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  • Edward the policeman in  leather gloves

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Bad day for leather cop

Edward is a tough and virile policeman sent to search a place, a criminal (Rob) he is looking for has been seen there. (Edward is wearing jeans and an unbuttoned leather jacket with nothing underneath and with the sleeves rolled up revealing his forearms). He arrives on site and calmly, acting like a tough guy, puts on a pair of black leather gloves (not fingerless) (close-up of Edward putting on the gloves and clenching his fists to fit them better), he enjoys slamming his gloved fist into the palm of the other hand. Rob (no request on clothing) is hiding there, apparently it is a trap, Edward was lured there because Rob wants to take revenge on him because in the past Edward defeated him and now he wants revenge.

Rob surprisingly pounces on the distracted policeman and weakens him with a handkerchief over his mouth and some medicine and begins to hit him with a barrage of punches in the face, stomach and kung fu blows. After a long sequence of shots Rob stops. Edward hangs around in a daze, clenches his gloved fist, and rubs his mouth and jaw where Rob has punched him with the back of his knuckles. Rob tells him, “I will get my revenge, I won't stop until you give up and admit that I'm the strongest gloved cop.” Edward gasps and says "I'll never do it!" Rob gives him a powerful right and Edward ends up facing the wall, Rob approaches and begins a sequence of punches to the kidneys and hips (close-up of Edward with his gloved fists resting on the wall near his face who groans with every punch he receives). Rob turns him against the wall, Edward looks dazed and gasps and Rob hits him with a flurry of punches in the face. Rob stops, Edward hangs with his back to the wall, with the dazed look of an idiot he brings a closed fist and massages his mouth with the back and knuckles (close-up). Rob: “Are you giving up now?” Edward: "No, never!". While Edward is still holding his jaw with the back of his gloved fist, Rob hits him with a long flurry of punches to the stomach, Edward's gaze growing more and more dazed. Rob loads the last punch and drives it into his stomach, twisting it and holding it down. Edward opens his eyes and mouth wide and holds his fist over his mouth to keep from vomiting (close-up). Rob removes his fist, Edward whispers and gasps, Rob loads a powerful uppercut on Edward's jaw, the gloved policeman only has time to say no and takes the punch (slow motion scene), Edward falls to his knees, holding his jaw with the palm of his hand, rolls his eyes and falls on his stomach. Edward's first knockout. 

Edward recovers, and lies on the ground and rubs his face with the palms and backs of his gloved hands. Rob: “So you've had enough? Do you admit that I am the strongest?” Edward: “No fuck I'll never do it!!” Rob: “fuck Edward you're really tough!” I will destroy it!”.Edward gets up and takes off his leather jacket, leaving himself naked, he puts his gloves on better, clenching his fists and contracting his muscles, he strikes a boxer's pose against Rob, Edward is weak from the first beating but not he pulls back. So he resumes the fight. Rob soon gets the upper hand and dominates the fight, inflicting Edward many punches in the face and stomach and other kung fu moves. Edward can't take it anymore and falls to his knees, Rob takes advantage of this and hits him with various kicks in the face left and right. Once the sequence is over, Edward still holds his jaw with his gloved fist and is exhausted, Rob pulls him up and blocks him with a bearhug, Edward groans. Rob leaves him and Edward hangs there for a few seconds. The camera moves behind Edward and with a slow motion scene Rob loads a powerful right hand at Edward who groans from the punch and turns to face the camera, in the foreground Edward passes his fist over his mouth, massage with back e knuckles with a dazed look and falls back down again. belly below. Rob bends over him, grabs him by the hair and pulls his head up, Rob: "It's over! Do you give up, gloved policeman?" Edward gasps in a small voice "fuck you". Rob turns him onto his stomach, pulls his legs up and presses his foot against his genitals, Edward gasps and clenches his gloved fists, then lets go and Edward holds the package with his gloved hands. At this point Rob takes him and puts him sitting with his back to the wall, hits him with a few more punches in the face and stomach, in the end Edward, exhausted, puts a gloved hand on his abs and a gloved fist on his mouth and with a faint voice he says “ fuck… ok… enough… I'm defeated.. I give up… you're the one stronger Rob…knock me out…stop!!!” Rob at that point plants a very powerful punch in his stomach here too, turning it over and holding it down, Edward clenches his fists due to the effort (close-up of Edward bringing his fist to his mouth, eyes and mouth wide open and rolling his eyes) and faints, knocked out with a long moan! Shot that fades to Edward on the ground on his face and gloved hands!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Edward the policeman in leather gloves

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