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  • Super Strong Man vs Catwoman Melanie

A new super strong man was created to destroy a superhero or more precisely this time is a superheroine.

The strong man has a mission, to eliminate Catwoman Melanie but is not the first one who someone tries to complete this mission.

Catwoman Melanie wears incredible heels and has really dangerous claws, she is super sexy and really determined.

The fight begins but the super strong man is not a match for Catwoman Melanie, she is stronger and more skilled, it will be a very bad day for the man.

Melanie jokes with him and then finishes him.

There is also a bloody special effect .... the claws of Melanie are really sharpy

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Strong Man vs Catwoman Melanie

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  • Product Length: 13 minutes
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