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  • Stefania makes the boss to obey by pressing on his balls

Custom clip request 

I want to use Stefania as the main character in this video. This video will be 10 mins. She will wear as many high heels showing her pretty feet as possible. Like in the last video,  Stefania challenged Rob to find out who is stronger. She will have French tip nail polish. She will wear a black leotard with very shiny legs and feet. There will only be one male bandit in this video Sven. Sven the bandit will wear a funny mask and wear the shirt tucked into pants  (No jeans No sweatpants).  A big bulge in the groin area of pants. Stefania's changing outfit will not be shown. The camera will fade in with her wearing something new.

Stefania will walk upstairs and be confronted by a bandit. She will wear a different pair of heels here that show her feet. The bandit will be leaning on the wall. 

She will ask: Where is the boss bandit?

Sven Bandit will say who are you?

Stefania will say I am the boss and mean dominatrix?

Sven bandit, He will say go away!

She will turn around and show her legs and ass.

He will get on his knees and she will put her foot on his belly and push him on his back. She will begin to grind her heels into his balls. Close-up camera of heels from behind showing her body sometimes. Camera side view of heels crushing his balls. She will hit him in the face with her knee to knock him out. She will walk on his balls to walk over his body. The camera fades out.

Stefania will now change into Dressed in her black catsuit, high heels that show her pretty feet, and no gloves.  Stefania's changing outfit will not be shown. The camera will fade in with her wearing something new.

(This scene should be a minute long.)

She will take out four more bandits wearing funny masks and the shirt tucked into pants. They will all have weapons but she will disarm them all quickly and move to the next. Be as creative as you like here. Just Use ballbusting with all the bandits she takes out. Use a ball stomp to take out the last bandit and tell her where the boss is hiding. 

Stefania will now change into a very sexy bikini ( dark red or other dark color) with very shiny bare legs. ( If possible some clothing that hasn't been used in other videos ) Same clear dancer heels she wore in the last video I made with her.  Stefania's changing outfit will not be shown. The camera will fade in with her wearing something new. The boss will wear the shirt tucked into pants and jacket. A big bulge in the groin area of pants.

Stefania walks into a room with a bandit with his back turned and wearing a funny mask the shirt tucked into pants. She will tap him on the back, do a split, and punch him in the balls. He will have a weapon tucked in the front of his pants and try to use it as he falls to his knees. Stefania grabbed it, hit him in the face twice, and knocked him out. She will walk on his balls to walk over his body to the next room.

Stefania enters another room and sees the boss at a desk. He stumbles back, and she walks toward him. He is now backed to a wall and she is in his face. 

The boss will talk to her and she will talk back. Be as creative as you like. Keep in mind she is a dominatrix beating him up.

She walks away to his deck and finds a suitcase full of money. He tried to call for help but no answer. She walks back to him with the suitcase and hits him in the balls. She walks off, lays the suitcase down, and walks back in his face. He is now angry and tries to slap her. She kicks him in the face a few times. Then chokes him and knees him in the balls a few times. He walks off clutching his balls. -  Stefania crawls through the boss's legs and lays in front of him on her stomach, swinging her leg back and forth between his legs, kicking him in the nuts as it goes back and forth. At least twenty kicks.  Stefania sits in a chair and hits him in the balls repeatedly as he tries to attack her. She says, "You will lean against that wall with your hips thrust out so I can kick you with as little effort as possible. You will keep your hands on your head, your legs spread, you won't fall or cry out in pain, and if I ask you a question you will answer yes. Do you understand?" He does and gets into the position she instructed. She wheels a chair in front of him and then asks if he'd like to be kicked in the balls really hard. He says yes and she delivers. She sits in the chair with her legs crossed slamming her right foot, toe first into his groin. (crushing sounds)

She gets up in his face and moves the chair to the side. She turns and grabs him up by his shirt and throws him down to the floor near a pole. She approaches the bandit, puts her foot on his groin, and rubs it. (Camera close up after a few seconds) The guy groans. (About a minute long) (crushing sounds)

- Stefania: You thought you were stronger eh? Does my foot on your groin prove that?

She mounts him and punches his face. Then grabs him up quickly.

- Stefania asks him: What did I tell you last time?

- The boss bandit says... I'm always a bitch...

- He begins to bow at her feet. She pushes him to the floor and kicks him hard in the balls. 

- Please my balls: He cries to her.

She drags his legs between the poles and tramples his balls. Very sexy teasing and dancing while trampling his balls and belly.   (crushing sounds)    The camera closeup after a few seconds. 

He grabs the pole and gets up.

Hitting him with her but on his but no contact with him she knocks his head into the pole two times. He crawls off but she can still use the pole for balance to trample him. Be creative here.

(The longest part here)

She will take off her heels on his groin area in a very sexy way.  After that, she will stomp and twist her foot on his balls (crushing sounds) for about 5 minutes until he is destroyed by the pain. Use many close-ups of her heels and legs from behind at this point of the video like the images. After the bandit is destroyed she will sit in a chair and hold her arched feet on his balls until the camera takes a full shot of different angles for about 2 minutes. The end with her bare feet on his balls in a very sexy manner. Close the camera from the side and behind. Then the camera fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania makes the boss to obey by pressing on his balls

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