female fighting stories

  • 2 thieves got caught because of their excessive egos

Custom clip request 

Actors and costumes:

Tom (shorts) Clark (shorts) Alex (skinny jeans with belt + tshirt)

Estimated duration: 20 minutes

General aspects:

- Reactions to lowblows are caught by the camera and should be life-like

- Lowblows can be kicks, knees, elbows, punches, slaps, uppercuts, grabs, squeezes etc.

- Please add taunts/mocks as you see fit

- Add clips from different angles for the lowblows in key moments or interesting lowblows

FILMING IDEA for interesting attacks: One of the different angles to show lowblows or shows some moves could

be shot as POV of the one attacker/ giving the lowblow. I’ve marked with *** the actions that could be

interesting to be shot like this. I’ve put * for the situation in which it could be interesting to shot as well as POV of

the one receiving the lowblow/victim.


Tom and Clark are 2 thieves going for the same job – stealing some documents. Alex is the night guardsman; he

only has a t-shaped baton ( ), a walkie-talkie.


Intro (1 minute):

Each actor poses for the camera (to show their physique – preferably static or not too dynamic poses). The

camera pans over each actor, from the feet to the face, pausing a bit over the face, then goes to the next actor

(by fade-in+out, fade-to or the actors stand in a circle and the camera goes outside or inside the circle – you can

choose something else, if you want).

Scene 1: Tom and Clark meet (1.5 minute)

The light is off (could be done from post-processing – we should be able to see the actors – maybe it’s an idea to

show the scene as being filmed by an infrared camera – grayscale or green coloured (army-like). Tom enters and

moves slowly towards the centre of the room (from the “hallway”). At the same time, Clark enters from another

entrance and slowly also moves slowly towards the centre of the room. They bump into each other in the centre

of the room. They start squabbling over who must go away and start quietly fighting (close range – a lot of

grabbing and pulling).

Scene 2: Alex catches Tom and Clark in the act (2.5 minutes)

Suddenly the light turns on (and the filming is normal) and Alex stands at the entrance of the room (from the

hallway, so he is a bit in the room) with his baton in one hand.

Tom and Clark stop fighting and look at Alex. 

“Fuck!” Alex exclaims and tries to get the walkie talkie from his belt.

“Get him!” Clark exclaims.

Both Tom and Clark plunge towards Alex. Alex tries to fight back with the baton, but he

is disarmed quickly of the baton and the walkie talkie by Tom and Clark. They throw the items in a corner of the

room. Alex then tries to escape the two by running, but he is caught by Tom and put in a full nelson from

behind. Alex struggles.

“Now what?” Tom asks Clark.

Alex tries to shout for help, but Clark quickly covers his nose and mouth with his hands.

Alex struggles and knees Clark in the groin***. Clark curses and backs away holding his groin.

Tom releases Alex and pushes him briskly, so he falls to the floor. However, Alex quickly turns face-up and

lowblows (with his foot) Tom***, as Tom was coming towards him. Tom backs aways cursing, bends over and

grabs his groin with his hands. Alex gets up and tries to run, but he bumps into Clark.

Clark knees him in the groin. Alex stops but nothing happens. He just stands there, still, for a long moment. Clark

looks baffled why nothing is happening. Just when Clark prepares to knee him again, Alex suddenly grabs his

groin and falls to the floor, apparently knocked out. (Alex should look like a bad actor who doesn’t know when

to fall)

“Dumb-weak-nuts!” Clark taunts and flexes his arms. Camera shows this.

During this, Tom searches the desk and finds what he is looking for (a folder) and tries to leave.

Scene 3: Tom and Clark fight (14 minutes)

“Hey! Stop!” Clark exclaims when he sees him (after he flexes).

Tom puts the folder on the desk and then takes a fighting stance.

“Ok, then!” Clark responds and takes a fighting stance.

They start fighting. The fight is balanced at the beginning. However, Tom’s strength and endurance seems to

surpass Clark’s speed, so Tom starts to control the fight.

