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  • Ronda protects her lover with the last of her strength.Part II

Custom clip request 

Unfortunately, we had to replace Rob with Josh in this video due to Rob's injury sustained in a fight.


Nat (played by Ronda): woman from part 1 (As you will be speaking in Russian, maybe you can use 'Nata' instead of 'Nat'.  I think it will sound more natural in Russian, am I wrong?)

Tor (played by Rob): Nat's ex-boyfriend.

Max (played by Alex): Nat's current love.


Scene 1 - Tor's Apartment (3 minutes)

Nat was taken to Tor's house (her ex-boyfriend).

She is tied to a chair.  She is without feelings and wearing the same clothes she wore at the end of part 1 (barefoot included).

Max arrives silently near the chair where she is (as if he had sneaked through Tor's house) and when he touches Nat, she wakes up.

Max unties her from the chair, Nat stands in front of him and Max then pulls the necklace around his neck to mesmerize her again, but Nat holds Max's hand affectionately and says he doesn't need to mesmerize her again as she loves him.

Nat tells Max that she has loved him intensely for a long time, but never had the courage to confess because she was still dating Tor.

She then says that, Max is still, and always will be, her beloved Master and she will be his bodyguard and will obey his every command without hesitation.

Nat then says that she will give her own life so that no one will ever lay a finger on him again.

Max smiles and then tells Nat that he saw Tor leave before he went in to rescue her, but Tor could come back at any moment and they should get out of there as soon as possible.

Nat smiles lovingly, gives Max a kiss (either on the cheek or forehead) and says, "Yes, my Master, I know a way out. Come on. I'll take you to safety."

Then they both leave the scene (Nat in the front pulling Max by the hand behind her) as if escaping from Tor's hiding place.

End of scene 1.


Scene 2 - "Safe" Location (12 minutes more or less)

Everything happens as if it had passed a few months after scene 1.

Nat is wearing the clothes she wore in scene 1 of part 1. Including heels. Max can also wear the same clothes from scene 1 of part 1 or another one that you think is better.

Max is sitting and Nat comes over and sits next to him putting her arm around Max's shoulders.

Nat says to Max, "You look tense, my Master. How about we go for a walk?"

Max responds, "What if Tor sees us on the street, my beautiful bodyguard?"

Nat looks Max in the eyes and replies: "Don't worry, my Master. This location is secret and away from the city. It's the apartment of a secret agent friend of mine. Tor won't find us. Besides... (here Nat flexes the bicep of one arm) I've been training hard and I'm stronger. Even if he finds us, I promise he won't touch you. I won't allow it."

Max then smiles at Nat. Nat takes his hand and leads him to the door to leave.


When Nat opens the door to leave (she goes first, always acting like a bodyguard), she is met with a punch to the face from Tor and backs up, pulling Max by the hand with her.

Nat then already stands in front of Max with one of her arms extended in front of Max as if protecting him while Tor enters the place.

Tor may be wearing pretty much the same outfit as in part 1, but without the jacket.

Nat then asks, "How did you find this secret location?".

Tor responds, "I have contacts, Nat. There's no way you can hide from me."

Tor continues: "Last time I'm going to ask... Nat, dump your little boyfriend and come back to me or you and your boyfriend will suffer the consequences."

Nat responds, "Never! You are a coward, stupid man! Max is smart and passionate. He only gives me love and care. I love Max, I always have, and I will protect him with my life."

Nat looks at Max and tells him to always stay behind her and not try to get into the fight...she then says that she won't allow Tor to touch him. (here could have the view of Max in first person)

Tor then says, "You really think you can protect your little boyfriend? I'm going to rip you apart like I always did, Nat!"  Then Nat makes an angry face and Tor lunges at Nat and the fight begins.


Nat dodges Tor's first two hits and lands two hits on Tor.  Tor feels the hit a little more than in Part 1.

Tor says with a slight smile, "I see you're stronger, Nat.

Nat replies, "I got stronger to protect my Master".

Tor then says, "But you still are not strong enough to defeat me."

