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  • Dr.Josh and his Superhumans vs Cindy and Naomi .Part II

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Part 3. Final episode (28 minutes)

The scene changes

CINDY is suffering from Sven's bearhug.For 1minute.

Sven: Give up!! Never NAOMI.. can't go to the rescue

CINDY: Stop it now!!

CINDY attacks Sven's ears with palms of both hands and escapes

"CINDY" is a kick.. Low blow to Sven

CINDY makes a powerful high kick attack on a distressed Sven..

Sven is knocked out by a high kick.

CINDY feels pain in his back pain

CINDY: It's too late.. I need to go to NAOMI!!

CINDY moves to where NAOMI is

CINDY stopped in front of a door on the move.. I can hear the screams of NAOMI's pain


CINDY hurriedly opened the door and entered.

It takes 2minutes to get here

In the room... (Attachment 3).. ROB is raising NAOMI high and doing bear hugs

NAOMI is so distressed that she's wringing her head and screaming (attached file 3)

CINDY: NAOMI!!! No! Let her go!!

CINDY tries to approach NAOMI

JOSH: Stop!! Come any closer and I'll break NAOMI's back!!

If the ROB is tightened strongly, it breaks quickly!!

CINDY stops

NAOMI speaks in a painful voice

NAOMI: CINDY... Don't worry about me.. Get rid of these guys...

JOSH: Oh, my..ROB cover her mouth!!

ROB tightens NAOMI harder

NAOMI moans loudly

SHINDY: Stop it!!!

NAOMI speaks again in a distressed voice

NAOMI: Don't forget our mission.. Get rid of them...

CINDY: But...

CINDY hesitates

JOSH: ROB tighter!!

ROB tightens NAOMI harder

NAOMI moans loudly

CINDY: All right.. I'll do what you guys tell me to do. Let her go instead...

NAOMI speaks again in a distressed voice

NAOMI: No.. They're gonna kill me anyway.. So.. (ROB tightens harder and NAOMI moans before NAOMI even finishes talking)

JOSH: Yes, that's right!! ROB break that loud woman's waist right now!! I was going to kill everyone anyway!!

ROB collects forces and tightens. The tightening pressure increases

NAOMI is deeply distressed

The pressure of the ROB increases and the back of the NAOMI breaks slowly with a foul sound


CINDY approaches NAOMI, but JOSH stops CINDY from going

Eventually, NAOMI's back is completely broken and she becomes droopy

ROB continues to tighten NAOMI

CINDY barely pushes JOSH and attacks ROB

The attacked ROB drops NAOMI..

CINDY checks the status of NAOMI. Fortunately, she's still alive.

It takes 5 minutes to get here

CINDY: Thank God I just fainted...

JOSH: No!! She's seriously injured. Get to the hospital or she'll die

CINDY: Of course I'll take him to the hospital... I'll kill you guys before that!!

Angrily CINDY launched the attack. ROB is attacked by CINDY

JOSH joins forces to attack CINDY, but..

CINDY overwhelms both

The two men are beaten up by CINDY

But suddenly, Sven appears and joins the band of villains

Now 3 people are attacking CINDY

"CINDY" is starting to get pushed back.

Three villains take turns attacking CINDY's back

Sven: Hey, you can't forget me!!

JOSH: What have you been up to?

Sven: I'm sorry..Doctor, I let my guard down...

CINDY suffers from a heavy back attack by three villains and collapses..

Sven: Dr. JOSH, I'll wrap it up. I owe her a debt

JOSH: You've already lost your chance, deal with the woman lying there instead!!

Because I'm tired when she wakes up and joins. Come on, man!!

Sven: Yes..I see

Sven picks up the faint NAOMI and leaves somewhere else

SHINDY: No!!! Let go of NAOMI!!

CINDY tries to stop Sven.

ROB holds up CINDY high and puts a backbreaker on his knee

After being hit by a backbreaker, CINDY groans as he touches his waist...

It takes 3 minutes to get here

JOSH: It's been hard for us... Hell begins now.

Give me the same pain as your friend!!! ROB!!!!.

Tighten this woman's waist!!

ROB raises CINDY and lifts it high (Attachment 1) and embraces (CINDY's chest should be placed at the ROB's head level and both legs should be wrapped around the ROB's waist)

"CINDY" is.. groan in pain

JOSH: Yeah, that's great!! Show us clearly what happens if you mess with us!!

CINDY fights back sometimes, but it's useless because of ROB's intense pressure

ROB press harder and harder... CINDY's pain is getting bigger and bigger

JOSH: All right!! Tightening it harder!!!

ROB is slowly increasing the pressure..CINDY's waist is getting bent

6 minutes later, I hear CINDY's waist bone gradually breaking..

Then JOSH says

JOSH: ROB stop!! That's enough!! Let her go..

ROB is flustered but releases CINDY as ordered..

CINDY falls down weakly and groans as he touches his waist..

JOSH: ROB I want to bully her more!! But she's weaker than NAOMI...

I'm going to break my back soon!!

ROB!!! Bully her in a different way!!

ROB smiles.. nod one's head

Then, lie down next to SHINDY and do bear hugs (attached file 4)

(Important point, please do the same as attached file 4 This is to stretch the ROB's arms as far as possible from the front to tighten the sides of CINDY. CINDY has to make a breathtaking moan. Position chartCINDY's chest should be located at the head level of ROB)

CINDY suffers from breathtaking pain

JOSH: All right!!!Choking her!!!

CINDY is becoming increasingly powerless in suffocating pain

ROB tightened stronger and stronger..CINDY groans in breathtaking pain and then slowly falls asleep...

Four minutes later CINDY completely fainted

JOSH: This is the limit..Stop killing me now!!! Break CINDY's back!!

Tighten the ROB (as attached file 5) CINDY.. CINDY fainted and can't feel the pain. A minute later, CINDY's back breaks with a loud sound..

CINDY looks dead...

JOSH: Well done!!ROB!!

The screen is getting darker and darker

The screen is changing

NAOMI wakes up with back pain...

NAOMI: Where are we.. What the hell is going on.. Oh, my..

What about CINDY..

NAOMI barely stands up while enduring severe back pain

Then, Sven suddenly appears

Sven: I was waiting for you to wake up because it's not fun to just kill!!!

NAOMI: What?

Sven is like (attached file 6).. NAOMI is doing a bear hug

(Important point Attachment 6 and both posture and movement are the same.. It's the same thing that NAOMI escapes once.. The difference is increase the bear hug after NAOMI falls to 4 minutes)

Sven: Die!!

NAOMI suffers from suffocating pain and ends up suffocating to death...

With Sven continuing to bear hug NAOMI.. The movie is over

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Dr.Josh and his Superhumans vs Cindy and Naomi .Part II

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