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  • Sven defeated Agent Glenda

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This is a 10 min Video based on the Matrix Movie. Glenda is a Agent of the Matrix and is hunting down a Guy (The Guy or Sven) She is a Machine what Act like a Human beeing, but has a serious and cold look in her Face. She always pushes the attack against The Guy/Sven and gives him no Time for a break. Because she is a Machine, Glenda doesn´t care about her defence, she never stands in fighting Position and takes all the blows against  and goes for quick/surprise attacks against The Guy/Sven. Even while he is beating her, she goes for a quick attack somethimes. She only shows a little Body reaction from the blows and until the End she never looks really hurt or weak. But there is one different: In the Movies the Agents never moans/groans from the blows, but i need her to moan from every single hit against her.

The Guy is a skilled fighter, he stands in fighting Position and is a faster fighter than Glenda.  He tries more to avoid and dodge her attacks, but when he blocks more of her attacks in a short Time, it visible hurts him (his Arm), Because she is a really hard hitter.

During this fight he gives her a incredible Number ob punches (mostly fist punches), but it seems nothing can stop her.

The Movie starts with him running into the Room, he is exaused and when he sees there is no Way to run further, he says „Damn“ Now the Door opens again slowly, the Camera is on the Ground and first we can see the Shoes before the Camera goes up and we see Glenda. With a little smirk she says  „ You made me hunting you for a while but now… there is no way to Escape“ and she closes the Door behind her. He tells her that he will not go down without a fight, she is slowly approaching him. „ You know what i am… there is no Way you can defeat me“ He says that he doesn´t care and goes in fighting Position. Glenda is near him now and starts attacking him.

Normally in my Customs the Girls beats up the Guy at the beginning, but her its different: Glenda reseives way more punches that she can give him. He gives her a good Number of Belly (!) and Head punches, and keeps avoiding/dodging/blocking many of her attacks. But Glenda is a Agent of the System, she takes all the blows like nothing and keep attacking him without a break.  When she manages to hit him, a few punches are enough to really hurt him. The Guy needs several Time to  go back/runway from her, to get a break. But Glenda keeps pushing and pushing against him.  In min 2 the Guy is more luckly, he gives her more blows as usual in a short Time, and the finisher is one hard left blow against her Head. Glenda stepps one step one on the site from this hit. She is looking at him and like Smith she says „I'm going to enjoy watching your end...“ She takes off her Blazer (she fights only with her Top from now on)  and after that she immediately starts attacking him.

The fight between them goes on up to Min 5. During this Time Glenda still gets the most punches, but she keeps pushing and nothing can stop here. She lifts him up 2 Times during this: Once she lifts him up with one Hand on his Throat, and he needs to punch her Arm to get free. The second Time she lefts him up with both Hands and throws him into the Room.  He also goes down 3 Times: The first Time he drops down on one Knee, Glenda trys to hit him, but he avoids her attacks, gives her one Belly blow and stands up. The Second Time he goes on the Ground, she tries to Stomp on his head, but he can avoid this attack. The third Time he can get up quickly again, before she can hit him.

Near the 5 Min Timer he gets more and more exhausted, and at 5 Min he gets a hard beating. He drops down on the Ground and is to weak, to get up again. Glenda goes to him, she lifts him up to the Knees, she is behind him and to break his Neck. She is looking at him „Goodye Mr. >NAME<) and really breaks his Neck. He drops on the Ground and is out. Glenda is looking at him for one last Time, befor she slowly starts leaving the Room. Now the Kamera is on his Face, and he opens his Eyes again! He stands up and is looking around „I can see everything“ He is perplexed and amased at the same Time. Glenda turns around to him „Impossible…“ He is looking at her „I …I can see the Matrix“. Glenda has enough, she goes to him quickly and start attacking him. She tries 6 attack, but he avoids every attack, it must be clear that this really easy for him now. Glenda tries a 7 attack,  he takes her Arm, twists it and gives her one Belly Punch.

She stumbles back, now she is looking surprised „ Can it be...?“ But than she looks serious again „No! He is only Human“ and she start to attack him again.

The fight goes on to Min 8. During this Time Glenda is still always the attacker and the Guy is only defending himself. Glenda tries everything to hit him, and goes all in. But she fails every attack, as i said: Its easy for him now. And he keeps non stop punching her.  In Min 8 she gets a good, long Combo again And stumbles back. For one second she doesn´t attack him immediately again after that, she gave everything and breaths hardly. The Guy only says to her „It is Time to End this…“ And is slowly going to her. For the first Time we can see Fear on her Face and she steps back one step. But then she remember who she is and looks serious again. Now, for the first Time she goes in fighting Position. When he is near her, she tries to attack him but he is faster and attacks her. Now the Roles have changed:  No he fight aggresive and Glenda is more on her Defence, up to Min 9 she still tries from Time to Time a attack, but nothing metters.  After min 9 she gets she gets exhausted and moans painfully from the Blows, and she doesn´t attack anymore. The Guy shows now mercy, while she is standing in the Room he gives her blow over blow. At the end she drops down on one Knee, she looks complitly exhausted, she is looking up to him.

„My destruction means mothing, they will send other Agents after you“ he tells her that he don´t fears them anymore. He kicks her Head, she falls over and is out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven defeated Agent Glenda

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