Then Tor steps forward and starts hitting Nat. She feels every blow sore realizing that Tor has also grown much stronger since their last encounter.

After taking a streak of about 10 hits (alternating between punches to the stomach, kicks to the stomach, and jabs to the face), Nat staggers backwards until she bumps into Max.  

Tor says, "I've also been training hard and furiously in order to make you pay for your betrayal."

Tor lunges at Nat (with Max behind her) and Max shakes Nat a bit who is dizzy...she pulls herself together and Max says "Tor is coming. Protect your Master".

Max grabs Nat's waist and stays behind her. (here maybe could have the view of Max in first person)

Nat looks up just in time to see Tor step in front of them.

Tor then raises both arms with the fingers of his hands open as if wanting to grab Max who is behind Nat and she, in order to protect Max, raises her arms and intertwines her fingers with the fingers of Tor's hand and so they begin a "finger lock style strength test".

The duel of powers is balanced for about 10 seconds and then Nat's arms start to shake a lot and she starts to lose ground until Tor makes her kneel with an expression of extreme pain on her face.

Then Tor lets go of Nat's hands and laughs and says, "You're pathetic. You're going to get slaughtered by me. Give up."

Nat says: "Never!" and stands up, keeping herself in front of Max, and glares at Tor and says "You won't..." and is interrupted in the middle of speech by a jab from Tor.  (here as Max is right behind Nat and the jab should make Nat's head go back it's important that Max's face is not behind Nat's... it should be a little to the side... but I think that you know better than me how to do this scene so I leave it to you).

Nat feels the blow a little, but he already looks back at Tor with a furious expression and tries to land a punch in Tor's face. Tor holds Nat's fist closed and she says "You won't hurt..." and is once again interrupted by another jab to the face from Tor. Tor lands that second jab without letting go of Nat's fist.

She feels this other blow and moans in pain, but still regains her ferocious expression and tries to slam her other fist into Tor. Tor takes Nat's other fist. And Nat says: "You won't hurt my Mas..." And it is once again interrupted in the middle of the sentence by Tor who, this time, with both of her fists secured, Tor twists Nat's wrists making her stretch her body up and howl from pain and then Tor lands a head butt on Nat's head, without letting go of Nat's fists, leaving her (head down and legs shaking, but keeping herself, with difficulty, on her feet). Max is still holding her by the waist. (here, at the end, maybe could have the view of Max in first person)

Tor then lets go of one of Nat's fists (her arm drops limply to her side) and, using that free hand, Tor lifts Nat's face by pulling on her hair... then Tor lets go of her other fist (Nat's other arm falls beside her body with no strength) and now holds Nat's neck with this other hand keeping her on her feet and begins to pressing her neck and push her (with Max behind her) until they reach a wall.

Tor then says: "I'm much stronger than you. Now your boyfriend will pay the price of your betrayal".

Then Tor increases the pressure on Nat's neck.

At this point Max says: "protect your Master, my bodyguard" and Nat, as if in a flash of conscience, with a look between pain and anger, grabs Tor's arms and tries to remove Tor's hands from her neck, but quickly Nat's expression becomes exclusively one of pain and suffering, his arms fall back limply at her sides and her eyes roll up (if she knows how to roll her eyes until they are completely white it would be perfect, but if she doesn't know she can do the best she can) and the legs start to shake...

At that time Max says: "I order you to defeat your ex-boyfriend, my bodyguard".  But Nat doesn't even listen and Tor gives an evil laugh.

After Nat stay about 10 seconds with rolling eyes and shaking legs, then her eyes close, her legs stop shaking and her legs bend a little more... without strength... because she completely lost consciousness.

At that time Max says: "wake up and fight. It's an order from your Master".  Again Nat doesn't show any reaction.

Tor then holds her in that position for about 5 seconds and then releases Nat and she falls to the ground.

When falling without feelings on the floor, this time, Nat should end up with his legs spread and arms open ("spread eagle" position).

(here maybe could have the view of Max in first person)


Tor turns to Max and says, "Now it's your turn."

