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  • Dr.Josh and his Superhumans vs Cindy and Naomi .Part I

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Opening scene. 2 minutes

NAOMI and CINDY are talking

NAOMI: This is the target location... Let's get started.

CINDY: Okay... The objective is to capture Dr. Josh, who creates enhanced humans, right?

NAOMI: Capture Dr. Josh and kill an enhancer named ROB.

But be careful! Rob is very strong... He's killed two of our agents, including Carly.

CINDY: Carly? You mean Agent Cobra? I can't believe it... She was known for being one of the strongest of our agents...

NAOMI: But it's true. She died of a horrible broken back.

Dr. Josh was conducting an experiment to enhance human strength... and Rob is the result.

CINDY: Okay, I'll be careful.

NAOMI and CINDY open the door. JOSH and SVEN are having a conversation.

NAOMI: Dr. JOSH! You're coming with us! Just follow us!

JOSH: I'm sick of agents. I don't know how you found this place, but I have no intention of following you! (Looking at SVEN) Deal with it!

JOSH gives SVEN an order and runs off into another room.

CINDY: Stay there!!!

SVEN stops Cindy.

CINDY: Are you ROB?

NAOMI: He's not ROB!

CINDY: Okay, I'll deal with her. Now go after Dr. JOSH!

NAOMI: Okay, CINDY! But be careful!

NAOMI follows Dr. Josh out the door...

Part 1. CINDY vs SVEN (10minutes)

CINDY: Are you a Ganghwaman, too? Let's see how good he is?

Sven: I'll smash it thoroughly!!

CINDY attacks Sven with fists and kicks...SvenTEEN gets damaged but has a mysterious smile

Two minutes later

(The bear hug continues for 8 minutes. Please rot the lines below.)

SHINDY: What is it? Why don't you fall down?

Sven: That's disappointing.. Did I become too strong?

Now I'll use the power I got from Dr. JOSH!!!

Sven hugs CINDY from the front and gives a bear hug

CINDY suffers from pain

CINDY: What is it? What's so powerful...

Sven: You're done!!!

CINDY tries to hold back the groans..But when the Sven is tightened strongly, a groan is heard

CINDY attacks Sven from time to time to escape, but Sven is tightened with a stronger force, which bothers CINDY more

Sven: Is it painful? Stop pretending to be strong. If you ask me to watch it, I might watch it? Hah, hah, hah.

CINDY: Are you kidding me? It's nothing like this!! I can't believe it's only this much.. I'm disappointed.. Try to tighten it harder!!

Sven: You speak and you act differently.. Okay, I'll make you regret it!!

When 3 minutes have passed

Sven raises CINDY high and does bear hugs (Attachment 1), and CINDY's chest goes up to Sven's head level.. Keep it this high

CINDY suffers from greater pain

CINDY still resists to escape, but Sven disables CINDY with more force.

3 minutes later

CINDY has become powerless and powerless to fight back

Sven: Is this the end? I'll let you know before I die Maybe your co-worker is being treated the same way you are..

CINDY: What?

Sven: To ROB.. He's gonna be more disastrous.. ROB is much stronger than I am

[CINDY] Oh, my... I need to get to NAOMI quickly...

Sven: No, you can't go to her Because you're gonna die here

Sven gives strength and CINDY screams loudly

For a 1 minute or so, CINDY moaned in pain.. The screen is getting darker and darker...

Part 2. NAOMI vs ROB (20minutes)

The scene changes

NAOMI is attacking Dr. JOSH

Dr. JOSH is down

NAOMI: If you followed me, you wouldn't be like this

JOSH: You can't drag me away.. ROB!!! Get rid of this punk!!

NAOMI looks back in bewilderment ROB stood

ROB bearhug NAOMI from the front

Dr. JOSH is delighted

JOSH: Well done!! Break her back!!!

NAOMI is in pain


JOSH: Yeah this is my best work ROB!!!

You too die in ROB's arms!!!

NAOMI fights back while holding back the agony and escapes bearhug in 3 minutes

JOSH: No, how did you get out? I can't believe it...

NAOMI touches her waist and holds back the pain

NAOMI: As expected, ROB. That was a lot of strength But you have to die here

NAOMI and ROB fight equally for 2 minutes. NAOMI attacks ROB with punches and kicks..

ROB's attacks all attack NAOMI's injured back

Put your punches and hands together and relentlessly attack NAOMI's waist like a hammer

The fight, which was equal, is getting behind NAOMI with a back injury

Eventually, NAOMI is severely attacked on his back and falls down...

NAOMI is holding on to a painful waist and holding on to the pain

ROB is approaching and trying to attack at the end.. But JOSH stops it

JOSH: Hey ROB you can't kill too easily!! I'm gonna tell you what a mistake this guy made..

