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  • Stefania chases the criminal

Custom clip request 

She wears shirt with cleavage and covering stomach. Shorts and mules. Bare legs and feet. Tan skin. Makeup and hoop earrings. Hair tied back.

Man wears casual outfit and mask. Someone skinny and short.


-Lots of closeups her face, legs, butt and feet in mules.

-Closeups of her face smiling and laughing. Raising an eyebrow. Rolling her eyes. Camera pov shots as well.

-Closeups of her cleavage.

-Leg and shoe on the stool. More than one scene please.

-Closeups of her wrinkled arches.

-Several moments when she stands there watching and laughing. 

-Closeup of her hand grabbing his crotch

-Closeup of her foot kicking his crotch from behind. Straight ankle. Not tilted up

-Grab him by throat and lift him up. After several seconds say. Ëvery time the same darling. You like me catching you. It's my legs and my shoes. Isn't it? Scoff and roll eyes, then throw him to the side

-Sit with legs crossed. Man is crawling on the ground and sees her shoes. Closeup of her face raising an eyebrow. She says "wrinkled arches and wooden mules, darling". He runs for the door. He struggles to open the door. Closeups of her face, legs and feet while he tries to open the door. Closeup of the wrinkled arch of her foot rested on her knee with man in background struggling with door. No laughing. Just smiling. Raising eyebrow. Shaking head. Saying idiot.

-Headlock. Don't do far away shot. Do closeups of face, legs and feet instead.

-One sided fighting. She hits him with punches and kicks and blocks and dodges all of his. Some slo mo as well with closeups of shoes and hands.

Can you do 3 pov shots of her face raising and eyebrow at the camera during the fighting.

1. Straight face


3. Laughing

-Stand behind a wall or door and stick leg out. More than one. Have shoe pressed against the wall and rested on the floor.


-Say ïdiot" and darling throughout the clip.

-You are under arrest idiot

-Every time the same Darling

-Look at my legs idiot

-Wrinkled arches idiot.

-Do you surrender Darling

-I think you like me catching

-Legs darling.

-You are my favourite criminal.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania chases the criminal

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