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  • Stefania and Ronda are trampling bandit's groin

Custom clip request 

Stefania and RONDA  will be used in this custom. Very oily and shin on the legs and feet of both  Stefania and RONDA. They both will wear black leotards like in this video and dancer heels or high heel mules with no straps ( Sasha punishes the bandit trampling and kicking his balls )

Sven will wear a shirt, and mask showing his mouth and sweatpants ( Collector Ronda completes her mission / Sasha punishes the bandit trampling and kicking his balls )

There will only be one male bandit in this video Sven. Sven the bandit will wear a Mask with Dress pants shirt in pants(No jeans). Large Bulge in the groin area of sweatpants.

This video will be 20 minutes long.

In this video, Stefania punishes the bandit who made a big mistake. He is lying on the floor at the beginning of the video with his legs spread wide. She is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. For less than a minute. Her legs are visible in the foreground with a man in the background. She switched legs after a while. Rub legs with hands or rub legs together. He lies on the floor and she walks around his body sadistically and slowly very close to his groin but not on his groin(about a minute). She lifts her leg, stomps, and kicks his stomach, balls, and head. 

She picks him up and throws him to the wall. His back against the wall now places her hands on each shoulder, knee him in the balls, and holds it. His eyes wide he grabs the back of her knee while it is between his legs. He falls and spreads eagle and she steps back and gives him two hard kicks to the balls. 

She walks back to her chair in a sexy way. He slowly gets up and while she is seated she kicks him in the balls once and then pushes him away to the wall again. He falls back to the wall again. She gets up but the camera is still on him then on her standing in front of him hands on her hips. The camera is now on his lower body as she presses her heel into his groin. He slowly bends over and falls to the floor. The camera fades out.

All Sven  is a shirt, and mask showing his mouth and sweatpants (stairway thugs)

All thugs yell something.

Ronda taunts them with phrases like. Do you like what you see?

Come get a closer look.

I'm sorry did I hurt your balls? I can try to be nice.

Ronda will take out 3 thugs in the stairway.

The first thug sees her wearing a fancy coat covering her as she walks up the stairs. He tells her to stop. She turns around and he opens her coat laughing. She chops him in the neck. Kicks him in the balls. Then pushes him down the stairs.

The second she sucker punches him as she comes from behind. He hits the wall. She kicks his ball and he yells please kick me in the face. She steps back and he leans forward ready for a kick to the face but she kicks him in the balls again.

The falls to the floor.

The third thug gets the drop on Ronda and puts her in a one-arm choke hold with a weapon to her head.  He says to her she is a weak girl trying to be mean to men. He also says he will have fun with her and throw her to his henchmen.

Stefania slowly walks up the stairs and sees one of the thugs Ronda knocked out. He is waking up but she stomps his balls, kicks him in the face, and knocks him out.

The other thug is waking up to hear Ronda and his boss talking upstairs. Stefania taps his shoulder and he turns to her. She knees and kicks his ball and face. He tries to choke her but she grabs his fingers in a painful hold. She fakes a kick he dodges but then connects with a hard kick to his balls. She stomps on his balls for a while and he yells.

Ronda fights back but the thug uses the weapon to hit her. He Runs down but now is face to face with Stefania. He tried to run back up the stairs but Ronda was slowly coming down. Both ladies laugh at him as he points his weapon.

He tried to use it but it won't work. He drops it and begs them to have mercy on him. He turns to Stefania begging her. Ronda taps him on the shoulder. She knees him in the balls and falls to his knees. Stefania kicks him in the balls. Stefania punches him hard and knocks him out.

The thug is lying on the floor of a room. Both ladies walk over his body and between his legs slowly. Ronda pulls up a chair between his legs. Stefania put a chair on one side of his upper body. Ronda takes off her heels while putting them on his groin. Stefania placed her heels on his chest and neck softly. Once Ronda's heels are off she puts her bare feet on his balls and rubs them slowly between his legs. Ronda says to Stefania lets play a pleasure and pain game with him. Stefania says I'll be the pain this time. The thug begs them both to be nice. Stefania chokes his neck with her heels. He fights to get some air. She kicks his face. Ronda now rubs his balls slowly and he moans. Ronda says I'll make you feel good baby. He grabs Stefania's legs and she kicks his hands away and stands up. Ronda continues to drive him crazy with her feet on his groin. He says to Stefania why don't you trade places. Stefania laughs and looks at Ronda with a smile. Stefania says I'm not as nice to balls. They both laugh. He says it's okay. Stefania walks to Ronda, they walk away and make a plan to hurt his balls until he is gone.

Stefania will kick him, he will rise from the pain then she will knee him back to the floor for about 25 to 30 seconds. After that, she will stomp and twist her heels on his balls (crushing sounds) until Ronda's turn.  Ronda kicks his legs open and stomps his balls ( crushing sounds ) for a while then twists her foot destroying his balls and finishing him from the pain. She then places her arched foot on his swollen area. (Make the victory pose 2 minutes long)  Add more padding in the groin area and be playful with your toes moving the bulging area around. Use many close-ups of her heels and legs from behind at this point of the video like the images. After the bandit is destroyed they both will hold barefoot and heels on his balls until the camera takes a full shot of different angles for about 2 mins and fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania and Ronda are trampling bandit's groin

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