JOSH smiles meanly, holding hands and pretending to be a bear hug

JOSH: So like this!!! Break her back!!! Do a powerful bear hug!!!

ROB nods to JOSH's commands, raises NAOMI, and bearshugs like (Attachment 2)

NAOMI is painful but tries not to groan as much as possible

JOSH keeps acting like a bear hug.. They are enjoying themselves as if they were playing bear hugs

JOSH: Hey ROB!! Tightening harder!!! Break a bone!!

Whenever JOSH says this, ROB tightens with more force and NAOMI is more distressed

For 5 minutes, bear hugs continue.. Several times in between, JOSH told ROB.. I order you to tighten it even stronger.. The ROB tightens harder each time

Sometimes they mock NAOMI

5 minutes later, NAOMI pulls himself together, attacks ROB's ear several times with his palms and escapes from bearhug

ROB falls down touching his ears

JOSH: No? How do you still have power?

NAOMI to amazing JOSH... Attack the kick. JOSH is knocked down by a kick

NAOMI walks up to ROB and strikes as he touches his sore back

Fight NAOMI and ROB for 1 minute.

ROB attacks NAOMI's waist intensively, but ROB is getting pushed back..

NAOMI: It's a lot of strength, but you're terrible except for strength!! It's time to die!!

NAOMI plays a big high kick, but ROB avoids a high kick..Lift it high and bear hug as shown in (Attachment 1) (NAOMI's chest should be at the head of ROB). Both legs of the NAOMI should be wrapped around the waist of the ROB)

NAOMI screams in great pain

JOSH: Well done!!!Never let go this time!!! Break your waist!!

ROB tightens the NAOMI strongly

This bear hug is 6 minutes

NAOMI is in great pain, but fights back to get out

ROB torments NAOMI with greater power

After 2minutes..NAOMI concentrates its power..Attack ROB's ears with palms of both hands.

ROB slows but tightens again.NAOMI bears the pain and attacks ROB's ears again.

ROB tightens hard again.. I repeat this situation four times.

JOSH: ROB, cheer up!! Don't let her get out!!

ROB tightened JOSH's order even harder.. NAOMI's counteroffensive fails

JOSH: What is it? Is the resistance over? Die to ROB as it is!!!

NAOMI continues to suffer painful bearhugs

When 2minutes have passed..NAOMI focuses its power again. Attack ROB's ears with palms of both hands

ROB slows but tightens again.NAOMI bears the pain and attacks ROB's ears again.

ROB tightens hard again.. Repeat this situation three times. But this time the damage goes to ROB

NAOMI attacks ROB's ears with palms of both hands several times. ROB is getting more and more damaging and the arm that was tightening NAOMI is gradually loosening up.

NAOMI continues to attack ROB's ears with palms of both hands.

ROB got increasingly dazed and the arm that was tightening NAOMI was almost completely loosened

NAOMI opens his arms wider and tries to slam ROB's ears to escape completely

Then JOSH shouts

JOSH: ROB, wake up!!!

At JOSH's loud shout, ROB wakes up and gives NAOMI a bear hug again

NAOMI was in severe pain and couldn't make the last attack. Both hands fall weakly

Having consumed all his strength to fight back, NAOMI can't resist and screams in back-breaking pain

JOSH: ROB You're the best piece I've ever made, you can't lose to a girl like that!!

Break that woman's bone!!

ROB keeps tightening and.. NAOMI is getting weaker.

2 minutes later, says JOSH

JOSH: End it now!! Break your back!!

ROB increasingly empowers JOSH's orders

NAOMI's waist begins to crack

But NAOMI squeezes the final force and pokes ROB in the eye.

ROB falls down screaming

Naomi attacks blind ROB while enduring back pain

Naomi is struggling with injuries but he assaults ROB.For 1 minute.

ROB is on the verge of fainting

Then JOSH sneaks behind Naomi and attacks her on the back

Naomi feels pain

JOSH attacks Naomi's back. For a 1 minute.

JOSH: How do you feel? How does it feel to be beaten by a weak person?

Naomi: A coward

JOSH: The devil is cowardly by nature!! Hey ROB!! How long are you gonna lie down?

ROB rubs his eyes and wakes up, then attacks Naomi's back with JOSH for 1minute

1 minute later, Naomi is about to faint

JOSH: ROB!! I need to make it harder for this woman!! Wake her up!!

ROB approaches Naomi who fainted and puts a backbreaker on her knee

After being hit by a backbreaker on his knee, Naomi falls to the floor and groans in great pain.

JOSH: One more time!!!

Naomi: No... Don't... please stop..

ROB holds Naomi once again and puts a backbreaker on his knee

Naomi falls down with a bigger scream.

Naomi moaned, touching her sore back.. The screen slowly darkens to black

Language: Russian with English subtitles

The final part is coming soon...

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Dr.Josh and his Superhumans vs Cindy and Naomi .Part I

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