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  • Evil Goddess Naomi fell

Custom clip request 

This is now the next Video where Sven overpowers a Goddess with a Magic Spell.  The Custom is again 10 min long and the same as „Sven almost overpowered Goddess Tiffany(Sasha)“.

Naomi has the Outfit and Style as I previously described, she Plays the  Goddess of Evil she is very arrogant and very strong. She never believes, that one Mortal beeing can overpower her. She can take a extremly high amount of punches and only shows a little Body reaction from it, but she groans from every single Punch against her.

On the other Side we have Sven, he is a skilled fighter but its really hard for him do deal with Naomis hard Blows against him, and that she  always pushes the attack against him like a Juggernaut.

The Clip starts with him summoning Naomi (like he did with Sasha), she arives and asks him why he interrupts her, she had fun tоrturing a few Souls. He says that he has enough of her cruelty and he is here to teach her a lesson. Naomi only loughs at this, she says that she is the Goddness of Evil, and no one can defeat Evil. Sven says that he knows that, and that  he came „prepared“. Naomi stands before him and says that she gives him one Chance: he must kneel in front of her and beg for mercy or she will claim and оrture his Soul for enternety. Sven refuses do to this and goes in fighting Position. Naomi is Looking at him for one Second With a smile and says: „Well….show me what you can do, against Evil himself“ and the fight beginns.

From the beginning Naomi gets way more punches as she can give him, i would like to see  punches against her Belly and Head. But she takes all the Blows like nothing and is tries always to attack Sven.  When she manages to hit him, a few punches are enough to really hurt him. It should be clear that Naomi is a big threat, even when she gets way more Hits. For a short Time Sven can keep up with her, but in Min 2:00 she pushes him against the Wall and gives him blow over blow. Sven moans painfully and beginns to slide down the Wall. But Naomi puts a Hand against his Throat and lifts him up, she is looking into his Eyes: „You think its already over? No…. our torments has just begun!“ She keeps hitting him,after that she throws him into the Room. Naomi goes after him, he manages to go on one Knee before she  attacks him with a Fist Punch. But he catches her attack and start punching her Belly, during this he stands up again and he gives her Head serveral punches. After a last Chin Punch, Naomi is holding her Chin and and says jokingly „Uhh… I like it when my victims don't give up easily“ and she immediately attacks Sven.  At the beginning he is very good again and give her many Hits, but after a short Time ( 3 Min Timer)  she starts to dominat him again and he is on the Ground.  Naomi is approaching  him with a smile„ Now i will claim your Soul“   Now is the first Time when Sven uses his Magic Spell: He says a Magic Word and, like the other Goddess, her Arms are pushed to be on her Spine. Naomi is surprised „ What Kind of Magic is that?!“

Sven uses his Chance and gives her the first hard Belly beating, for Naomi is nothing what she can do, she stands there and takes all the Blows.

After a while the Magic breaks, she immediately lifts him up with one Hand „Fool, you won´t beat me  with your silly Magic“ The throws him away and the fight goes on. At the beginning Sven is bretty good again, but in Min 5 she can give him more punches than usual, and he goes down again. Naomi tries to Stomp on his Head, in the last second he can avoid his attack. Sven is still on the Ground, when he uses the Spell for the second Time. Naomi is annoyed „Are you serious, again?“ He uses this Chance and gives her Belly the second hard beating. Naomi moans but she can take all the blows against her. When the Spell breaks again, she gives him a push and he strumbles back. Naomi is now angry „ Enough of this Time waste!“ Naomi has enjoyed the fight so far and was more playful, but now she fights more serious. She keeps attacking Sven without a break and ist hard for him to keep up with her.

When we have ~ 7:00 min  he is in trouble again and she gives him blow over blow.  At the End Sven is on the Ground again, Naomi doesn´t waste Time anymore: The tries to Kick and Stomp on him, luckly he can avoid/dodge most of her attacks but he is in great danger now, the only Way out is to use his Magic again. But this Time Naomi is prepared for that: She start to fight against the Magic like Tiffany did. Her Arms are on her Bodyside, she makes Fists and we can she tries to break the Spell. Sven sees this too, he stands up quicky and start punching her Belly, after a few punches her Arms are pushed again against her Spine. Now Naomi receives the third brutal Belly beating, With the last hit from Sven, and when the Spell finaly breaks, Naomi stumbles back some Steps. This is the first she shows weakness and is holding her Belly with one Hand.

She looks incredulous „ I…I feel Pain, i have never felt something like that.“ Sven says that now its his time to teach her the Lesson he was talking about at the beginning. Naomi ignores the Pain „Nobody can stop Evil… I WILL CLAIM YOUR SOUL!“ and she rushes forward to attack him, Sven uses the Spell the 4 Time, but this Time Naomi can break it. She fight very aggresiv now, but at this point Sven keeps avoiding all of her attacks and is punching her without a break. For a short Time Naomi can keep up with her agressiv Style, but after a while she start to look exhausted.

It becomes easier  for Sven to avoid her attacks, while Naomi gets more and more exhausted. Near the End he manages to put her against a Wall and starts beating her Belly again, this it he Point where Naomi   can´t hide all the Pain she isfFeeling now  anymore.  We can see it on her Face and hear it from the painful moanings. Naomi breaths hardly when he finaly stops his attack, she says „ You can never defeat me, this is impossible“ He says that he knows and pushes her into the Room, at this Point Naomi is defencless and he keeps punching her. After some punches she says „Why are you keep going?

Ist pointless“ His answer is that he still need so teach her a Lesson  and keeps beating her. After more punches she yells „ Stop!... This is to much.“ But we all know what Svens Goals is: He says, when she goes down on her Knees before him, he will stop. This upsets Naomi: The Goddess of Evil should knee before a Mortal? Never!  Sven says „We will see…“ and starts attacking her. Now i want to see the same like in the other Custom: He gives her 3-4 left and Rights against her Head and after that one blow into her Belly, Naomi groans very painful from that Belly punch. After that he switches to her Head again for 3-4 punches before he gives her one Belly blow again. This repeats 3 Time, after the last Belly Punch Naomi yells again „Stop!“ and he stops his attack. After that she really drops down on her Knees, she is looking up to him „See? I…. give up!“ Sven is happy and says that he hopes she will never forget the Day, where a Mortal defeated her and leaves to Room. Naomi stands up again and is looking after him, her Eyes are full of Hate and the Movie Ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Evil Goddess Naomi fell

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