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  • Mabel and Tiffany interrogate the guys breaking their fingers

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In this clip, Tiffany and Mabel are two spies (Mabel has more experience), and their objective is to eliminate 2 gang brothers.

The girls wear elegant casual (jeans or skirt, long sleeve t-shirt or jacket, at your discrection). They have their hands without gloves, always visible (except in the first scene, that Tiffany will be wearing fingerless gloves).

This is the script:

Mabel enters in a house, and she hears screams. She walks and comes to a room with open door. Inside the room, a masked Tiffany, and with fingerless gloves, is punching a tied guy (like in "Psycho girl Gerda plays with her victim"), to extract information from him about his brother. Mabel, without entering the room, calls Tiffany. She goes out the room and says to Mabel that she is interrogating him for an hour, and he doesn't speak.  Mabel says that if she wants to speak quickly she has to... and speaks to the ear. When Tiffany enters, she takes off gloves, showing his little hands, and grabs a boy's finger. She asks: where is your brother? He doesn't reply, so she breaks the finger. He screams agonizingly, and says "please, no!". She grabs another finger and breaks too. When she grabs the third finger he says "ok ok, don't hurt me, please! My brother is in his house, outside the city". In this moment she leaves his finger, Mabel enters and points a shooter at him. Tiffany takes off her mask. He begs form mercy, and says he told them what they wanted to know. Tiffany says that it he has to pay for wasting her time, and starts breaking the rest of the fingers of this hand. He cries, begs for mercy and screams for help. When Tiffany finish, Mabel shots and finishes him.

The girls go to the brother's house, and when he opens the door they punch and kick him. A fight starts (kicks, punches, ball grabbing...), and in a while the girls throw him to the groud. They then grabs his legs and twist them until they break. He screams. Then they do the same with his arms. He screams and begs for his life. He says that he will do whatever the girls tell. Tiffany then says to Mabel that they could apply her "speaking method" to him. If he doesn't scream, he will be free. Mabel accepts, and tells him that they are going to break his fingers one by one. If he bears the pain without screaming, he will be released. He says ok, and the girls hold one hand each. They taking turns to break his fingers, while he moans, supporting the pain with a lot of suffering. The girls laugh and joke with each other. With one of the last fingers he can't support any more and let out a desperate cry. He begs for mercy, but Mabel takes her weapon and shots him. The girl who makes him scream is congratuled by the other (at your discretion), and clip finished.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel and Tiffany interrogate the guys breaking their fingers

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