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  • Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls

Custom clip request 

1.) Tiffany and a slave guy

2.) Tiffany are wearing tan/nude stockings with black pumps or white pumps along with mini skirt to show off Tiffanyr nice legs

3.) slave is kneeling in front Tiffany, the slave is not tied up, and his hands are free, but he is weak, and he is always kneeling in front of Tiffany, and Tiffany are sitting on a chair or sofa while Tiffany are crossing Tiffanyr nylon legs. Tiffany pretend to interrogate him asking him questions where the money is. His crotch is barely or touching Tiffanyr crossed foot. Everytime, the slave doesn’t answer Tiffanyr question, Tiffany gently kick in the groin and holding Tiffanyr foot on his groin for like 2-3 seconds that makes it more painful for him while keeping Tiffanyr legs crossed the whole time. Tiffany ask about 20 questions, and each time Tiffanyr kicks get slightly harder and keep holding each kick in his groin for 2-3 seconds.

4.) the slave groans in pain and tries to kiss Tiffanyr legs which Tiffany let him, and Tiffany make him kiss Tiffanyr feet. Now, Tiffany rapidly kick his groin fast with many kicks (not too hard) just to tease him where the money is, and each time his head tries to lean on Tiffanyr legs and kiss Tiffanyr legs, heels, and feet.

5.) Now Tiffany crossed legs switching Tiffanyr other leg, and Tiffanyr slave balls/groin is resting on Tiffanyr crossed heel/feet, groaning in pain, and Tiffany are laughing and mildly, very gently tapping his groin with Tiffanyr crossed heels.

6.) The ending scene, Tiffany get tired that he doesn’t answer Tiffanyr questions and tell Tiffany where the money is, so Tiffany stand up and do some groin kick while he is kneeling in front of Tiffany, then Tiffany sit back down and crossed Tiffanyr legs again and tell him to kiss Tiffanyr legs, feet, and heels while his groin is touching Tiffanyr crossed legs/heels.

7.) The whole scene is gentle, mild ball busting with leg worship/heel worship, and shooting with 95% with Tiffanyr crossed legs in heels ballbusting him while Tiffanyr slave is kneeling and slave’s groin/balls is resting on Tiffanyr nylon feet/high heels as he is being teasing.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany teases her slave playing with his balls

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