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  • 3 thieves. Josh, Tom and Clark kick each other to the groin

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Title: 3 thieves

Actors and costumes:

Tom (first he wears a cagoule) Josh Clark

General aspects:

- Reactions to lowblows are caught by the camera and should be life-like


Josh, Tom, and Clark are 3 thieves. Tom and Clark are working together on a job (stealing a small parcel). Josh happens to go after the same job at the same time.


Tom and Clark enter the main room. They both wear cagoules. There are a few cardboard boxes in heaps around the walls of the room. Tom tells Clark to go in the next room to search for the parcel while he is looking in the current room. Clark exits the scene. Tom is looking through the boxes, looking at the labels.

Josh enters the room so that he is behind Tom. Josh also has a cagoule on. Josh gets from his pocket a small tubular flashlight and approaches silently Tom. When he is close enough, he pushes the flashlight into Tom’s middle back and orders:

“Police! Hands above your head!”

Tom, taken by surprise obeys.

“Slowly, advance towards the wall!” Josh orders again.

Tom obeys and advances towards the wall. When close enough (an arm’s length), Josh orders again:

“Hands to the wall and legs apart!”

Tom obeys.

Clark comes from the side, but he is behind Josh, so he is not seen.

Josh removes Tom’s cagoule (from behind). Tom starts to turn his head towards his back and sees Clark witnessing the scene. Clark signalises him not to say anything.

“Head forwards! Keep your hands to the wall!” Josh orders, so that Tom won’t turn his head enough to see him. Tom obeys.

Josh backs away, then swiftly lowblows (kick from behind) Tom hard. Tom immediately grabs his groin and backs away from the wall, bended over. Josh kicks him again (also from behind). Tom then falls to the floor holding his groin.

During this time Clark positions himself behind Josh and he gets out a small shooter from his pocket.

“You’re so stupid! Fooled by a flashlight!” Josh boasts, then kicks Tom once again in the groin (Tom is on the floor, on his side). Tom is almost knocked out.

Clark comes from behind and puts the shooter in Josh’s back. “Hands up and don’t move!” Clark orders.

Josh, surprised, obeys. He drops the flashlight.

Clark takes Josh’s cagoule off (from behind).

“To the wall!” Clark orders and pushes Josh.

Josh advances and when he is close to the wall Clark orders:

“Hands to the wall and legs apart!”

Josh obeys.

Clark puts his shooter inside his pocket and grabs Josh’s wrist (standing from behind) looking to immobilize him.

While doing so, Josh finds an opening and lowblows Clark kicking back with his leg/foot.

Clark bends over, grabs his groin with one hand and backs away. With his free hand gets his shooter out. But Josh turns around and kicks the shooter out of his hand.

“Strip!” Clark orders.

“What?” Josh responds, surprised.

“Clothes off or you’ll lose your balls!” Clark threatens.

Josh starts to undress. Camera fades quickly to black and back to the scene. Josh is in his shorts, hands raised, facing Clark who still points the shooter towards him.

“Let’s have some fun. Flex your arms!” Clark orders.

Josh obeys and also spreads a bit his legs. The camera circles him, showing his body.

Clark suddenly kicks him between the legs. Josh bends over and grabs his groin. Camera shows this from 2-3 angles and catches his reaction.

Clark orders him to do push-ups, and lowblows him again (kick between the legs), while Josh does it.

Again, Clark orders him to get up and flex his back. He lowblows him (kick) again. Josh backs away holding his groin, barely standing.

Tom regains his senses and gets up, massaging his groin to drive away the remaining pain.

“I’ll flatten your nuts!” Tom threatens and attacks Josh with a punch to his head.

Josh ducks and punches Tom in the groin, who bends over. Josh quickly grabs Tom and throws him towards Clark. Clark fails to get out of the way, so Tom hits him in the groin with his head. Clark drops the shooter and backs away holding his groin. Tom falls to the floor, on his hands and knees, at the feet of Clark.

