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  • 2 guys combined their efforts to overpower super skilled Cind

Custom clip request 

This Custom is similar to „Ronda is chasing three guys in the Woods“ where Cindy chases 2 Guy through the Woods, this Time there are 2 Guys.

Cindy: With that Outfit, open Hairs and some Make up. She is extremy strong and powerful, cocky and arrogant. Cindy always is attacking the Guys and gets a very high amount of punches against her Belly(!) and Head during this fight. But until near the End, she just takes all the blows with low Body reaction from

It but with moanings from every single Punch.

The Guys are fearful and don´t want to fight against her, because they think Cindy is too powerful for them. They trie two Time to flee from her, but at the End they really can overpower her.

The Movie starts with the Guys running around the Woods, They are exausted /fearful and one Guy Needs a break. They other one says that they need to keep going, because otherwise she will find them, and he is looking around. But then he is in shock, he can see Cindy standing near them. Cindy is approaching them slowly in a arrogant Way, and while one Guy still is exausted, the other one is ready to fight with her. We can clearly see that one Guy i no Problem for Cindy, she gives him a hard beating. After A short (Its about her beating, not from the Guys) Time she is holding a Arm on his Back, and keeps kicking his Belly with her Knee. He moans painfully and Cindy really enjoys it.  The other Guys realises he needs to do something, he goes to her (Cindy doesn't notice it, she enjoes to much to kick the other Guys Belly) and gives her a hard blow against her Rips. This catches her by surprise, she releases that one Guy  and he drops on the Ground. The other Guy manages to give her around 4-6 more punches (Belly/Head) befor she can react and tries a Fist Punch against him, but she fails this attack and he gives her some more punches. This goes on like this 2 more Times, befor she can hit him and she starts to beat him up too.  But after a short beating, the other Guy has recovered, stands up and Candy needs to fight of 2 Guys at the same Time.

We can see that 2 Guys are to much for her: Cindy is attacking them , but she Fails many attacks and the Guys manages to give her a high amount of punches. But Cindy just take all the Blows against her and keeps pushing the attack. She still manages to Hit a Guy somethimes but when the other one sees it, he comes in to help him. He attacks Cindy and distracts her, so she never can take Focus at only one Dude. When we near the 3 Min Timer, the first Round of this fights Ends: The two Guys are luckly: Both of them are standing befor Candy and keep punching her alternately. I hope you can do it, because it should look like this: Guy A gives her a left Head Punch, Guy B gives her a Belly Punch, Guy A gives her a straight Head Punch, Guy B gives her a  Right Head Punch, Guy A gives her a Belly Punch, Guy B gives her a Punch into her Body Side, Guy A gives her a Belly Punch again….. and this goes so on like this. Because both Guys are working together and keeping hitting her quickly, Cindy cannot react and is not avaible to attack , she reseives blow over blow and slowly walks back. At the End , both Guys together are giving her a hard blow into her Belly and she strumples back. The boys decide, this is the perfect moment to run away. Cindy is looking after them, befor she follows them slowly.

Now there is the next Scene: The Guys are still running and fearful, and Cindy makes a surprise attack on them. Because of that she manages to Punch down one Guy quickly and faces only one.  We can see again that one Guy is no threat for her and she give him a hard beating. After

A quick fight he leans against a Tree, with one Hand she is holding is Throat, with the other Hand she keeps punching him. But then suddently the other Guy appears behind her: He is holding her punching Arm back and now he starts punching

The Kidneys /Liver from her. This attack catches her by surprise again, and the punches are hurting her more as usual, we can hear it from her moanings.  After several blows she releases the Guy against the Tree and turns around to the other one. She only says „Big Mistake“ befor he starts attacking him.  At the beginning the Guy is good: Cindy tries one attack but he dodges/avoids it and gives her 3-6 punches, after the she tries one single attack but fails that too and he gives her again punches. But after that Cindy is not even mad or hurt, she is still cocky and says „ Stop wasting my Time, nobody can beat me“ and she starts her 3 attack against him, and finaly manages to hit him. For a quick Time she dominates him, but now the other Guy is up again and stands behind her.  Both Guys are working together great and Cindy gets a high amount of punches. (again Belly&Head) this Time one Guy is behind her. The Guy behind her gives her a blows against her  Kidneys /Liver/Rips, and she turns around to attack him. She is always switches between the Guys. Again, Cindy never can focus at only one Guy.