Max then dodges Tor and takes some distance from Tor (going to the other side of the room and moving away from Nat lying on the floor) and Max gets into a fighting stance (doesn't have to be a professional wrestling stance... it can be a little "clunky" since Max isn't a fighter).

Max and Tor spend about 15 to 20 seconds analyzing each other.  Max is backing up and luring Tor away from Nat, giving Nat time to wake up and recover a bit.

Nat then gets up (without Tor noticing) feeling pain and tired and when she stands up she sees that Max tries to hit a punch in Tor, but Tor dodges the blow and hits a kick in the leg of Max who kneels on the ground with pain in the leg reached.

Tor then goes to hit Max with a punch to the face, but Nat manages to get behind Tor, grab Tor's arm (Nat needs to use both of her arms to hold Tor's arm and here maybe could have the view of Max in first person) and Nat says, "I said you won't hurt my Master!" and then land a kick to Tor's balls.

Tor falls to the ground writhing in pain.

Nat kneels in front of Max and says: "let's run away, my Master".

Max replies: "Tor hurt my leg. I can barely walk... much less run."

Nat then helps him up and says: "Get on my back, my Master. I'll carry you out of here."

Max climbs onto Nat's back and Nat, with the last of his strength, grabs Max's legs and begins to walk, unsteadily, towards the exit.

But Tor recovers from the blow and is more furious than ever... Tor takes off his shirt and screams "I'm going to finish you two!".

Tor advances towards the couple and enters in front of Nat, standing between Nat and the exit.  Nat glares at Tor and tells him to get out of the way.  Tor grabs Nat's hair and lifts her face and jabs Nat in the face... who becomes dizzy and staggers, but Tor doesn't let go of her hair... and lands a sequence of 5 hard jabs (without letting go of the her hair). (here maybe could have some view of Max in first person)

Then Tor lets go of Nat's hair and Nat falls first to her knees on the ground (at this time Max gets off her and walks back a couple of steps behind Nat) and then Nat's head falls forward until it touches the ground (Leaving Nat with his butt pointing upwards - I'll attach an image of that position).


Tor then again grabs Nat by the neck with both hands lifting her face and torso until she is kneeling on the ground  and begins to pressing Nat's neck again.

Tor chokes Nat in this position for about 10 seconds and then makes her stand up  and continues to choke her for another 15 seconds.

During those 15 seconds, Max, who was nearby, is then right behind her body and holds her waist tightly (but without shaking it) and says: "react and fight, my bodyguard".  She doesn't show a reaction.  And Tor says, "Look how weak your protector is."  This time Nat can't even try to get Tor's hands off her neck as she's completely without feelings.

Tor lets go of Nat's neck and backs away and Nat drops once more to his knees and then ends up back in a butt-up position. (here maybe could have the view of Max in first person)


Tor then looks at Max and, as if guessing what Max would try to do, says: "Try to wake up your defender. Let's see if she can still protect you".

Max kneels down beside Nat and lifts Nat's face and torso by the hair (but more "gently" than Tor had done before) and drops her to her knees, but she remains weak.  Max gives Nat 3 light slaps on the face and says: "wake up, my beloved bodyguard". (here maybe could have the view of Max in first person)

She wakes up in a daze and looks at Max with a worried look. Nat hugs Max lovingly and asks if he's ok and Max says: "yes, but not for long because if your ex boyfriend defeats you, he will come after your Master. Will you allow that to happen? ".

Nat gets up with some difficulty and says: "I will never allow this. I am capable of giving my life to keep you safe, my beloved Master".

Then Max says: "then go ahead and defeat Tor once and for all, my servant".

She replies: "yes, my Master". And she staggers forward (but with a serious face) towards Tor.

Tor doesn't even defend himself.  Nat lands a few blows on Tor... but Tor barely feels the blows. Nat is in a very weak state.

Tor then lands a devastating sequence of about 5 to 6 hits on Nat who staggers backwards until he lands lying next to Max.

Tor gives a evil laugh and Max orders Nat to get up and carry him to safety on his back.

