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  • Cindy uses her karate against Sven Blade

Custom clip request 

Here is the next custom Cindy vs. Sven, she wears the new black pantyhose we bought in scene 1 and 2 and the other pantyhose we always use in scene.3. Sven in judo uniform and other attire, but always wears hat or wrap, see script.
Will be like previous customs with some changes as below:
scene. 1 Sven in judo uniform, any hat or wrap. Same dialogue like last custom
will be just like scene.1 of her custom with Sven and Clark except it will be only her and Sven (Sven with blade). Please do exactly like pic.1 and 2 she walks to the scene then those poses. Love pic1, 2 also show more angle like that (freeze pose). Then hi kicks pic.3 from different angles, one just like pic.3. Then show pic.1 angle again, except this time in pic.1 she poses just like Sven put one leg way in front of the other and lowers herself freeze like that few sec. she then back to normal pose they circle around, he attacks with the blade she goes side way miss, karate chop his neck then hand way up after the chop, then more hi kicks pic.3, he repeats, and finally he attacks full power with blade she block and twist his hand with blade into his stomach just like Sasha custom p.4,5. She says “finished by his own blade, karate power, blade into his stomach”
Scene.2  Sven in pic.12 outfit, any hat or wrap. Or similar outfit if that doesn’t fit
Will be like Melanie custom, he crawls on the floor sees her toes, stares at it hard then looks up, she says “we finally got the blade expert here and fooled him by putting blades on the floor”. He now grabs the blade, she grabs the other blade and like Melanie custom the blade fight starts. She finally hit and throws his blade away and finishes him with her blade exactly like pic9,10,11, please show exact angle like pics, love that leg stretched pose and hands stretched to his stomach just like pic.11 looks at him in the eye for like 5 sec till he falls. She says “blade stretched way into his stomach, blade expert finished by another blade expert in ballet attire, karate” also in pic.9 freeze few sec focus, then pic 10,11. Pic.9 keep left hand at him just like that.
While on the floor, he is holding the blade into his stomach and before he is out, she shows the repeat of pics, 9,10,11 to him.. Love pic.11                   
Scene.3   Sven in any convenience outfit, your choice. Also wears hat or wrap
she wears the other pantyhose we always use (previous custom-big toes), not the new one. This scene will be like Carol custom pics below, except this time she scissors both her feet across his face (or neck/chin or shoulder) so big toes comes right next to his both eyes (please show he looks at the top of the toes), he turns his eyes to the left and right and all he sees is big toes (top of the toes). Then they go to karate pose “haaaaa”,  they freeze hands up few sec. then one more karate pose, haaaa . He is completely mesmerized by her toes and she knows that, now she put the toes over his mouth and inside his nose simultaneously, taking all the breath out of him, he is badly mesmerized can’t breath and slowly goes out (he can grab her leg to let go but it won’t help, that is optional). She says “karate mesmerized finished him, big pantyhose toes over mouth and inside nose”                    

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Cindy uses her karate against Sven Blade

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