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Custom clip request 

Actress: Stefania with red lipstick and dressed a blue top like klara in “Klara knocks the drool out of the pervert with her feet”

With in addiction a black mini skirt and black heels.

Actor: one male (the most muscular you have please)


After 4 years spent in jail, the infamous maniac is now a free man but he is ready to strike again.

Scene 1 (2 mins)

Stefania wakes up tied to the ceiling with chains.

After a short time a masked man enters and approaches her. After a brief face-to-face she spits in his eye and he backs away wiping himself. 

After a short while he approaches her again and she spits in his eye again and she says "don't worry, I have more spit for you to try!"

On the third time he approaches her he says to her, "Stop spitting in my face! Bitch!"

And she says "all right" and throws a headbutt in his nose that knocks him to the ground.

After a while he gets up and she catches him in a headscissor and she says: "take off my chains or I'll finish you with my legs!" Then he agrees and unties her. She thanks him and hits him with an elbow to the face that knocks him out. 

Scene 2 (2 mins)

After a short time another masked man enters and finds Stefania no longer tied up. 

Then she takes him by surprise and starts hitting him with a series of knees in the stomach and a series of headbutts.

Finally she catches him in a headscissor made with one leg (as in the attached photo) and squeezes him tighter and tighter until his neck is broken.

Scene 3 (2 mins)

The third comes in and manages to hit stefania with a series of punches.

But before long she blocks his arm and breaks it. 

After that she takes his other arm and breaks it as well. Then she put him in a neck hold and after a while to top it off she smashes his head with a 3-headbutt combo. 

Scene 4 (2 mins)

Another enemy comes in, and this time she approaches him and tries to seduce him.

After a while she gets down on her knees in front of him and throws a headbutt in his balls that makes him fall to the floor.

She gets back up amused and starts kicking him. Then she lifts him up but he manages to punch her and catch her from behind in a bearhug covering her mouth with one hand to smother her. Before long, however, she bites his hand and with a headbutt with the back of her head knocks him to the ground. Then she lies on top of him and hits him repeatedly with a series of headbutts until she knocks him out. And after he passed away she spit in his face.

Scene 5 (2 mins)

(This scene must be in POV version)

At this point the Maniac (Seen from the first-person camera) decides to take the field and arrives in front of her.

After an initial face-to-face Stefania spits in his face and says "you're just a filthy pig" and starts hitting him with headbutts and knees.

After some wrestling she sits on top of him and hits him combo of 6 headbutts that knock him out for good!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania can win your game

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