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  • Naomi teaches Tiffany to destroy the men. POV

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Scene 1 (POV) -5min

The viewer is dating Tiffany, who wears a miniskirt, white underwear and bare legs. The viewer asks her to show her self defence practice, and she is embarrassed but shows some high kicks to the camera. Tiffany puts on a pair of black pantyhose and does a few kicks, and puts on a pair of high boots and does a few more kicks. 

The viewer asks Tiffany to try her kicks on us for real, and she is worried about hurting him. She kicks lightly a few times and gets embarrassed. Suddenly, a male actor bursts in and the viewer asks Tiffany to defend him. Tiffany fights the intruder but the intruder blocks or catches her kicks and knocks her down. 

Scene 2 (POV) -5min

In the next room, Naomi is a dancer training a man (pov). She is confident and dominant, enjoying the pain she causes. She wears black pantyhose with white underwear underneath, and high boots. She asks the viewer if he likes her boots and legs, and he says yes. She kicks him hard a few times and asks, do you still like them? He says yes. 

She asks him to take her boots off and he does. She puts her foot in front of her face and asks if he wants to touch it. He says yes, and she says he must earn it first. She attacks the viewer with a variety of kicks, foot chokes and scissors. She kicks the viewer down, sits on his chest and puts both feet in front of his face, and she hears the sounds of a fight next door. Stay here, she says to the viewer, and puts her boots on and leaves. 

Scene 3 (2v1) -5min

Naomi arrives while the intruder is standing over the defeated Tiffany. Naomi defeats the intruder easily using high kicks, and rushes over to help Tiffany. She checks that Tiffany is not injured, and kisses her. 

The intruder starts getting up, and Naomi and Tiffany team up to beat up the intruder. Naomi teaches Tiffany how to perform foot chokes and reverse headscissor on the intruder. Once Tiffany has the intruder in a reverse headscissor, Naomi instructs her to break his neck, and she does. 

Scene 4 (POV) -5min

The viewer gets angry at Naomi for interrupting, the viewer had hired the intruder to test Tiffany's fighting abilities. Tiffany and Naomi then team up to kick the viewer a few times and knocks him down. They remove their boots and continue to perform high kicks on the viewer. They take turns putting him in headscissors and then foot chokes. When both have him against the wall in a foot choke, Naomi asks Tiffany if she forgives the viewer. Tiffany says no and breaks the viewer's neck. The viewer falls to the floor, and Naomi and Tiffany put their feet in the viewer's face, then take off their pantyhose and shove them into the viewer's face. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi teaches Tiffany to destroy the men. POV

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