She then gets up with her last strength and asks Max to climb on her back and asks him to put his arms very firmly around her neck (but without suffocating of course) and wrap his legs around her waist so that she can keep her arms free and then, even staggering, she turns her back on Tor (who sees it all with a smirk on her face) and walks towards the exit door.

But when Nat puts her hand on the doorknob to open it, Tor arrives and puts his hand over Nat's and starts squeezing with all his might making Nat howl in pain (all this with Max clutching her back).

Tor then takes Nat's hand off the doorknob and grabs her hair and makes Nat hit her head about 2 times against the door and then pushes Nat back (with Max on her back).

Nat gets dizzy... she pulls herself together and with a fierce expression says: "I will never allow you to hurt my Master again!"  and she lands a punch in Tor's face. But Nat is so weak that Tor barely feels the blow.

Tor then punches Nat back in the face and she moans in pain from the blow.

Nat lands another punch... this time into Tor's stomach, but Tor doesn't move. Tor then punches Nat back in the stomach and she writhes in pain.

Max then says: "Fight back, my devoted bodyguard. Get your ex out of the way and let's get the hell out of here."  Nat replies: "yes, my Master".

Nat then tries to land a slap on Tor's face, but Tor grabs Nat's hand by the wrist... she tries to land another slap with the other hand, but Tor also grabs her wrist and now, holding both of Nat's wrists, Tor pushes her to her knees on the floor, and at that moment, Max lets go of her back and painfully takes two steps back.

Tor still holding one of Nat's wrists, uses the other hand to hit several punches on Nat's face who was still on his knees leaving her dizzy.

Then Tor lifts Nat to his feet (Max is standing behind her) and lands a hard jab to her face that sends her back until she bumps her back into Max.

Then Nat, by pure instinct, as if still trying to protect Max, puts her arms behind her, holding Max's legs (or waist... I don't know... where to reach easier on Max body).

Tor advances and starts hitting a sequence of 6 or 7 punches on Nat's face, who gradually loses consciousness.

By the third or fourth punch, her arms lose strength and she lets go of Max's body and her arms stay at her sides... no strength... but she still stands and stays in front of Max ... taking the blows of Tor.

With each blow, Nat slowly backs away (his arms are already weak) towards a wall.  Max is being pushed along with Nat as Max is glued behind her body.

Arriving at the wall... Tor stops the beatdown a little and asks: "What will you do now? Do you still think you have a chance of defeating me?".

Then Max gently shakes Nat and orders Nat to fight with all her fury.

Nat wakes up in a last flash of consciousness and looks at Max with an expression of love and concern and replies "yes, my beloved Master. I will fight for you till my last breath. Even if I can't fight at all, use my body as your shield, please" and then, still with his back to Max, Nat turns her head to gives Max a lingering kiss on the cheek (cheek or forehead).  By "lingering kiss" I mean that she keeps her lips pressed against Max's face for a while.

While Nat gives Max this kiss, Tor gets furious and grabs Nat's neck with both hands making her to stop giving the kiss and pulls her face forward making her to look at him.

Then Tor begins to choke Nat with both hands... her face turns from fierce to pain and suffering, her legs start to shake, her eyes roll back for a couple of seconds until they close completely and she falls once more... but this time she don't fall to the ground yet... because Tor will keep her on her feet by grabbing her hair and pushing her body against Max's body.

Then Tor says "this time I'm going to make sure you don't wake up so fast, Nat"

Tor then continues to land punches on Nat's face and belly for about one minute... and she receives the blows without expressing a reaction as she is completely out. (here maybe could have some view of Max in first person)

Max do nothing but order Nat to wake up and fight.  But she doesn't even listen because she's completely weak.

Tor then lets go of Nat's hair who falls to the side with his legs and arms open (spread eagle position) and Tor turns to Max rubbing his fist in his hand and says:" finally... now it's your turn..."

At this moment, the noise of police sirens is heard in the distance and Tor, afraid of being arrested, flees the scene saying that in the next time Max won't escape.

Max drags himself to Nat who is very injured and powerless and says: "Hold on, my love. I'll take care of you. We'll be fine".

The end (for now)...

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda protects her lover with the last of her strength.Part II

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