Josh moves fast and gets the shooter. He backs away at a safe distance, pointing the shooter at Tom and Clark.

Clark throws himself at Josh, but Josh manages to lowblow him again. Clark backs away in the direction where Tom is. Tom wants to attack Josh, but Clark is blocking his path.

Josh plunges on the floor for the shooter Clark dropped and points it towards Tom and Clark. There is a safe distance between Josh and the other two.

“Hands up!” Josh orders.

They both reluctantly raise their hands, Tom on his knees and Clark still a little bit bent from the pain in his groin. Josh gets up, taking care to point the shooter towards the other two.

“Turn around!” Josh orders.

They both reluctantly do it (Tom gets up from his knees).

“Get your cagoule off” Josh orders Clark. Clark obeys.

“Hands behind your heads, spread your legs and eyes in front!” Josh orders. They obey.

Josh comes closer and lowblows Tom (kick from behind). The camera shows from 2 angles the kick and the reaction. Tom grabs his groin and bends over.

Before Clark realises what happened, Josh lowblows him too. The camera shows from 2 angles the kick and the reaction. Clark grabs his groin and bends over.

Josh backs away at a safe distance.

“Take your clothes off!” Josh orders.

Camera fades to black then back to the scene. Tom and Clark wear only black shorts and their clothes are on a pile near a wall.

“Now, handgag him!” Josh orders Clark, pointing towards Tom.

“Don’t you dare!” Tom threatens. Clark hesitates. Josh points the shooter towards Clark groin.

“I’ll shoot your balls off if you don’t do it!” Josh threatens.

Clark quickly goes behind Tom and applies a handgag ( ). Tom struggles, but Clark doesn’t let go.

Soon Tom strength fades away and he falls to his knees moving his arms slowly, trying to escape the hold.

“Let him go” Josh orders.

Clark immediately lets go and Tom falls to his hands and knees, gasping for air.

“Let him rest for a bit!... Show me your shooters!” Josh orders Clark. Clark flexes his arms. The camera circles him, showing his body.

“Now, get to your knees there!” Josh orders pointing to a place next to Tom. Reluctantly, Clark obeys.

“You, get up!” Josh orders Tom.

Tom staggers a bit an gets to his feet, still a bit dazed.

“Handgag him!” Josh orders Tom.

Tom gets a jolt of energy at the thought of getting some revenge. He gets behind Clark before he can do anything and applies the handgag. Clark struggles but soon his motions become slow, and his body becomes dizzy.

“Let him go!” Josh orders Tom, but Tom doesn’t want to do it.

“Let him go!” Josh orders again making a menacing half-a-step towards Tom.

Tom releases Clark, who falls to his hands and knees, trying to get his breath back.

“Flex!” Josh orders Tom. Tom obeys and flexes (arms, etc).

“Flex your arms!” Josh orders Tom. Tom does it. The camera circles Tom showing his body.

Suddenly, an enraged Clark jumps behind Tom and handgags him. Josh is surprised, but lets it happen. Tom struggles, but Clark doesn’t let go. Soon Tom falls to his knees and after a short while is knocked out. Clark releases him and lets him slide to his back.

The camera pans slowly over Tom’s body.

However, this makes the distance shorter between Josh and Clark. Clark gets up and plunges toward Josh. Before Josh can do anything, Clark knocks the shooter from his hand and a short fight erupts between Josh and Clark. Josh controls the fight and after 2 lowblows has Clark dazed. Josh mocks flexes his arms, but Clark faked being dazed and he lowblows hard Josh. Clark takes control of the fight and, after a few kicks and punches, finally has Josh to the wall and lowblows him hard with a knee. Josh falls to his hand and knees holding his groin. Clark gets him up. Josh is dazed. Clark delivers another lowblow (kick/punch/etc). Josh grabs his groin, then falls to the floor, knocked out.

