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  • Ronda has come to break (up with) me

Custom clip request 

Filmed entirely in PoV perspective (camera is my eyes).

-- "Ronda has come to break (up with) me" --

Ronda is my girlfriend who has decided she wants to dump me. But she also wants to do it in the cruellest way possible.

She arrives wearing a coat/baggy clothing over the catsuit and approaches happily, she acts incredibly kind and seductive, revealing the catsuit and coming close for a 'kiss' with the viewer.. only at the last moment she stops and starts laughing.

"Sorry dear.. but.. I have some bad news.. I'm breaking up with you.. yeah.. it's not a joke.. and... as we're no longer a couple I figured you could help me settle a bet we made a long time ago.. that I could beat you up.."

Ronda then immediately punches 'me' and spends the rest of the time beating 'me' up.

I would like for her to use kicks, punches, slaps, and any other martial art she wants to use. Ronda should completely overpower the viewer, with no chance for them to fight back.

The final minute should be spent with her on top of 'me', chokling the viewer, however instead of finishing me, she leaves me alive as I can still be of use.. so she promises to come back for more 'play' in the future.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda has come to break (up with) me

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