hold her foot there for like 2-3 seconds so he can see her beautiful legs while he moans in agony. She goes in for the “fake kiss” (she doesn’t kiss him, but he thinks he is getting a kiss), and knees him high softly in the balls as he dropes over and kneels down slowly with his head pressed against her body going down slowly from chest, waist, to thighs, and kissing her stocking legs slowly as he dropes lower and lower to her feet. She uses her feet to slowly lift his chin and say, to humiliate him, and says to him “kneel in front of me”.

Tiffany sits with her crossed legs with the boyfriend balls resting on her heels. She gives some soft taps to his balls as he moans in agony. She puts her finger under his chin, and gives him a kick to the balls, he touches her legs asking for forgiveness. She gives more soft taps to his balls, and he bends forward kisses top of her leg, she doesn’t mind, but gives him a little hard kick to remind him whos boss. For some reason he accidently touches the top of the lace of her stockings pull it down slowly, and she says he can touch and look, but you can’t take off my stockings, she kicks him couple of times to remind him whos boss, and tells him to fix her stockings to make it look normal. She continues to use her finger under his chin giving him multiple soft kicks, telling him, how dare he cheats and he will not be forgiven. Now her kicks get a bit harder and she hold her foot into his crotch for a few seconds to administer some “soft pain”. Before she finishes him off, she still keeps her legs crossed and wiggles her crossed foot into his crotch for a good 10-15 seconds, that’s enough punishment for you

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls.Part II

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Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls

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