At one Point one Guy gives her a hard blow against her Spine, this exposes her Chest and the other Guy uses quickly the chance to give her a hard Belly Punch. Cindy moans louder, but after this blow she only says „Nice one….“ And keeps attacking them.  When we reach the 6 Min Timer the second Round Ends:

One Guy gives her a hard kick into her Belly and Cindy falls down on the Ground and the Guys are running away again.  Cindy stands up and goes after them more quickly:

Cindy catches up to them quickly and she fights now more agressiv and faster, for the Guys ist hard for them to keep up with her, and after a while she dominats them.  After a short and hard beating the Guys are on the Ground exhausted, one Guy has lost his hope „We tried everything, but she is too strong“ Cindy is looking at the Guys, she smile and says sarcastic „I have to say, your resistance was very Impressive. But still im superior, and now you will be finished“ But one Guy is not ready to give up, he stands up and goes to Cindy in fighting Position. Cindy is looking at him, she thinks he Is no threat anymore and doesn´t take him serious. Half-hearted she tries a single blow against him, he avoids it and gives her several Blows, she tries a second attack but again: He avoids it and he gives her punches. Now Cindy takes him serious again, she tries a third attack but with she same result. This goes on like this overall 5-6 Times, after the last Time Cindy makes a Angry noises and becomes upset „You really start to piss me off“  She doesn´t realise that the resistens of one Guy, has motivated the other one again and now she needs to fight 2 of them again at the same Time.

The Guys are in a great shape right now, Cindy is angry and fights really agressiv, but she fails every single attack and he gets blow oder blow against her strong Body.  She can still endure all the blows until Min 8:30-9:00.

The Guys are doing the same stuff with her like in Round one (My Guy A and Guy B examples) and she slowly walks/strumbles back from all the blows. She hits a Tree with her back and one Guy is holding/is pushing her left Arm behind the Tree, the other One the Right Arm. Now one Guy takes both of her arms and is holding them behind the Tree. She should stand like the Pic i sendet to you. With both Arms behind the Tress, she is defencless and  the other Guy now starts punching her Belly With lefts and right without a break. A the beginning it seems Cindy can even endure this, but after a while we can see on her Facial expression that she starts feeling the Pain. The Guy shows now mercy to her, and we can see on her Face over Time that se strugles more and more with the Pain. After a hard beating she puts all her strength together and breaks free from the Guy holding her back, she gives the Guy infront of her a hard blow into his Chest and he strumples back. She goes immediately after him, but then suddently she falls  back against the Tree and is holding her Belly, she makes a painful moaning. Both Guys are standing infront of her, Cindy is looking at them, she is in shock: „You…you really harmend me“

One Guy says to her that is over, she is done and should give up. But this words only makes her really Angry „Give up? I Have never lost a fight, and will not lose this one!“ She ignores the Pain she is feeling and starts attacking the Guys.

But shefFails every single attack and the Guys are keeping hitting her. We can see that Cindy now gets weaker and excausted , she also starts to moan painfuller. Her attacks are not powerful anymore and its easy to avoid them. While she gets beaten up we can hear a „ No.. this can´t be“  and

A „This is… to much...i.. i can´t“  from her. At the End she is to weak to attack anymore and starts to strumple around from the blows, one Guy gives her a kick against her Knee and she drops down on her Knees. She is loocking up to them, from her strong and arrogant behave is nothing left anymore. One

Guy gives her a kick against her Head, she falls over and is out.    The Guys are happy that They Have defeat her.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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2 guys combined their efforts to overpower super skilled Cind

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