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  • Superheroines sisters failed in the fight with Villain. Part II

Custom clip request 

Topic: Dirty feet, injury, a lot of punches and stomps, the love between sisters.

Actess: Tiffany (younger super girl sister) and Naomi (elder super girl sister) same as before.

Background: Naomi and Tiffany were super sisters with close and strong relationship. Naomi as the elder sister. Today they were going for a walk after work/study.

Costume: Pretty much same as the previous super sister one..

But I'd like Tiffany to wear the blue leotard and white pantyhose (if it fits) and Naomi to wear the white leotard and nude/tan pantyhose.

Besides as I'm looking for some "unpowered" scene, so can we prepare some daily/work costume for Tiffany and Naomi? These clothes will not be damaged or spoiled, and we are not going to fight with them. 

Please let me know what do you have,  I'm interested about the school uniforms (for Tiffany as she is the younger sister) and office suit or other professional suits for Naomi the elder sister.(It better come with a thouser like in screenshot)


Part 1: (about 10 minutes)

Naomi and Tiffany were walking in the forest (with their causal clothes, not super uniform) but a bad guy stand in the middle of the road and stop them. So they tansform to their super uniform and fight. (very short)

As sisters, Naomi and Tiffany uses combined attacks (see screenshot, basically making a mirrored attack). But the bad guy has superior power, he catches their fist easily and twist their arms. Then punch both of them. Then the sisters did a combined kick, the bad guy catch both of their leg, squeeze it and try to twist their knee, so they had to get out from their boots.

Then the bad guy attacks, he charge/ram towards the super sisters. There is no way to escape, so Naomi pushed Tiffany to one side (for protection, so Tiffany will not get hurt) but she were hit by the charge and get pushed against a tree. The badguy starts to punch Naomi's stomach. Tiffany gets up from the ground, run towards the bad guy and try to pull him off her sister, but the bad guy keep one hand on Naomi's throat, and use the other arm elbow Tiffany away (see screen shot). Tiffany were knocked down, and the bad guy keep punching on Naomi. Tiffany hear her sister crying in pain so she struggle to get up and run towards the badguy again. This time the bad guy see her coming, so he just kicked on her stomach. This time she just rolling on the floor and can't get up anymore. Then the badguy throw Naomi to Tiffany, both of them are just helding eachother but not able to get up. The bad guy walks closer, kick and stomp both Tiffany and Naomi (They try to protect eachother and just get beaten badly), pull off the boot left on their foot, and beat them until they can't move anymore

Part 2: (about 16 minutes)

The badguy pull Naomi and Tiffany together, tell them that he decide to give some mercy to let one of them survive. Then he takes out two pills, one of the pill is poison and one is safe and ask them to pick one. After some hesitation and looking at eachother, Naomi suddenly took both pills and eat them all to protect Tiffany. Soon the poison starts destroying her, white bubbles come out from her mouth and she collapse to the ground (see pictures below). Then as she is "finished" her super uniform disappears and she gone back to her suit (without her shoes), Tiffany hugs Naomi and cries over her. and then the badguy comes and knocked Tiffany out, carry her on his shoulder and leave.

After a few while, Naomi wakes up. Her superpower protected her so she just fainted in pain and lost all her energy but not finished by the poison. Then she walks in pain through the path, trying to find Tiffany. And her super sense leads her to an abandoned building. She found Tiffany (in daily clothes, without her shoes) in there, and didn't see the bad guy. She come close and wake up Tiffany, but before they can escape, the bad guy returns. Tiffany is still low on superpower so she can't transform to her Super uniform, but Naomi just recovered a bit so she can transform to her Super leotard and protect Tiffany. But as she lost her boot in previous fight, she only got a stocking on her foot this time. The bad guy beats Naomi cruely, stomp on her foot, punch/kick on her stomach, stretch her leg, twist her ankle, as bad as you can think of. But Tiffany can do nothing but crying. Few minutes later, Naomi were almost pass away, lying on ground and barely breathing. The badguy tries to walk pass her and go for Tiffany. Naomi uses her last power to grabb the leg of the badguy to let Tiffany escape. She grab his leg so tight that the bad guy can't pull it out. So he has to turn back and stomp on Naomi's back, trying to make her loose. But Tiffany finally had enough super energy to do a transform, so she turns into super girl (Only stocking) and punched the badguy away. Then Tiffany come to check Naomi, did some quick examination (like holding her foot and inspect). Naomi's ankle were broken, one of her stockings were lost during the fight, and the other one is loosely hanging on her foot. So Tiffany ask Naomi to stay and rest, let her deal with the bad guy.

Part 3: (about 20 minutes)

Tiffany tries to fight the badguy with her agility. But the bad guy were faster than she thought. And the worse thing is as she checking Naomi, the badguy found a weapon (something like a baseball bat). After dodging the first few swings she soon got hit and knocked to the ground. (Naomi cries when Tiffany gets hit) The badguy follows up, stomp on Tiffany's feet while she tries to claw away, raise the bat prepare for a final blow to Tiffany. But Naomi lambs to his back with a broken leg, grab his arm and make him not able to beat Tiffany. Then Tiffany kicked on his stomach and kick him away. Then two sisters gets together again, preparing to fight. But they just no match to the bad guy, the entire fight is completely one sided, the bad guy is just beating them and throwing them to the ground one after another. The only thing is when Naomi is in danger, Tiffany can come to strike/distract the bad guy to let her get up (and same when Tiffany is in danger). So only a few minutes later both Naomi and Tiffany were knocked down and not able to fight anymore. The bad guy comes to Naomi, decide to finish her first. He raise his bat, Naomi has no escape. But when he swing the bat, Tiffany jumped in, cover Naomi under her body and take the hard blow. A lot of red liquid come out from her mouth, Naomi screamed, a giant energy shock push away and temporarily knocked down the bad guy. Naomi held Tiffany in her arm, but Tiffany has beyond any healing. Tiffany tries to say something to her sister, but more and more red liquid come out from her mouth make it not hearable. So she just held Naomi's hand, tries to stop her from crying. She also delivered all energy left in her body to Naomi. After a short while, She has lost all her energy and her hand were loosen. Naomi cries, look at the badguy with hate. Then she took off her only stocking left, put it in Tiffany's hand and let her hold it. Then took the pair of stockings Tiffany were wearing and put them on her own feet (a bit slower, think it as a ritual). Then she stand up and go for revenge on the bad guy.

The badguy still affected by the energy shock, so Naomi was able to punch and kick him a lot. But it is not enough to beat him. Soon he full recovered from the shock and start to fight, it become one sided again and Naomi were beaten badly, lost one of her stocking during the fight. After she could not stand up anymore, the badguy use the bat to break her arm and legs, then drag her on the floor, throw her over Tiffany's body (face down, head towards Tiffany's feet). Then use the bat to make a hard blow on her back. Naomi also vomits a lot of red liquid. spurt red liquid on Tiffany's leg and feet. The badguy hit, kick and stomp her a few more times, more and more red liquid come out from her mouth and she is dying, but the bad guy still not satisified, he picked up the stocking he pulled from Naomi earlier and use it to chоke Naomi to her end.

The camera pulls away. showing Naomi and Tiffany's moveless body and dirty costumes. Then their transform were disappeared, both Naomi and Tiffany were returned to their daily clothes. (The red liquid is gone but their stocking/pantyhoses are not changed). The camera roll around their body, give some good shot on their feet and that's the end of the clip.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Superheroines sisters failed in the fight with Villain. Part II

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