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  • Glenda tramples bandit's balls with her bare feet

Custom clip request 

I want to use GLENDA as the main character in this video. This video will be 10 mins. She will wear high dancer heels like in the last video, Glenda challenged Rob to find out who is stronger. She will have red nail polish. She will wear a black leotard with very shiny legs and feet. There will only be one male bandit in this video Sven. Sven the bandit will wear a Mask with sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt in pants(No jeans).  A big bulge in the groin area of sweatpants.

Glenda is pole dancing when Sven enters the room. She kicks him in the head a few times and he falls to the floor spread eagle. He lies on the floor and she walks around his body sadistically and slowly very close to his groin but not on his groin(about a minute). She lifts her leg, stomps kicks his stomach, and balls, and does a few acrobatic kicks to his balls. (camera near lower body from the side and behind her) She approaches the bandit, puts her foot on his groin, and rubs it. (Camera close up after a few seconds) The guy groans. (About a min long)

-Glenda: You thought you were stronger eh? Does my foot on your groin prove that? 

She mounts him and punches his face. Then grabs him up quickly. 

-Glenda asks him: Why are you here?

- I'm here to rob you... 

- He begins to attack her but all his attacks fail. She grabs one of his punches and kicks him hard in the balls a few times.  She pushes him to the wall and knees him hard in the balls. He slides down the wall and she stomps his groin.

- Please my balls: He cries to her.

She drags him up and punches his face a few times and throws him down to the floor on his back.

(1 minute)

(The longest part here)

She will take off her heels.  After that, she will stomp and twist her foot on his balls (crushing sounds) for about 5 minutes until he is destroyed by the pain. Use many close-ups of her heels and legs from behind at this point of the video like the images. After the bandit is destroyed she will sit in a chair and hold her arched feet on his balls until the camera takes a full shot of different angles for about 2 minutes. The end with her bare feet on his balls in a very sexy manner. Close the camera from the side and behind. Then the camera fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Glenda tramples bandit's balls with her bare feet

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