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  • Glenda takes revenge on the boss for his dismissal

Custom clip request 

Glenda and one actor. Length 10 minutes.

Clothes for Glenda leotard string (no problem with color) , fishnets or stockings and high heel platforms exactly from clip ''Sven encountes with Cyborg Glenda who punishes him for his lack of respect for women''.

Capartine and sunglasses in scene 1 and in the beginning of scene 2.

Script: Glenda works in a strip club. Boss call her to his office to announce that she will be fired and she must sign the papers for her dismissal.But this is a mistake for boss.

She does not accept this, first she seduces him taking off her capartine and sunglasses, dancing in the pole and then she punishes him very hard.

Scene 1 she arrives in the building seeing and hearing her heels.She wears capartine open to see her legs and sunglasses. Out of the door of the office's boss stands the security guard.

He asks her where is she going and she says that the boss called her to tell her to stop the job.

He laughs, first she kick him in the balls. Inside her capartine has a shooter, take it and shoots finishing him. She laughs sadistically. He falls down in front of her heels and she steps over his body slowly.

Scene 2 she gets in the office. Boss sits in his office. She tells her to sit in the chair.She tells her that she don't dance good and must be fired.

She laughs and stands up. She goes in front of him and starts slowly to take off her capartine and sunglasses (don't put again) showing her ass to him. She asks him if he is sure for firing her. He says yes she will fire her.

She seduces him and says that her ass is the best and then she goes to the pole and dance a little. As she dance she tells him to come close to her and after she gets angry and starts kicking him in his face and balls.

He calls the guard, she tells that guard don't live. She continue kicking him in face and balls. She does some stepping over in his body. Also some sexy poses on the camera before and after the kicks.

It is a hard punishment for the boss. He crawls in front of her heels begging her to stop and that she continue to work but she kicks him in face and balls.

After a lot of humliation she goes and take the shooter. She orders him to get on his knees in front of her. He begs her not to finish him but she shoots and executes him.

He is lying in front of the office, she steps over his body and stands in the office showing her ass.

She takes and tears (rip) the papers.She throws the pieces of the papers in his body. She steps his body over again slowly and sadistically.

Then she walks slowly (camera in her ass as she walks) and opens the door.

Scene 3 she steps over again the security guard and leaves the building.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Glenda takes revenge on the boss for his dismissal

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