Clark goes to Tom and slaps his face to wake him up. Tom wakes up and gets slowly to his feet.

“Let’s get the hell out of here” proposes Clark.

But Tom is not having it.

“You let him smash my balls, even if you saw he didn’t have a shooter…” he lists the charges.

“Sorry. I thought it was funny how he got you fooled. I didn’t know he’ll smash your bits…” Clark tries to apologise.

Tom gets the shooter and points it to Clark and orders:

“Hands to the wall with your legs apart!”

Clark is stunned by Tom’s action and stands still. “I’ll shoot your nuts off if you don’t move!”

“Come on, be reasonable!” Clark pleads while moving toward a wall.

“Do it!” Tom orders.

Clark assumes the position and before he can plead more, Tom kicks him hard between the legs. Clark bends over, turns around holding his groin.

“How does that feel?” mocks Tom.

Clark attacks Tom, knocking the shooter from his hand. A short fight takes place. Clark manages to lowblow once or twice Tom during the fight, to gain the upper hand. However, Tom manages to make more damage and lowblows Clark two or three times. Clark ends up dazed on the floor.

Tom then gets the shooter and goes to Josh, who is starting to move slowly. Tom gets him up and smashes him with the back against the wall. Josh is a bit dazed but understands the situation. Tom stands very close to Josh and points the shooter to Josh’s groin.

“I want to look into your eyes when I turn your balls to dust” Tom threatens.

Josh is panicking and tries to push Tom away, but Tom pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. He pulls again. Nothing again.

“The stupid fuck forgot to load the shooter!” Tom talks to himself.

Taking advantage of Tom’s confusion, Josh knees him between the legs. Tom drops the shooter and backs away holding his groin. Josh tries to run away, but Tom catches him, and a short fight ensues. Tom throws Josh around and applies 3 or 4 lowblows during the fight.

At one point Josh is thrown to the floor. He sees his flashlight. He stretches and grabs it, but Tom puts his foot on his wrist,making Josh to remain on the floor, holding one end of the flashlight.

“I will make you eat it!” Tom mocks and bends over to get it. However, when he touches the other end of the flashlight he receives an electric shock making him fall to the floor, on his back, motionless.

Josh gets up and mocks Tom for his mistake of not recognizing a self-defence flashlight. Clark gets up slowly.

Josh quickly finds the shooter and points it towards Clark.

“Get him up and hang him to that chain!” Josh orders pointing to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Clark goes to Tom and bends over to get him up.

Camera fades to black then back to the new scene. Tom is hanged by his hands from the chain, still without feelings, his head bowed to his chest. His body is stretched and barely touching the floor (the idea is that he looks knocked out). Camera circles him showing his stretched body.

Clark is also bound to a pole with a rope wrapping tight around his body several times. Also, his wrists and legs are bound together at his back. Camera circles around him, showing his body.

Josh comes near Clark.

“Now it’s time to end this!” Josh declares and raises the shooter to his temple.

“Please, no!” Clark begs.

Josh just pulls the trigger. Clark shuts his eyes, expecting the end, but nothing happened.

“You’re so stupid that you forgot to load your shooter! You got punk’d!” Josh mocks. Clark is enraged and struggles to free himself, but Josh punches him in the groin. He stops struggling and bends his knees inwards, to alleviate the pain.

Josh goes behind him and applies a handgag. Soon Clark is knocked out. His head falls with the chin resting on his chest.

Tom begins to wake up. Josh goes to him, gets his head up by his hair. Tom is dazed and looks at Josh but he is not yet totally awake. Josh punches or knees him in the groin. Tom emits a groan, and he is knocked out again. His head falls with the chin resting on his chest.

Josh mocks them a bit, then searches the boxes in the room. He quickly finds a small box. He takes it and leaves. The camera pans over the bodies of the two and fades to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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3 thieves. Josh, Tom and Clark kick each other to the groin

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