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  • Tiffany enjoys humiliating karate boys

Custom clip request 


Tiffany: The exact same outfit as here http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_77&product_id=1368.

I just want the leotard to be as thong-ish as possible on her ass. In the beginning I want her to wear the skirt from this clip and to remove it after 2-3 minutes of fighting http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1344. Finally I want her to have her lips red like this clip.

Guys: White kimonos


Tiffany goes on a local dojo that is looking for a new teacher. There 4 guys are training and when Tiffany tells them that she is here for the job, they mock her and laugh at her. But she is telling them that she can easily beat all of them. They start fighting. 

Tiffany fight the all the guys together, I don’t want to fight one by one and the others to sit and watch. The fight will be continuous. At many points she will send the guys to the ground and she will step on them. The fight sequence will be up to 6 minutes. 

The final minutes will be Tiffany humiliating the guys. 

All 4 guys will be on the ground, Tiffany will walk among them and nudge them with her back of her sole (the guy will be on his side and with a nudge she will send him on his back - exactly like in the video ‘foot-back-nudge’). She will lay down between them and she will headlock the 2 of them with her hands and the other 2 with her legs (see video ‘headlock’). 

After a while she will stand up and she will start stepping on the guys saying them how pathetic and losers they are. She will place her foot on their chest say some humiliating words, step on them and move to the next guy. 

After that she will drag the guys next to each other in row. She will climb at the first two guys with each foot on each guy. Talk some humiliating words. Then she will go on the next 2 guys and do the same. 

After that she will walk on all of them in order to go get her shoes. In the first guy she place her foot sole over his face and will command him to kiss it. After the kiss she will step on him and move to the second guy to put her shoes (see video ‘use-guy-to-put-heel’). Then she will step on him. Then she will sit on the third guy’s face and after 10 seconds she will stand up and step on him. Finally she will go to the 4th guy and she will place her foot on his chest. Say some words again, stomp him (like cigarette) and then step on him. In this sequence I would like her to say before each guy something like “You will be the lucky one to kiss my feet . . . help my put my shoes . . . etc”.

At the end she will pile them one on each other. She will place her heel on the top of the pile and say smiling “You see guys…that’s your rightful place”. After that she will sit on the top of the tile placing her foot on the bottom guy’s chest (like photo ‘sit-on-pile’ and ‘sit-on-pile-2’) and say smiling “I love having guys beneath me”!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany enjoys humiliating karate boys

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