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  • The thug tortures Tiffany's belly and navel to make her submit

Custom clip request 

Tiffany and Rob

If possible please have the same dark lighting as the video with Naomi.

No special effects, just real sounds if possible. 

Tiffany acting tough at first and then slowly become weaker and more submissive.  No over the top reactions, just naturally submissive.

Rob is acting like a bully, teasing her a lot. I would prefer if his attacks weren't over dramatic. More focused on being lighter, less aggressive but precise attacks. 

Tiffany wearing short black athletic shorts and a tight tank top, as well as the purple swimsuit underneath like in “Tiffany Shows her Buddy her Karate Skills” (please make sure that her shorts are worn low below her belly button close to the bikini line. Just so her entire belly is exposed) Her Hair also in a ponytail like that video. She is barefoot.  Rob Wearing a black tank top with a mask and using his bare hands. 

This is a continuation of "Two Bandits excruciate Tiffany's Belly. "

Tiffany is taken back to the bandit's lair after they excruciated her belly .

The video starts with Rob carrying Tiffany over his shoulder into the interrogation room. Her hands are tied tightly behind her back. She struggles to try and break free but Rob is too strong.  Rob closes the door behind him and asks 

"how do your abs feel?" 

Tiffany asks "what are you doing to me?"

and Rob says to her "I want to have some alone time with you"

Tiffany tells him "My people are going to find me and arrest you"

Rob says that "No one will find us here"

Rob sets Tiffany down on her feet. Rob gives her a choice: she can either call her people and make a trade for their comrade, or he's going to have a fun time playing with her belly again. 

As Rob says that he pokes her belly a few times, causing her to flinch in pain. 

Tiffany tells him "you never touch my stomach again" and kicks him in the crotch. Dropping him in pain. 

Rob gets up very angrily. Tiffany tries kicking him again and again but it doesn't bother him. Rob punches her in the stomach and she falls down to her knees. Rob pushes Tiffany to the ground. Tiffany is still in pain after that punch and is curled up on the ground. Rob starts teasing her by tickling and poking her sides and belly while she squirms and rolls around to avoid him. 

Rob says "I think it's time for me to see those nice abs" 

He turns Tiffany on her back and pins her legs down. He lifts Tiffany's tank top all the way to her swimsuit top. She desperately tries to fight it but her entire belly is exposed. 

Tiffany tells him "my belly isn't a toy for you"

Rob ignores her and comments "Your abs are so tight" as he feels her muscles contracting.

Tiffany tells him "Do whatever you want to my belly, I'm never going to talk" Rob tells Tiffany she's going to regret that. Rob puts a cloth gag around her mouth

From here he starts lightly slapping Tiffany's belly. He plays with her belly like the drums while she tries to get free. Rob then bullies Tiffany by slapping, poking, tickling, and lightly punching her belly. She tries turning her body to protect her stomach but Rob keeps turning her or holding her still and keeps excruciating her belly. 

Rob repeatedly tells her "keep still" but she doesn't listen and keeps turning until he slaps her belly harder a lot of times until she nods her head in agreement to stop moving.

When she's finally still Rob says "you better not movie" and pokes his finger into her belly button and presses into it, she tries to take it but eventually turns her body to protect her belly button. He turns her back and tries again, telling her again "don't move". He pokes into her belly button again, causing her to turn quickly and curl into a ball to protect her stomach.

This angers Rob so he lays on the ground and grabs Tiffany from behind and pulls her on top of him so he's lying under her with her back to him. He traps her legs with his legs and straightens her body so her belly is stretched a bit and she's laying over his body with his hands and arms around her exposed belly. He begins lightly caressing and rubbing her belly, pressing his fingers into her abs and belly button to get her to react. He lightly slaps her belly a few times and she tries to turn but he uses one arm to hold her head still so she is trapped. His other hand continues tormenting her belly, switching between light touching and caressing to rough tickling, claws, and slaps. He does this for a while as she tries to get free but realizes it's hopeless and she has to just take it. 

Rob asks "Are you enjoying this?" while rubbing her belly.

Tiffany shakes her head as Rob laughs, slapping her belly. 

Rob asks "Do you want me to stop playing with your belly?"

Tiffany nods her head yes but Rob pokes her belly button and says "it's too late, I'm not done playing with you" 

Tiffany looks defeated upon hearing this. 

The next scene Tiffany is hanging with her arms over head from the ceiling with her feet suspended off the ground and tied together. She is now just in her purple swimsuit top and shorts so her entire belly is stretched and exposed. She is also gagged and blindfolded to start the scene. Rob enters the scene. He walks around her laughing, while she looks nervous because she can't see when Rob's going to do something. 

Rob asks Tiffany "Are your abs ready for a test?" Tiffany shakes her head while moving nervously. 

He teases her by poking her in different areas of her belly without warning, causing her to move around. 

He stands behind her and reaches his arms around her belly, and rests his head into her back, and begins caressing her belly from behind. He continues hugging her from behind, and lightly stroking her belly, teasing her belly button too. 

He removes the blindfold. 

He then starts increasing the intensity, slapping, tickling, and clawing her belly. He holds her head up with his free hand and she tries to bite him. This angers Rob and he starts treating her like a punching bag and lightly jabs her belly with enough power that it annoyingly hurts her. He stands in front of her and teases her by pretending to poke her belly button hard and not touching her a few times, then finally poking her belly button and pressing his finger. He puts his face up to her belly and grabs her sides. He buries his face into her belly and blows and bites on her belly. 

After excruciating her belly even more, Rob asks "Has your belly had enough? Do you give up?" Tiffany closes her eyes and nods her head yes, hoping this is the end of her torment. Rob just laughs and walks away. 

The last part of the video, she is on her back with her hands tied to the pole like Naomi in "The Bandit excruciates Naomi's stomach". She has a cloth gag in her mouth. She is trying to free her hands when Rob walks in. He laughs and approaches her. Her feet aren't tied so she tries kicking him when he goes near her. He tells her to just let him play with her belly, while she shakes her head in defiance and keeps trying to kick him. Rob tells her she'll pay for that, and quickly grabs her legs. He pulls her legs as tight as possible so her arms and legs are as stretched as they can go. Rob pins her legs down with his hands and holds her down as she straddles her hips, completely pinning her down. She tries turning with her upper body, as Rob laughs. She finally gives up and looks defeated, accepting that Rob is going to have his way with her belly. He begins stroking up and down her belly with his fingers, before pressing into each ab muscle with his fingers and outlining her six pack abs. He then begins excruciating her belly with punches, claws, tickling, poking her belly button, and grinding his fist. Eventually he adds a pillow under her upper middle back to arch her belly even more and keep her head back. Rob continues playing with her stretched belly and even lays on top of her legs so his face is right over her belly, he buries his face into her belly, blowing raspberries on it and biting her. He grabs her belly with both hands and pulls her into his face. When he's finished with her, he removes the pillow  from under her and lays beside her. She is too exhausted and defeated to move at this point so he rubs her belly to end the excruciate and slaps it a few times, before leaving her tied up. He tells her that someone else will be seeing her next. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The thug tortures Tiffany's belly and navel to make her submit

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