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  • Police Rhea came to arrest the crime boss

Custom clip request 

Actor: One male actor that is available

Length: 10 minutes

Attire: Rhea wear a sexy police outfit

Or the closest you can get. Long or short sleeves are fine but I’d like her legs to be bare. She should have a belt with handcuffs, a police badge, and possibly a holster. She should also wear high heeled boots that go right below her knees (the pair from “Rhea Ambushed and Destroyed” and “Rhea and Mabel Beat Each Other to a Pulp” would be perfect).

Villain should wear some kind of suit since he is a crime boss but he can take off his jacket to fight if you want. He does not wear a mask


The city’s most dangerous crime boss is sitting at his desk counting his money. Rhea enters the room and aims her gиn at him. He reaches for a gиn but she tells him not to move. She holds out her police badge and tells him he is under arrest. She lists his crimes and says they have enough evidence to put him in prison for life. He asks what happened to his bodyguard and Rhea says she took care of him easily

-(the scene quickly cuts to the guard *the same actor in a mask* lying without feelings showing he was beaten) (If no additional cost. If there is additional cost you don’t have to show the guard) -

The boss is not intimidated and as Rhea moves close to him and he stands up. He makes some lewd sexual comments, noting that she is beautiful and expresses some desire to have her. He initially doesn’t take her seriously. He makes a quick move and knocks the gиn from her hand and hits her. She says she’ll have to take him in the hard way and gets into a fighting stance and throws away her hat. The boss boasts that many have tried to arrest him but none have succeeded.

Rhea and the crime boss have an intense back and forth fight. He is a very good fighter and manages to give her a challenge. Both opponents show massive skill and dodge, block, and land many hits on one another. Rhea gradually gains the advantage and in the last minute or two begins to completely destroy him. Eventually she has him pinned to the wall with her boot and he is begging for mercy. She takes her foot off his neck and hits him in the face with a sweeping crescent kick like this scene from Charlie’s Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIqz0qPJh48

It is replayed 2-3 times from different angles.

The boss is barely conscious and whimpering in pain as Rhea handcuffs him. (He is lying on the ground and she has her knee on him as she cuffs him.) She makes him stand and pushes him to a wall 

She calls the base and tells them that she has successfully captured the criminal. He whimpers as she leads him out of the room and she warns him of what will happen if he ever tries to escape.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Police Rhea came to arrest the crime boss

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