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  • Cindy won Rob using dirty tricks

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Introduction: Rob is a humble man who is the gym's fighting champion and is training by punching the punching bag, when an arrogant Cindy appears.

Cindy: "Hey, are you the champion of this gym?"

Rob: "Yes, it's me. What do you need?"

Cindy: "Beat you."

Rob is surprised and stops punching the punching bag.

Rob: "Wow, I didn't expect that. So you want to fight me?"

Cindy approaches Rob to intimidate him with her gaze.

Cindy: "Yes, I like beating up strong men and I want to fight you."

Rob: "Okay, when do you want us to fight?"

Cindy: "Now."

Rob: "Now? I don't have time now, I have things to do. How about next week..."

Cindy doesn't let Rob finish talking and surprises Rob by punching him in the face.

Cindy: "I said now."

Rob puts his hand to his face to check for blood and makes a smiling face.

Rob: "Okay, we'll fight now. Do you want there to be some rules to follow during the fight?"

Cindy: "No rules."

Rob and Cindy get set to fight.

Rob extends his hand to Cindy to wish her luck.

Rob: "Best of luck."

Cindy rejects the gesture.

Cindy: "You'll need it."

The fight starts and Cindy attacks Rob with punches and kicks. Rob dodges and blocks all the blows and responds with punches to Cindy's face until Cindy falls to the ground. Rob extends his hand to Cindy to help her up:

Rob: "Are you okay?"

Cindy: "Fuck you."

Cindy, angry, sweeps Rob from the ground with her foot, causing Rob to fall face up. Cindy mounts on top of Rob and punches him in the face, but Rob blocks the punches(5 sec ) and punches Cindy off of her and onto top of her. Rob punches him in the face(15 sec or more) and gets up. Rob lifts Cindy off the ground. They both hold hands but Rob has more strength and slowly pushes Cindy against the wall. Rob grabs Cindy's hands with one hand above her head and punches him in the gut with her other hand until Rob knocks Cindy to the ground(15 sec or more). Rob goes towards her to continue hitting her but Cindy, in great pain, asks for mercy:

Cindy: "Please stop, I don't want to fight anymore."

Rob: "Okay. It was fun. Would you like to have a beer?"

Cindy: "Sure! Help me up."

Rob holds out his hand to Cindy. Cindy, in pain, drops to her knees. She looks like she's going to shake Rob's hand, but she punches him in the balls. Rob falls to his knees in pain.

Cindy: "We said no rules, right?"

Cindy kicks Rob in the face until Rob falls flat on his back Sasha-plays-with-man-who-challenged-her-Trim-_online-video-cutter.com_ (1).gif(30 sec or more) and Cindy mounts of top of him.

Cindy: "Now it's my turn."

Cindy mounts of top of him and punches Rob in the face. (1 min or more)

After, Cindy puts her in a headlock while she punches him in the gut.


(15 sec or more)

 Cindy then sits on her face while she punches him in the gut until Cindy gets up. 

(30 sec or more)

Cindy: "Get up!"

Rob gets up and Cindy kicks and punches him until Rob is on the wall. Cindy knees him in the gut(20 sec or more) and  knees him in the balls(20 sec or more) until Rob pushes Cindy away. Cindy continues punching and kicking Rob, who blocks some attacks but a blow from Cindy causes Rob to fall sitting on the couch and Cindy mounts on top of him

Rob: "You fight well, where did you learn?"

Cindy: "Shut the fuck up"

Cindy punches Rob in the face(1 min or more) until Rob hugs her, gets up and runs until he slams Cindy against the wall. They both fall to the ground, tired, and gradually get on their knees in front of each other. Cindy starts by punching Rob in the face, and Rob counters with another punch to Cindy's face and so on until a punch from Cindy lands Rob on his back.(30 sec or more) Cindy mounts on top of Rob and takes off her gloves.

Cindy: "Let's end the fight."

Rob surprises Cindy and finds the strength to punch Cindy in the face(30 sec or more). Cindy looks like she's going to faint but she holds on and she stays mount on top of him.

Cindy: "Son of a bitch."

Cindy punches Rob in the face(30sec or more) until Cindy gets up and jumps on top of him to elbow him in the gut. 

(three times)

Then she grabs Rob's leg and pins him. Every count she makes, she slams her hand on the ground

Rob: "Congratulations on the victory, I hope there is revenge another day."

When Cindy is about to count to 10, she thinks it over and stops counting and pinning. Cindy mounts on top of Rob.

Rob: "Why are you stopping? Don't you want to win?"

Cindy: "Of course I want to win, but better by humiliating you. I want to beat you by KO"

Rob: "Wait..."

Cindy won't let Rob finish talking and punches him in the face until Rob starts bleeding(1 min or more).

Cindy: "See you in the rematch, champion"

Cindy delivers the final punch to Rob and Rob is KO'd.

Cindy poses while she is mount him, then stands up and does a victory pose by placing her foot on top of Rob.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Cindy won Rob using dirty tricks

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