Soon, Tom has Clark a bit groggy. Tom takes the time to taunt Clark, by flexing his arms. Camera shows this.

From behind, Alex gets up and kicks Tom between the legs***.

Tom bends over and grabs his groin with one hand. He turns around suddenly and with the other hand (fist)

punches Alex so hard, he slams him into a wall.

“You’re so weak, you can only tickle my balls!” Tom boasts. “This is how you do it!” continues Tom and follows

with his own lowblow. Alex slides to the ground and falls on his side, apparently knocked off.

“Total reset.” Tom taunts while massaging his balls.

Meanwhile Clark recovers and, seeing Tom distracted with Alex, comes behind Tom and kicks him between the

legs with all his strength*** (after the phrase “Total reset!”).

Tom grabs his groin with his hands and bends his legs inwards but keeps standing.

Clark launches a second lowblow (from behind), but Tom catches his leg and pulls it, making Clark to fall to the


“Stop petting my balls!” Tom taunts.

Then Tom kicks Clark’s middle section several times***. Tom flexes his arms to taunt him, standing over him.

Clark seizes the moment and lowblows Tom again***. Tom grabs his groin and backs away. Clark jumps to his

feet and attacks Tom with some powerful moves. Finally, Clark brings Tom to dizziness, by smashing his head on

the desk a couple of times** and then lowblowing him with both hands*** + **. He then goes to Alex, gets him

up and brings him next to Tom. They are both looking dizzy. Clark starts to taunt and flexes his arms. Camera

shows this. Camera also shows Tom and Alex.

“Payback time!” Clark declares and kicks Alex between the legs. Alex falls to one knee, holding his groin. Clark

flexes some more in front of Alex. Suddenly Alex lowblows Clark (with a punch/uppercut). Clark backs away in

pain holding his groin.

“Bastard!” Clark exclaims and falls to his knees.

Alex approaches Clark. Clark responds with a lowblow Alex (a punch)***. Alex just bends a bit but has no pain


“What the fuck???” Clark exclaims and lowblows him again. Same result.

“Didn’t you hear of groin protectors?” Alex mocks and kicks Clark over the face with his knee**.

Clark falls to the floor. Alex goes to him, gets his legs up and stamps and kicks several times Clark’s groin***.

Clark is completely dazed.

Alex hears sounds from behind. He turns around and sees Tom coming towards him. He kneels to one knee and

lowblows Tom.

Tom grabs his groin with one hand and grabs Alex’s hair and pull him to his feet.

“I told you already you can only tickle my plums, weakling!” Tom taunts.

“Take another reset!” Tom mocks. Then he releases Alex and lowblows him (a punch). Alex falls to the floor and

appears to be knocked out.

Then Tom goes to Clark and gets him up. Clark is completely dizzy. Tom flexes to taunt Clark.

During this, Alex gets silently up and takes the baton and, while Tom flexes, brings it hard between Tom’s legs

*** (POV from getting up, getting the baton and the lowblow).

“Fuck!” Tom exclaims and he grabs his groin and bends over.

After a moment, he turns around towards Alex, to attack him, but Alex brings the baton again between his legs.

Tom grabs his groin, bends over, and backs away. Alex continues with a hit of the baton over Tom’s head. Tom

falls to the floor. Alex goes to him, gets his legs up and stamps and kicks several times Tom’s groin***. Tom is

completely dazed.

Alex gets Tom up and brings him next to Clark, who is still dizzy.

Alex mocks them, then applies a last lowblow each of them, with the baton (or if you find a more interesting

way). Clark and Tom fall to the floor, on their backs, with their legs and arms to the floor (flat on their back).

Camera pans over their bodies.

Scene 4: Ending (1 minutes)

Alex arranges Clark and Tom as in the picture (maybe head to head) and takes some selfies with them.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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2 thieves got caught because of their excessive egos

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