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  • The bandit torments Naomi's stomach

Custom clip request 

If possible could It be with darker setting where the spotlight would be on Naomi. 

Sven wearing a black tank top and pants. 

Naomi wearing a Lara Croft kind of outfit, denim shorts and a tight tank top to start with a sports bra underneath for when it gets pulled up to expose her full belly. She is also wearing boots. 

The video starts with Naomi searching the bad guys lair. She runs into Sven and punches him, realizing that it has no effect on him, so she tries to run away.  Sven eventually catches her and carries her to his interrogation room. 

She is laying on the ground with her hands tied flat above her head to a pole or something solid. Sven enters the room and she is trying to get free. Sven grabs her legs and pulls her as tight as possible, stretching her out completely. He sits on her legs. He calls his boss and tells him that he caught her. His boss instructs him to tоrture her however he wants and make sure she pays for intruding on them. Sven hangs up and tells her that he’s going to tоrture her strong belly and belly button and lifts her tank top up, so her stomach is completely exposed. She tries to wiggle away but he’s much too large for her. He pokes her belly a few times and lightly runs his fingers down her belly so she knows that she’s completely at his mercy. She tells him to let her go and that he’s going to pay for this. He just laughs and starts to tоrture her belly with punches, slaps, pokes, claws, tickling, poking her belly button and pressing his finger into her. And pressing his finger in different parts of her abs and belly to see where she reacts. If she tries to look up he pushes her head back down so she has to lay flat and take it. Eventually he blind folds her and torments her more by poking her belly in different places when she can’t expect it. He also pushes his body weight into her belly with his hand and fist. He reaches around her back and squeezes her belly, driving his shoulder into her and squeezing her in a kind of bearhug. He makes sure she is always pulled tightly throughout the video and doesn’t let her move around too much. He gives her a break by massaging her belly but begins roughly massaging it to cause discomfort. Towards the end of the video he puts a pillow under her back to arch her belly even more and continues to tоrture it. AT the end he texts his boss that she won’t be bothering them anymore, and he leaves her tied up in the room. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The bandit torments Naomi's stomach

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