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  • Dancing fight battle. Glenda vs Melanie

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·       This is a best of 3 round fight between Glenda and Melanie. They wear different costumes in each round.

·       The style of the match is sexy and competitive combining fighting, wrestling, pole-dancing, gymnastics, and flirtation.

·       Each round can only be won applying a pinfall 3-count. The 3 pins should be applied in a very sexy way.

·       Melanie wins round 1, but Glenda wins rounds 2 and 3. Their arrogance and pain emotions should reflect the progression of the fight.

·       Melanie must have dark hair and Glenda has blonde hair. Both apply glamorous make-up.

·       Both girls should look seductively to the camera when they are dancing and when they are dominating. The unstated theme is they are fighting just for the cameraman.

·       Camera angles should be sexy and revealing within your limits.

·       Include trash taking in Russian

·       Add background music.

Round 1 (approx 6-7 minutes)

Clothes: Melanie wears her red dress and black heels (no pantihose) from “Melanie searching for a boss to get her money”, or something similar. Glenda wears a short tight dress in a different colour and similar high heels.

Glenda and Melanie are filmed individually from behind walking up the stairs into the flat. Glenda first then Melanie. When Melanie arrives Glenda begins to dance on the pole. She sometimes looks to the camera and smiles. Melanie sits and watches. Then Melanie demands her turn to dance. Glenda now invites Melanie to dance. Glenda sits and watches. But after a while Melanie launches a surprise kick attack hitting Glenda. Glenda falls, but gets to her feet. Melanie launches a few high flying spinning kicks and finally knock Glenda down again.

Melanie dismounts the pole and pulls Glenda by the hair to the centre of the room. Melanie then attacks with punches and kicks and slaps. She shoves Glenda against the wall and drills her knee between Glenda’s legs a few times and teases her. She kicks her legs apart and pins her against the wall with her arms restrained high.

But then Glenda surprises Melanie with a head-butt and pushes her back. Glenda runs to the pole. Melanie is a little stunned but she pursues. Glenda then hits Melanie with several kicks as she uses the pole to her advantage. Melanie falls. Glenda performs a little dance smiling to the camera while she waits for Melanie to get back to her feet. Glenda tries another kick, but this time Melanie grabs her leg and pulls Glenda away from the pole and she falls.

Now Melanie has control of the pole again. This time she combines more sexy dancing and smiling at the camera as she hits Glenda with a few more kicks. Glenda is staggering so Melanie decides to finish her off. She grabs Glenda by the hair, shoves her against the pole and knees her between the legs. Glenda slumps to her knees. Melanie gets behind her and wraps her leg around her neck, holding onto the pole. The same way she finished Carly in “The battle of the strippers”.

Glenda falls forward without feeling when Melanie removes her leg from around her neck. Melanie grabs Glenda by the ankles and drags her away from the pole. Melanie the lies across Glenda and counts the 1-2-3 pin while smiling at the camera.

Melanie celebrates with a sexy dance around Glenda’s body and then on the pole.


Round 2 (approx 6-7 minutes)

Clothes: Melanie wears the red corset, black pantihose and gloves from “Melanie points the guy at his place”. Glenda to wear a similar style in a different colour, also with pantihose.

Both girls emerge from the dressing room and perform a sexy dance entrance.

This round features wrestling holds such as bearhugs, full nelsons, arm locks, headlocks, body scissors, headscissors, arm bars, smothers, etc. The girls can be more gymnastic and acrobatic in this round. The fight is back and fro. The girls roll around on the floor struggling, but eventually Glenda proves stronger and asserts dominance.

Glenda punishes Melanie with body scissors and headscissors, leaving her gasping for breath. She then traps Melanie in a breast smother and knocks her out. Then she sits up and pins Melanie’s shoulders in a schoolgirl pin and counts the 1-2-3 pin while smiling at the camera.

Glenda celebrates with a sexy dance in the ring around Melanie’s body.


Round 3 (approx 6-7 minutes)

Melanie wears the red lingerie, super high heels and black gloves she wore in “Melanie got all the information trampling bandit’s balls”. Add black stockings. Glenda to wear similar lingerie in a different colour and black stockings and very high heels.

Both girls emerge from the dressing room and perform an individual sexy pole dance again before the fight commences, both smiling to the camera.

The girls face off in the centre of the room. The fight begins in catfight style with hairpulling, slaps and knees back and fro. After a while it becomes obvious Melanie is tiring. Her blows are less effective than Glenda’s.

Glenda takes control and beat Melanie with kicks and punches, increasingly dancing as she attacks. She throws Melanie against the pole and hit her with punches and kicks, high and low. Glenda hops on the pole and continues to attack Melanie with kicks, similar to her attacks in “Sven encounters with cyborg Glenda”. Glenda smiles and winks at the camera more and more. Add more creative pole dance attacks.

Eventually Glenda scissors Melanie against the pole (the same way Melanie finishes Ivy in “The battle of the strippers”. She opens her legs wide releasing Melanie and she staggers away. Glenda dismounts the pole, winks at the camera and blows a kiss and then knocks Melanie out with a spinning kick. Glenda does the splits and settles on Melanie’s neck counting 1-2-3-PIN! Smiling seductively to the camera.

Glenda performs a victorious dance over and around Melanie’s body, smiling to the camera as she dances. Then she finishes with a sexy victory dance on the pole before stepping over Melanie’s body and walking out of the studio, leading the cameraman. Finally the camera circles Melanie’s unmoved body splayed out on the floor with her arms and legs spread wide.


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Dancing fight battle. Glenda vs Melanie

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