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  • Collectors Cindy and Stefanis punish the debtor by breaking his fingers

Custom clip request 

Stefania and Cindy are 2 debt collectors (one of them plays the role of "chief" and another the "employee", at your discretion). One guy will play the role of 2 twin brothers. The guy from my last request acted very well, but you can select the guy you consider.

Both girls must have bare hands all time, and they wear elegant casual (jeans or skirt, long sleeve t-shirt or jacket, at your discrection).

Please, make the finger-breaking scenes as slow, detailed and realistic as possible.

First scene:

We can see a guy tied in a chair and 2 masked girls are interrogating him about the money. He says nothing, so they start torturing him (punching, slapping, kicking...). After a while the camera turns to first person (as if the viewer were the boy, to see what the girls do).

Then the chief says that she knows a method to talk, and explains that if they break his fingers, he has in excruciating pain and will sing like a bird. After this (keeping the camera in first person), the chief starts breaking the fingers of one hand. After two fingers he confesses that the money is in his brother home.

In this moment the camara changes to initial, and girls take off her masks and the chief says to the employee: "I'm beating you 2 to 0". They smile and goes each one to "her" hand to break all his fingers. In the process they joke as the boy begs for mercy and screams to help (but nobody hears him). With all his fingers broken one of them breaks his neck, killing him.

Second scene:

The girls arrives to the brother home, and questions him about the money. The boy laughs and they start hitting him. A fight starts and the boy defends himself, but after a few moments the girls take advantage. In one moment he falls to the ground and the chief holds him face down while the employee takes off his shoe. She starts breaking the toes, and after two or three toes he confesses that the money is in a suitcase.

The girls open the suitcase and there is the money. The chief bets XXX$ (dollards, rubles...) that she is able to make him scream before the other, by breaking his fingers. The employee accepts, and says the boy that if he can support the pain without screaming they will let him live.

After this, with the boy facedown (like in clip "Mabel and Tiffany interrogate the guys breaking their fingers"), they taking turns to break his fingers.

While he moans they laugh and joke about his suffering. After the penultimate finger he can't support and screams very loud. The "loser" girl gets angry and breaks his last finger very viciously, twisting it after breaking to increase the pain. The boy screams desperately. After that one of them breaks his neck and the loser congratulate the winner by shaking her hands.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Collectors Cindy and Stefanis punish the debtor by breaking his fingers

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